Battle Report – Storming the Gates

Things are really starting to ramp up in the Godbeasts campaign now, with Archaon finally enacting his plan to bind the Godbeast Ignax (a big fiery dragon that the residents have, for centuries, mistaken for a sun…) to his will, giving him a super-weapon against the forces of Sigmar. The next three battles are taken not from the Godbeasts campaign, but from Ironwarp Citadel, a special release book only available from Warhammer World.


The Story So Far

The war in the Realm of Fire had shifted its focus from the Ashlands to the Land of the Chained Sun – a huge, floating island that was chained to a sun (actually the Godbeast Ignax) with mighty links. The Scarred Isle below it was home to several Fyreslayer lodges and Archaon had dispatched his Varanguard and other minions to hunt the Fyreslayers down so he could enact the next phase of his plan to enslave Ignax.

Ignax was already stirring, having been roused by the waves of fury unleashed by Skarbrand through the Crystal Henge, and two of the chains binding the Godbeast to the floating island snapped, crashing down onto the Scarred Isle and gouging great furrows. However, Archaon now had a path up the chains to the Land of the Chained Sun, and so the invasion began.

Though the duardin who lived there numbered in the millions, Archaon saw them as no more than a small obstacle – but Sigmar had acted quickly and the heavens shook on the third day of the invasion, with great bolts of lightning lashing the land. A full twenty Stormhosts had arrived, led by the Dracothian Guard. In response, Archaon summoned the daemonic legions of Orb Infernia to his side – the war for the Land of the Chained Sun was now a titanic battle of Order versus Chaos.

The war had come to the home of the Fyreslayers, and they were far from passive. The lodges roused themselves to war, with two goals – first, lodges were sent to each of the remaining Great Tethers that bound the island to Ignax. Once taken from the forces of Chaos, the chains would be retracted, pulling the island closer to the Godbeast until its scouring heat scorched the entire island clean of all life, ending Archaon’s plans in fire. It was a terrible sacrifice to make, but the Fyreslayers had made an oath to die rather than allow the Everchosen to win.

Second was to ensure the Godbeast aided the Fyreslayers rather than Chaos. To this end, the Fyreslayers had forged Auriakh, the Father Rune of Binding. Five Runesons of Austarg Lodge, including one known as Volgrov Borrson, swore they would climb the chains and hammer the great rune into Ignax. However, to do that, Borrson would have to gain entry to the Ironwarp Citadel, a massive fortress dedicated to Chaos and now Archaon’s central base of operations. It was also the site of one of the Great Tethers and, together, the Fyreslayers and Stormcasts swore they would gain entry.

It was the Extremis Chamber that would lead the assault and forge a passage through the Ironwarp Citadel’s outer defences.


The Forces

As the campaign starts to ramp up the pace, so the size of the armies increases. These are powerful forces, with a lot of special characters leading them.

Khorne Bloodbound
Exalted Deathbringer
Aspiring Deathbringer
Slaughterpriest x 2
Skaarac the Bloodborn
Mighty Skullcrushers x 6
Bloodcrushers x 6
Bloodreavers x 40 (two units of 20)
Blood Warriors x 25 (two units of 10, one unit of 5)

This is a powerful force, with most of the leading lights of the Bloodbound present. However, pride of place perhaps has to go to Skaarac the Bloodborn, a super-Khorgorath (you may have seen the model from Forge World).

Stormcast Eternals
Drakesworn Templar
Fulminators x 5
Tempestors x 5
Concussors x 5
Desolators x 5
Liberators x 20 (four units of 5)
Judicators x 10 (two units of 5)
Retributors x 10 (two units of 5)

The Stormcasts have been charged with forcing entry into the Ironwarp Citadel – and who better to do that than the Extremis Chamber? As we have seen before, they are a very powerful force but getting into the fortress is likely to be only half the battle…


The Battleplan

Storming the Gates is a fairly straightforward fight, lasting fir six rounds. The Stormcasts gain a major victory if they wipe out the defenders or can get three of their units to the far end of the battlefield – right at the foot of the Ironwarp Citadel’s walls. If they fail, major victory is instead earned by the Bloodbound defenders.

The Bloodbound can recycle up to six units (not Heroes or Skaarac), sallying out of the Citadel during the battle – this is a slight change to the Battleplan as written, but only because I don’t want to paint up another six units of Bloodreavers and Blood Warriors!

Both forces have specific Army Abilities – the Stormcasts can re-roll all charges, the Bloodbound all Battleshock tests.



The Bloodbound hastily deployed outside their walls, the sudden appearance of the Stormcast Extremis Chamber something of a shock to them. The Exalted Deathbringer took command of the ad hoc defence, promising many skulls would be claimed for Khorne. However, he cursed the slow movement of the Mighty Skullcrushers, for they had been inflicted with a Firetrap Curse, perhaps a gift from some Mage of Order that threatened to explode if they moved too quickly.

The Stormcasts formed a wedge, led by the the Extremis Chamber with a Drakesworn Templar at their point.


Battle Round One

The Exalted Deathbringer held his forces back, a little unsure as to how they would hold up to the huge Dracoths of the Extremis Chamber. Bloodreavers were sacrificed to the sentient Pyroclasm to ward off its effects while, high in the sky, a brilliant solar flare from Ignax bathed the battlefield in bright light.

As the Bloodstoker bravely whipped Skaarac into a frenzy, the Bloodsecrator planted the Portal of Skulls, opening up a gateway to Khorne’s own kingdom in the Realm of Chaos. Amplified by the Overlord Bastion he was within, the blood crazed effects of the icon started to spread through almost the entire Bloodbound force.


However, the Bloodbound proved unusually disciplined and they heeded the commands of the Exalted Deathbringer, holding their ground to bait the Stormcasts into charging them.

The Drakesworn Templar dismissed any plan the Bloodbound may have cobbled together, and proudly led the Stormcasts forward to storm the walls. His Stardrake responded to the power of Ignax, and flames started shooting out of its mouth alongside lightning. Behind the Extremis Chamber, two Liberators gladly relinquished their lives to  appease the Pyroclasm, returning to Azyrheim with honour.


The Tempestors were the first to attack, opening up with their Volleystorm Crossbows upon the Bloodreavers who served as a bodyguard tot he Bloodsecrator.


Eight Bloodreavers fell to the salvo, joined by another six when the Judicators following up the Tempestors loosed their Skybolt Arrows. However, under the influence of the Portal of Skulls, the Bloodreavers did not waver, even under this terrible assault.

The Stardrake ridden by the Drakesworn Templar growled a command that the firmament itself obeyed, and stars started falling from the sky. Several struck the Overlord Bastion and Numinous Occulum, but simply splintered apart on the hard stone rather than injuring those inside. Another struck Skaarac hard in the chest, and the beats bellowed with rage, impatient to get to grips with the oncoming Stormcasts.


Battle Round Two

He did not have long to wait, as the Drakesworn Templar gave orders for the Stormcasts to increase their pace and charge.


As the Numinous Occulum burst into flames as the power of Ignax waxed, the Tempestors thundered forward to pepper Skaarac with their Volleystorm Corssbows, their accuracy causing the creature to writhe in pain even as the Drakesworn Templar approached.


The Desolators replaced the Tempestors in hammering the Bloodreavers, finishing them off with Storm Blasts from their Dracoths while, on the other side of the battlefield, the Concussors unleashed their own storm upon a second retinue of Bloodreavers.


Judicators tried to get sight of the Bloodsecrator, but few of their arrows made it past the thick walls of the Bastion.

Then, the lead elements of the Stormcasts hit the Bloodbound line with a crack that resounded across the Ironwarp Citadel.


The impact of the Stardrake sent Skaarac reeling, vainly flailing at the Drakesworn Templar with his claws as the Stormcast gouged several deep wounds that made a mockery of armour.

At the Templar’s side, the Fulminators levelled their Stormstrike Glaives at the Mighty Skullcrushers, spearing one through the throat before they could react. A little further along the line, the Concussors charged the Bloodreavers who had survived their Storm Blasts, riding over them with ease.


The Stormcasts initial assault had been fast and hard, though the Bloodbound were far from being broken.

An Ash Storm swept over the battlefield, reducing the visibility of all combatants. More importantly for the Bloodbound, it blocked the effects of the Bloodsecrator’s Portal of Skulls, and some of the frenzied blood lust left the defenders just when they needed it most to repel the Stormcasts.

However, the two Slaughterpriests within the Numinous Occulum knew there was more than one way to channel the power of Khorne and, together, they enacted rituals that boiled the blood inside one of the Fulminators, sending him back to Sigmar before the Stormcast knew what had happened.


To the relief of the Exalted Deathbringer, reinforcements showed up as Bloodreavers leapt over the outermost wall of the Ironwarp Citadel to confront the Concussors and halt their advance.


The rest of the Bloodbound moved forward to block the Stormcast advance and surround their lead units.


Bone tentacles from the Khorgorath plunged into the Stardrake, before the creature rushed the Tempestors. The Stormcasts were caught off-guard by this sudden attack, but their Dracoths reacted on instinct and savaged the Khorgorath before it could do much damage to their riders.


In the centre of the battlefield, Skaarac rallied himself to strike back at the Stardrake, but the Templar was ready for any of the Bloodborn’s tricks and once again Skaarac was forced backwards. As the Templar raised his Stormlance to deliver the final blow, Skaarac held up a clawed hand to ward off death – just as the Bloodcrushers charged.

The impact of their Juggernauts smashing into the side of the Stardrake knocked the creature off its feet and spilled the Templar to the ground. Taking advantage of their Juggernaut’s momentum, the Bloodletter riders swept down with their Hellblades, dispatching both Stardrake and Templar together.

One of the Fulminators avenged the Templar after a fashion, piercing Skaarac’s black heart with his glaive, but the damage had been done. The mightiest of the Stormcast had been banished from the battlefield.

Elsewhere, Blood Warriors confronted both the Concussors and Desolators. The Concussors were well into their stride now, smashing apart six Blood Warriors before they had time to strike, forcing another two to run.


The Desolators fared almost as well, though the Blood Warriors did manage to take one of the Stormcasts down and succeeded in holding the rest up.


The initial assault of the Stormcast had been halted but now the Warrior Chamber closed in to lend its weight, its Stormcasts hoping they could bend then break then Bloodbound. However, both sides keenly felt the losses of the Drakesworn Templar and Skaarac the Bloodborn.


Battle Round Three

Once again, the power of Ignax caused buildings to burst into flame, but both sides were now far more cautious and avoided being burnt alive. With the Ash Storm clearing, the Bloodsecrator once more planted his Portal of Skulls, and a red light bathed the battlefield, driving the Bloodbound into a frenzy.


More reinforcements arrived, with a small retinue of Mighty Skullcrushers trotting out of one of the gates to guard against any moves the Stormcast might make on their left flank.


The Slaughterpriests once again enacted their rites, and another Fulminator succumbed to their blood being boiled, but Khorne was not happy with one of the Slaughterpriests, and sent crippling pain to remind him to show more respect.


As one, the leaders of the Bloodbound moved in to fill the gaps left by their weaker underlings. Together, the Exalted and Aspiring Deathbringers attacked the Fulminators, though their weapons did little more than dent armour, and the Exalted Deathbringer had his arm gouged by a Dracoth’s fang. Meanwhile, the Bloodstoker charged the Tempestors, pulling one Stormcast off his mount with a whip, then ending his life with a thrust of a blade.

The Concussors finally managed to work their way free of the few Blood Warriors who had pinned them down, but one of their number fell to a crazed Blood Warrior who threw himself upon the Stormcasts before dying. However, the Concussors were now free to act, and they assemble themselves to make a charge against the Bloodreavers who defended the wall.


The Stormcast advance had noticeably slowed, but Ignax sent a Raging Heatwave onto the battlefield, infusing everyone, Stormcast and Bloodbound alike, with a murderous rage. The Lord-Relictor used this fury to channel Sigmar’s own power, and he summoned a lightning that burnt a Bloodcrusher to a crisp before leading Retributors in a charge.


Lightning surged form the Dracoths of the Tempestors, causing the Bloodstoker to jerk violently before falling still to the ground, even as two Bloodcrushers went down to the hammers of the Retributors and Lord-Relictor.

Close to the wall, the Concussors charged line abreast towards the Bloodreavers, barely noticing as they rode right over the barbarians, wiping them out to a man.


Storm Blasts from the Desolators rocked the Overlord Bastion, and this time found their way to the Bloodsecrator. The Portal of Skulls was finally closed, and the Bloodbound wilted noticeably without its boon.


As the second wave of the Stormcast Eternals followed the Dracothian Guard, the Warrior Chamber was finally in a position to show what it could do. Liberators rushed forward to support the beleaguered Fulminators, surrounding the Aspiring Deathbringer, and laying him low with their hammers.


Battle Round Four

The battlefield was now littered with the dead and injured but while the Stormcasts had enjoyed some successes, the Bloodbound had indeed managed to slow them down and, aside from the Concussors, no Stormcasts had reached the walls.


Feeling that time was now set against them the Tempestors broke free of the Bloodcrushers and, joined by the Desolators, thundered towards the Ironwarp Citadel.


Invigorated by their easy victory over the Aspiring Deathbringer, the retinue of Liberators sought out a new target, just as the Skullgrinder emerged from the shadows of the Numinous Occulum. With some glee, they charged once more.


However, the Liberator-Prime soon began to wonder if they had not made a mistake, as the Skullgrinder’s anvil smashed into their shields, forcing the Liberators back and leaving them unable to strike.

The combined power of two retinues of Retributors and the Lord-Relictor proved irresistible to the Bloodcrushers, and the last of the daemons was destroyed. However, it was with some dismay that the Lord-Relictor saw more Bloodcrushers leave the Ironwarp Citadel, just in time to intercept the Tempestors and stop their advance once again.


Yet another Fulminator succumbed to Blood Boiling from the Slaughterpriests but, once again, Khorne was not happy with the way one of them performed the ritual, and the Slaughterpriest’s own blood briefly burned with angry fire.


As a Solar Flare from Ignax bathed the battlefield in bright light, the Bloodbound refused to pay further homage to the Pyroclasm, and the firestorm swept down upon them with a vengeance, burning all in its path.

The Skullcrushers and Bloodcrushers combined their weight to lead a charge against the Tempestors. One of the Stormcasts was wounded in their attack, but a Dracoth was quick enough to turn round and snatch one Chaos Warrior from the back of a Juggernaut, savaging then flinging him across the battlefield.


The Liberator-Prime’s premonition about the Skullgrinder proved to be prescient, as the anvil cracked the skulls of the Liberators, leaving the Prime to face him alone.


The Skullgrinder’s anvil thudded repeatedly into the Liberator-Prime’s shield, sending him spinning backwards but, somehow, the Stormcast managed to block all of the Skullgrinder’s swings.


Battle Round Five

Once again, the Pyroclasm was slighted by the Bloodbound and, once again, it descended upon them with wrath, seriously injuring one of the Slaughterpriests who emerged from the depths of the Numinous Occulum to target the Concussors who were beginning to pound at the outer wall of the Ironwarp Citadel. Briefly one turned back to boil the blood of the last Fulminator, removing the retinue from the battle completely.


The gates of the Ironwarp Citadel swung open once more, this time to disgorge more Skullcrushers who promptly charged into the few surviving Tempestors, leaving just one alive to hold all the Juggernauts of the Bloodbound in one place.


As another Ash Storm descended upon the battlefield, the Stormcasts raced for the walls, knowing that if they did not reach them soon, the Bloodbound would be able to summon overwhelming reinforcements.


Even the Retributors were able to lend their support as, led by the Lord-Relictor, they charged into the Bloodcrushers in a desperate attempt to relieve the Tempestor. However, even as they destroyed one of the daemons, reality blinked and it reappeared in front of them, grinning with undisguised blood lust.


Battle Round Six

The Stormcasts made a final push for the walls, finally securing them for the massive army that followed in their wake.


As the Judicators began to open up on the Juggernauts with their Boltstorm Crossbows, Stormcasts began to scale the walls and slaughter the few defenders that had reached them.


However, it proved too late for the Liberator-Prime who duelled the Skullgrinder, the massive anvil finally caving in his chest to send his spirit soaring back to Azyrheim. He departed in honour though, ready to report to the Go-King that the outer defences of the Ironwarp Citadel had fallen and the main attack could now begin.



Another fun battle on a great looking table – this is what Age of Sigmar is all about!

I mentioned this battle on the Age of Sigmar Fans Facebook page, and the reaction was fairly uniform – the Extremis Chamber was going to roll right over the Bloodbound. And yes, they did. Of course they did.

However, that was not the aim of the battle. The Bloodbound were never going to be able to mount a credible defence against an assault from the Extremis Chamber. The Ironwarp Citadel is simply too large and the Stormcasts too mobile to be able to deploy a defence in force. What they had to do was slow the Stormcasts down long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

And they came quite close to doing that – the Stormcasts only reached the walls in strength on their very last turn, and that was only because the Tempestors effectively sacrificed themselves by getting the attention of every Juggernaut on the battlefield.

So, advantage Stormcast, but it could certainly have gone the other way!

It was a shame that we did not get to see more of the Drakesworn Templar or Skaarac, but a confrontation between those two was always going to result in disaster for both. Never fret though, we will see both return to the fight for the Ironwarp Citadel before the war is over!


The Story Continues…

With a path forged through the defences of the Ironwarp Citadel, the Stormcasts and Fyreslayers will be able to force an entry over and through the outer walls – but as the Bloodbound rally to their presence and flood the area with murderous warriors, will the forces of Order be able to secure their foothold?

Floating and Flying

Really got only two things done this weekend, though I have excuses – as well as all the actual games that have been played (see recent battle reports), I am currently working on two really big projects, the kind of things that you should really only do one of at a time. They are not quite ready to be unveiled yet, but maybe they will be all done next week…

Anyway, first up this weekend was a Knight-Azyros for the Stark Hammers.


This chap is needed for the All-Gates campaign book, leading three units of Prosecutors (they are on their way). They will be competing with a Knight-Venator and Prosecutors from the Hallowed Knights as they both try to track down a Great Unclean One in a swamp.


The only other things I polished off were another three Cairn Wraiths.


These guys are intended for a fight from the Ironjawz Battletome, as they swoop down upon a Vampire’s force around a river. That fight is a long way off, but these guys are so easy to do, I popped them in alongside the big projects.

Speaking of Ironjawz, I have pretty much the whole army (minus some more Ardboys and the two Maw-Krushas) all undercoated and base-painted, and they are now just waiting for shading, highlighting and details. However, they are not one of the big projects I mentioned, and will be waiting their turn until those are complete!

Battle Report – Bringing Down the Mountain/A Twist of Fate

As the Godbeasts campaign continues, we come across a very special battle – this is actually two Battleplans wedded together, played on two tables simultaneously! We like to do things big around here…


The Story So Far

Led by Lord-Relictor Cryptborn, the Stormcasts had gained some ground against the Bloodborn but they still had two very real problems – the enervating curse from Nurgle that was sweeping through all the Ashlands, and Skarbrand (who is always going to be an issue). Cryptborn, however, had figured out a way to use one to destroy the other – even though it meant temporarily having truck with Valkia the Bloody.

Using the Hengegate, a type of Realmgate that led to the Unreachable Mountain on whose slopes lay the Crystal Henge, the Lord-Relictor led his soldiers to enact his plan. Cryptborn had figured out that the Crystal Henge could amplify raw emotion, and Skarbrand had anger enough to scour the entirety of the Ashlands clean of Nurgle’s plague. All the Stormcasts had to do was channel it, and Valkia had given Cryptborn an idea how to do this.

Climbing the mountain, they would confront Skarbrand and, using the power of the Paladins’ weapons, they would bring the mountainside tumbling down on top of the Bloodthirster. Carried away on such an inglorious descent and buried under tons of rock, there was little else that would guarantee the maximum fury from Skarbrand.

The Stormcasts would not be the only followers of Sigmar affected by these events. Floating at the foot of the Unreachable Mountain was the Tauroi Archipelego, a series of islands suspended in the air. Upon them lived the Candlemen, once proud rulers of the land but now greatly diminished by successive waves of Khornate invaders, and none so much as the Bloodscorch beasts, a massive Warherd comprising Bullgors and Ghorgons.

The Stormcasts had launched attacks against the Bloodscorch, but been repelled by the fury of the Warherd. They instead devised a new plan – use the land and its people against the enemy, crushing them with Sigmar’s own fury.

Led by Arch Lector Veltahren, the Devoted of Sigmar left their caves and rallied behind the Stormcasts, determined to break the oppression of the Bloodscorch tribes once and for all. It would be a tough fight but perhaps the forces of Order could win, if only fate would smile upon them… and perhaps drop a mountainside on top of their enemies.


The Forces

This sprawling conflict sees the Bloodbound (with Skarbrand!) up against the Stormcasts on one battlefield, and the Devoted of Sigmar against a full-blown Warherd on another!

Aspiring Deathbringer
Chaos Warriors x 12
Bloodreavers x 20

Stormcast Eternals
Retributors x 10 (two units of 5)
Decimators x 5
Protectors x 5
Liberators x 5

The Bloodbound do not have a massive force in this battle – but then, nor do the Stormcasts! This is a fight between small, elite forces with Skarbrand all too capable of toppling the balance.

Bullgors x 9 (three units of 3)
Ghorgons x 3

Devoted of Sigmar
War Altar of Sigmar
Warrior Priests x 4
Flagellants x 60 (three units of 20)
Liberators x 10 (two units of 5)

This side of the battle sees the use of two formations – both of which are pretty much designed to kill the other! The Warherd is using the Bloodscorch Bulltribe, which adds +1 Wound to every model, re-rolls all failed charges, and re-roll wounds when attacking anyone from the Tauroi Warclan. The Devoted of Sigmar, on the other hand, are using the Tauroi Warclan, which allows them to recycle units that are destroyed, add +2 to their Bravery, and re-roll misses against any Bloodscorch models.

They also, of course, have the War Altar of Sigmar on their side which, against Chaos units, is frankly a Death Star in the making.

One way or another, this will be a very, very bloody fight!



As mentioned before, we are actually using two Battleplans, on two different tables.

In Bringing Down the Mountain, the Stormcasts must advance out of their territory and use specialist units (such as Retributors) to hammer the ground and, well, bring down the mountain. If they succeed in this, they win this fight as the mountain comes crashing down, taking Skarbrand with it.

However, that does not necessarily mean they win the fight as a whole.

That relies on what happens in A Twist of Fate. Both battles are fought alongside one another, turn-for-turn – and the Devoted in A Twist of Fate will be wanting the mountain to fall on the Bloodscorch Tribe as soon as possible! In this battle, the Bloodscorch Tribe have seven turns to wipe out the Devoted completely, gaining a major victory if they succeed. Things look pretty bleak for the Devoted (though remember their Battalion rules allow them the possibility of recycling units) but when (if) the mountain falls, the Devoted player decides who gets first turn in battle rounds, all Chaos units receive D6 mortal wounds, and the Warherd loses a special Command Ability which allows units to re-roll misses whenever a Devoted unit gets wiped out.

Both battles will use the Ashlands Time of War sheet, which features:

  • The Blessings of Ignax, the Solar Drake: Players must roll on a table every turn to see what effect Ignax has on the battlefield – this ranges from solar flares dazzling archers to scenery bursting into flame.
  • Apocalyptic Rage: Skarbrand’s fury, magnified by the Crystal Henge, will make units far more bloodthirsty in battle, forcing some of them to make charges.
  • Burning Skies: Flying units will get scorched if they spend too long in the air, while wizards can call down a Meteoric Conflagration.
  • The Pyroclasm: A sentient fire storm regularly sweeps through the Ashlands, which the players can try to appease with sacrifices in the hopes it ignores their army.



Upon the side of the Unreachable Mountain, Skarbrand led his mortal followers in a tight wedge, Bloodreavers boasting they would claim more skulls than the Chaos Warriors. The Stormcasts spread out, Liberators to the fore, ready to receive charges upon their Sigmarite shields. The Paladins deployed behind them, most intent on bringing the mountain down upon Skarbrand. The Protectors, however, stood ready to engage Skarbrand in close combat should the others fail.


Upon the Tauroi Archipelego, the Devoted of Sigmar assembled in motley fashion within a narrow pass as their Stormcast heroes advanced to receive the charges of the Warherd.


Battle Round One

On both battlefields, the forces of Chaos swept forward, both keen to utterly destroy the Stormcasts and their lackeys.

Upon the mountainside, Skarbrand breathed fire as the power of the Godbeast Ignax infused him with its strength, while the Slaughterpriest sacrificed two Bloodreavers to appease the Pyroclasm. However, Khorne found the Slaughterpriest’s willingness to court other powers distasteful and withheld his gifts.


The, led by Skarbrand, the Bloodbound charged. The Liberators took the brunt, leaning into their shields against the Bloodreavers, but Skarbrand shattered their line as he dove into the fray.


The Chaos Warriors rushed forward and managed to reach the Protectors, tying them up so their glaives were unable to touch the Bloodthirster. Though they killed three Chaos Warriors, one Protector was brought down by their axes.

An Ash Storm then descended upon the battlefield, another gift from Ignax, reducing visibility all round as volcanic dust blinded all combatants. Lord-Relictor Cryptborn challenged the Pyroclasm, refusing to bend his knee to a false power, and the Retributors behind him paid the price as the fire storm descended to blacken their armour.

Though the Ash Storm obscured nearly everything, Cryptborn could just make out the massive form of Skarbrand through the dust, raging as he turned this way and that, seeking new prey The Lord-Relictor prayed to Sigmar for deliverance, and a thick lightning bolt lanced down from the sky to strike the Bloodthirster, enraging him even further.


The Decimators flanked the Chaos Warriors, while another retinue of Retributors stopped their work on dislodging the mountainside and charged Skarbrand, knowing they could not afford to let the Bloodthirster rampage freely through their lines.


Trapped between the Decimators and Protectors, the Chaos Warriors had nowhere to go and most were pierced by glaive or bisected by axe. The pitifully few survivors threw down their weapons and ran, the Paladins allowing them to escape as they had far more important enemies still on the battlefield.


Swinging their hammers, the Retributors pounded Skarbrand, causing the daemon to roar with equals parts rage and pain. Bones started to crack under the onslaught, but this merely maddened the daemon further and when his axes, Slaughter and Carnage descended, the Retributors had no defence. The entire retinue was wiped out in just a few swings. Skarbrand was wounded but now he was also free to fight.

On the Archipelago, battle was also raging as the Warherd met the first line of defence, a shield wall of Liberators. Bullgors were joined by a Ghorgon, and the Devoted of Sigmar moaned as one as they saw Sigmar’s blessed destroyed in seconds, the blue streaks of their souls rushing up to Azyr.


The Ash Storm that had plagued the Unreachable Mountain now rolled down into the Archipelago, blinding all. This caused problems for the War Altar of Sigmar, but more for the Doombull who could no longer command his Warherd effectively.


The Devoted of Sigmar had seen their heroes destroyed with ease by the lead Ghorgon and Bullgors but instead of cowering in fear from their age-old oppressors, they rallied quickly and advanced.


As Flagellants gladly sacrificed themselves to the Pyroclasm on an effort to attain victory, the Warrior Priests led the others in prayers to Sigmar. The God-King’s countenance was shining upon his mortal servants this day, and every Flagellant felt the power of Sigmar enter him. Feeling indestructible, the Devoted threw themselves at the Warherd.


Used to easy victories against puny humans, the Warherd were immediately forced onto the back foot. The War Altar of Sigmar glowed bright as the Light of Banishment erupted from its idol, its white-hot beam lancing into the chest of the leading Ghorgon. The Ghorgon was blasted back, stumbling as it tried to paw at the blackened crater in its chest. Though the Doombull roared at it to continue fighting, it now approached the Devoted with a noticeable limp.

The nearest Flagellants sensed weakness and surged forward, surrounding the Ghorgon as they pounded it with whips, flails and their own fists. With a terrible bellowing, the Ghorgon stumbled again and fell to the ground, where the Flagellants continued beating down until it stopped moving altogether.

A great cry went up from the Devoted – they had killed the greatest of their oppressors! Surely the will of the God-King as on their side.

Before the Bullgors could react, a Warrior Priest led more Flagellants against them, but the brute strength of the beasts was telling and several Flagellants met their end in the emboldened charge.


Battle Round Two

Upon the mountainside, rocks burst into flame as the influence of Ignax waxed, burning the Retributors taking shelter there. Fearing anything more powerful than them, the Bloodreavers eagerly sacrificed more of their own number to appease the Pyroclasm and, once again, the sentient storm found their gift worthy and passed them by.


Skarbrand bellowed his rage at the Protectors, even as the surviving Liberator-Prime battered the Bloodreavers who surrounded him.


Seeing the Paladins undaunted by his fury, Skarbrand charged the Protectors before they could raise their glaives to properly defend themselves. With consummate ease, Skarbrand sent each and every one of them back to Sigmar in a streak of blue light that flashed up to the sky.


Sensing an easy victory with the Bloodthirster on his side, the Aspiring Deathbringer advanced to challenge Lord-Relictor Cryptborn, and a duel quickly erupted between them, both trading blows but failing to land a lethal strike.


As a Solar Flare from Ignax dazzled everyone on the battlefield, Lord-Relictor Cryptborn stepped back from the Aspiring Deathbringer and once more called upon the God-King to smite the Bloodthirster. Again, lighting lanced down but, to the Lord-Relictor’s dismay, Skarbrand still stood after the flash had dissipated – in fact, he seemed almost energised by the lightning.

Though they were better suited to attacking the likes of Bloodreavers, the Decimators bravely stepped forward to swing their Thunderaxes at Skarbrand. The hefty weapons seemed to have little effect upon the Bloodthirster, but then the Decimator carrying the Starsoul Mace entered the fight. One mighty overhead swing smacked the weapon directly into Skarbrand’s chest, causing the daemon to reel and collapse into the mountainside dust.

With Skarbrand temporarily knocked insensible, the Stormcasts could now begin the process of bringing the mountainside down on top of the daemon – so long as they could keep the Bloodbound at bay.

On the Archipelago, the Ash Storm continued to blow, but the blood of a Bullgor was not deemed a worthy sacrifice to the Pyroclasm, and the fire storm raged across the entire Warherd, immolating two Bullgors as it turned them into fiery columns that caused the Devoted of Sigmar to cheer all the harder.


By now, the Warherd had advanced deep into the pass and was within easy striking distance of the heart of the Devoted. Despite their earlier losses, they could almost taste the blood of humans and were eager to find their fill.

The Doombull bellowed at the lead Ghorgon to tear apart the War Altar of Sigmar that trundled on its wheels just in front of it, but the beast spied the last retinue of Liberators and found them a far more tempting target. Furious at the dumb brute, the Doombull started his own rush forward but the Ash Storm thickened and he roared with frustration as the Devoted disappeared from view.


As the Liberators managed to hold the combined charge of the Ghorgon and a retinue of Bullgors that had joined it, the Flagellants were beginning to suffer casualties at the hands of the Warherd. However, a brave Warrior Priest confronted a Bullgor directly, despite having been knocked to the ground by its massive axe. Pulling himself back to his feet by faith alone, the Warrior Priest ducked under its guard and hammered away until the beast crashed to the ground to move no more. The nearby Flagellants, galvanised by this display, surged on to batter another Bullgor to death.


As the very rocks outside the pass ignited into flame, a Warrior Priest sacrificed himself to the fury of the Pyroclasm, abating its fury.

The air began to hum with religious fervour as the remaining Warrior Priests led the Devoted in prayer. The Knight-Azyros judged the time to be right, and he opened his Celestial Beacon to allow the light of Azyr to shine forth. The Bullgors nearest him reeled under the divine purity of the light that burned their eyes and scoured their flesh. When the Knight-Azyros closed the lantern, two Bullgors had been thoroughly purged, burned away to nothing.


Seeing the Ash Storm clear, the Warrior Priest riding the War Altar of Sigmar peered through the clearing dust to see the Doombull emerge in front of him. Crying to his horses to carry him closer, the War Altar picked up speed as the Light of Banishment lanced out once more, this time striking the Doombull. The beast staggered under the assault, but bellowed its pain away, looking up just in time to see the War Altar crash into him at full tilt.


As the horses rode over the Doombull, the Warrior Priest’s Grandhammer swung just low enough to catch the beast in the head, caving in its skull with a single blow.


Battle Round Three

Ignax sent a Raging Heatwave across both the Unreachable Mountain and the Tauroi Archipelago, sending all warriors present into an apocalyptic rage that forced them to fight all the harder.

The Slaughterpriest dispatched six Bloodreavers to appease the Pyroclasm, but this finally angered his own Blood God and he was crippled by pain when he had the temerity to ask Khorne for favour.


Not quite believing they had managed to lay Skarbrand low, at least for a while, the Decimators charged the Bloodreavers, their Thunderaxes making short work of the barbarians.


Knowing he had to draw blood, and lots of it, to regain Khorne’s blessing, the Slaughterpriest joined the Aspiring Deathbringer in battling Lord-Relictor Cryptborn. The Stormcast, feeling victory close, calmly dispatched the Deathbringer before turning to the Slaughterpriest and battering the brute down with his hammer.


All went quiet on the side of the Unreachable Mountain, then a steady rhythm began, growing louder and louder, as the Paladins hammered away at the ground with their largest weapons, seeking to dislodge the entire mountainside and bury Skarbrand before he could recover.

Down on the Tauroi Archipelago, the Raging Heatwave drive the Devoted to ever new heights. Ignoring the Pyroclasm completely, few noticed as two Warrior Priests were consumed by fire.

The War Altar of Sigmar continued its sweep forward, barely slowing down as it trundled over the still body of the Doombull. Turning, the Warrior Priest aimed the Light of Banishment at one of the Ghorgons and scored a solid hit. The divine light struck the centre of its back and burned through to light up the entire path. The Flagellants had just enough warning to get out of the way before the creature crashed to the ground, its body still smoking.


Only one Ghorgon now remained of the Warherd, and the Knight-Azyros swooped around its head, causing the creature to flail with its four arms in an effort to keep the Stormcast away. Timing his attack perfectly, the Knight-Azyros dodged the bladed limbs then dove in, sword held forward. Its point pierced the skull of the Ghorgon, leaving it swaying for a few seconds before it too crashed into the dust.

The Devoted saw more beasts of the Warherds approaching them over the horizon, but they no longer had any fear for their oppressors and the Warrior Priest atop the War Altar bade them reform to receive the new attack.

Then they stopped – a deep rumble began to shake the ground, and one Flagellant cried out as he pointed upwards. The peak of the Unreachable Mountain had started to collapse and massive boulders began raining down on the Archipelago, landing in front of the pass held by the Devoted, crushing the new Warherd beneath tonnes of rock.

Once again, the power of Sigmar had been revealed to the Devoted, and they all reaffirmed their vows to the God-King.



Well,that battle really did not go the way we expected at the start – I had thought that the Stormcasts might just be able to sneak a victory against Skarbrand and pull the mountain down on top of him, but that the Devoted of Sigmar would be hard pushed to stall the advance of the Warherd before that happened.

As things worked out, they need not have worried so much.

The big issue here was the absolutely appalling rolls made by the Warherd. If there was a critical charge to be made (like against the War Altar of Sigmar who was just ruining the huge Ghorgons), it would be failed. If there was a set of 3+ hit rolls, they would be failed. As for armour saves… no such thing, really.

The Devoted, on the other hand, truly had Sigmar on their side – only two prayers were not answered during the entire battle, meaning the Flagellants enjoyed constant protection and had their own attacks nicely pumped up.

Still, it is nice to see the good guys get a convincing victory for once!

One thing I should mention is the Ashlands Time of War sheet – this one is really worth a look, as the combination of Ignax’s effects causing fires to spring up all over the battlefield, added to the placation (or not) of the Pyroclasm, meant there was always something interesting taking place on the battlefield, regardless of what the players were doing!


The Story Continues…

Their pact concluded, Valkia the Bloody promptly dove down from the sky to skewer Lord-Relictor Cryptborn through the chest, sending him back to Sigmar in ignominy – however, his plan had worked and the Ashlands were safe from Nurgle’s curse. It was now time for Archaon to enact his own schemes to finally enslave the Godbeast Ignax. For this phase of the war, we move our attention away from the Ashlands and up to the Land of the Chained Sun, high above the battlefields we have been fighting on so far…

Battle Report – Pincer Attack

We are still on Orb Infernia, and the Seraphon, long having meddled in the plans of the Daemon Prince Tetrarchy there, are now beginning to suffer as the forces of Chaos finally unite and start tearing apart the celestial army. Just to throw fire onto this delicate situation, Lord Khul travels from the Ashlands to Orb Infernia to bring his own particular brand of rage to the proceedings.


The Story So Far

Lord Khul was angry. Far angrier than usual. Furious even.

He had been betrayed by the Daemon Prince Skinskein, who had promised he would help flank the Stormcasts so Lord Khul could destroy his archenemies. When the daemonic legions did not appear, Lord Khul was left to fight the Stormcasts with just his Bloodbound, allowing Sigmar’s warriors to defeat him ignominiously.

Fuming, Lord Khul travelled with his Bloodbound to Orb Infernia to wreak his bloody revenge upon the Daemon Princes, culminating with Skinskein.

One by one, Lord Khul fought the Daemon Princes, banishing each one with his mighty axe. As he crushed Skinskein’s face, both mortals and daemons of Chaos bowed at his feet – Lord Khul now had all the armies of Orb Infernia at his command. He turned his attention to the Seraphon who were still rampaging in the Daemon Princes’ old territory.

Starmaster Xen’phantica watched Lord Khul’s victories with interest and began assembling a force to defeat him within the canyons of the Ghostglass Peaks. Deployed within a narrow pass, the forces of Chaos would be unable to bring their numbers to bear.

However, the magical walls and terrain of the Ghostglass Peaks, while forming a dangerous barrier to daemons both Celestial and Chaos, proved no obstacle to mortals. As Lord Khul led his Bloodbound against the Seraphon who were already engaged with his daemons, the Slann Starmaster began to realise that he was the one who had fallen into a trap…


The Forces

The Seraphon are decidedly outnumbered in this battle and, caught between Daemons and Chaos mortals, they will have to fight hard just to survive.

Daemon Prince (Lord Khul)
Aspiring Deathbringer
Bloodreavers x 40 (two units of 20)
Blood Warriors x 25 (two units of 10, one unit of 5)
Skullreapers x 5
Skullcrushers x 3

Chaos Daemons
Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut
Bloodletters x 20
Bloodcrushers x 6
Plaguebearers x 20
Pink Horrors x 20
Daemonettes x 20
Nurglings x 6
Burning Chariot
Seeker Chariots x 2

Chaos has the superior force (by far!) here, but they will have to act quickly, as this Battleplan lasts a mere four rounds. Their most powerful unit is Lord Khul himself, but there are plenty of other hard-hitting units and no shortage of cannon fodder in the form of Bloodreavers and lesser Daemons.

Slann Starmaster (Xen’phantica)
Eternity Warden
Skink Starpriest
Oldblood on Carnosaur (Klaq-tor)
Scar-Veteran on Cold One
Saurus Warriors x 40 (two units of 20)
Saurus Guard x 15 (three units of 5)
Saurus Knights (two units of 10)
Skinks x 40 (two units of 20)
Stegadon x 2

All the Seraphon have to do in this battle is survive – and with the Eterntal Starhost surrounding the Starmaster, plus the brutish Stegadons and other big dinosaurs, they might just stand a chance. However, either way, casualties are going to be enormous.



This is a fairly simple Battleplan on first glance – the Seraphon deploy in the middle, while the two Chaos armies take a short table edge each (they have a general each, and so can use two command abilities every round). The Seraphon decide who takes the first turn, but it goes downhill for them from there.

The battle will last for four rounds, with the Seraphon gaining a major victory if any of them survive, Chaos gaining the major victory if they instead get wiped out. Once again, the Orb Infernia Time of War sheet is being used.



The Seraphon based their defence around the Numinous Occulum. This placed the Starmaster Xen’phantica dangerously close to Lord Khul and his Bloodbound, but meant the Slann could leverage the full power of the Occulum for his spells. He would be further aided by the constellation that hung high in the sky above them, of the Sage’s Staff.


The forces of Chaos, Bloodbound on one side and a combined army of daemons on the other, wasted no time as they deployed and, with a howl from Lord Khul, they advanced.


Battle Round One

As Lord Khul growled at nearby Bloodreavers, promising them dire consequences if they should even think about running, a retinue of Bloodcrushers dove into the Realmgate and, guided by the arcane skills of Pink Horrors, reappeared on the other side of the battlefield, right in front of a Stegadon.


As one, the two Chaos forces closed in upon the beleaguered Seraphon.


A might crash echoed across the landscape as daemon and mortal hurled themselves at the Seraphon.


The daemons had seen what a Bastiladon was capable of in past battles, and it immediately became a target. Pink Horrors and the Burning Chariot swept clear the thin line of Skinks shielding the beast, before a Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh crashed into its thick armoured hide. However, the impact did little more than scratch a single toughened scale.


Blood Warriors recklessly charged into the Oldblood atop his Carnosaur but met instant resistance. Nearby Saurus Guard pummelled the Blood Warriors before the Carnosaur opened its great maw and savaged the rest. The few survivors retreated quickly, hoping Lord Khul would not witness their cowardice.

Luckily for them, Lord Khul had taken to the skies and swooped onto the Numinous Occulum to confront Starmaster Xen’phantica directly. His axe howled with bloodlust as it swung, the Saurus Guard and Eternity Warden raising their shields in a desperate attempt to protect the Slann. Gleeful at having reached his prey so early, Lord Khul threw a series of heavy blows that not even the Eternity Warden could defend and then, with an ear-splitting screech, reality itself broke.

The Eternity Warden and Starmaster Xen’phantica were pulled from Orb Infernia straight into the Realm of Chaos, to face a timeless torment. The Saurus Guard, dismayed at their failure to protect the Starmaster, rained blows upon Lord Khul, crippling the Daemon Prince and forcing him to retire from the battlefield.

Both forces had lost their generals very early on, but this was likely to hurt the Seraphon a great deal more as they now only had a single Starpriest to rely upon for magical support.


Elsewhere, Skinks had been charged by another Seeker Chariot, but they had skillfully melted away from the whips of the Daemonettes on board, and now slipped behind the main line of Chaos daemons. Relatively safe from attack, they began hurling javelins at the Plaguebearers defending the Realmgate, the small but deadly missiles peppering the daemons with noticeable effect.


On the other side of the line against the daemonic force, the Scar-Veteran remembered how he had held up an entire force of Nurgle daemons in a past battle and urged his Cold One on with all speed to the Plaguebearers and Bloodletters coming up the flank.


In the initial charge, the Scar-Veteran sustained no injuries and slew a Plaguebearer, but reality blinked once more – this time bringing two more Plaguebearers to fight him.

Despite being mired by Bloodcrushers, the Skinks within the Stegadon’s howdah kept their heads and aimed their Skybolt Bow at the Bloodsecrator as he prepared to plant his Icon of Khorne. The bolt found its mark and left the Bloodsecrator badly wounded. Meanwhile, the Bastildon charged up its crystal and unleashed a terrifying bolt of energy that blasted a retinue of Daemonettes, their screams reaching the ears of even the Bloodbound on the opposite side of the Seraphon. The beast then turned and swung its tail, smashing apart the Seeker Chariot that had ploughed into it, even as Saurus Guard destroyed the Burning Chariot of Tzeentch nearby.


Battle Round Two

Despite losing Starmaster Xen’phantica, the Seraphon had gained a new confidence as the forces of Chaos who outnumbered them were either stalled or destroyed. They began to advance away from their defensive positions to go onto the attack.


Lumbering forward, the Bastiladon blasted one unit of Pink Horrors with its crystal before charging into another, sending them scampering out of the way before they could be crushed by its great bulk.


On the other side of the Numinous Occulum, the Oldblood surged forward on his Carnosaur to engage the Khorgorath.


The battle was short, but very bloody, as the Khorgorath was torn apart by the Carnosaur. Nearby Skullreapers reacted quickly though, and threw themselves into the fray, their daemonic weapons gouging deep wounds in the Carnosaur’s flanks.

In the distance, Saurus Knights charged the oncoming Bloodreavers, hoping to at least stall the Bloodbound advance, and their Celestial Lances found their mark, skewering seven of the barbarians. However, the Cold Ones then found themselves bogged down by the sheer number of Bloodreavers, and all but two Saurus Knights were destroyed.

The Stegadons faced mixed fates. One was finally killed by the Bloodcrushers that had surprised it by using the Realmgate, while the other honked with pleasure as its horns broke apart the last Seeker Chariot.

Raising his axe high, the Slaughterpriest called upon Khorne to boil the blood of the Saurus Guard but the Blood God had noted that his follower had yet to wet his weapon, and cursed the Slaughterpriest with crippling pains.


The Skinks that had slipped behind the daemonic line were proving to develop into a major nuisance, and the Pink Horrors summoned Daemonettes and a Bloodcrusher in an effort to trap them.


The Pink Horrors then altered the strands of fate as Nurglings leapt, giggling, through the Realmgate. They reappeared close to the remaining Stegadon, falling over one another in an effort to reach the huge beast first.


With small battles breaking out all over the field, the last waves of Chaos troops advanced into the fray, spearheaded by a large column of Bloodreavers.


Magical flames from the Pink Horrors bathed the Bastiladon with sorcerous light, but it emerged completely unscathed, honking its anger at the tiny daemons. Close to the Realmgate, Daemonettes and Plaguebearers finally trapped the Skinks, but the Seraphon had other ideas.


Like warm butter, the Skinks flowed past the daemons, though the Daemonettes managed to decapitate a few with snips of their claws before they could get away.


More Daemonettes charged into the Saurus Warriors ringing the Stegadon, and the sudden attack dealt heavy casualties. The Aspiring Deathbringer was particularly furious, as the Daemonettes had claimed the kills before he had a chance to swing his axe. Promising future retribution upon the Slaaneshi daemons, he hunted for a worthy target.


More Skinks had been trapped close to the Stegadon and, this time there was to be no escape. Surrounded by Pink Horrors, and Bloodletters, there was simply nowhere for them to run, and they were destroyed by savage thrusts of Hellblades.


Back at the Numinous Occulum, the Saurus Guard were working in harmony, lashing out with glaives charged with celestial energies. They finally repelled the last of the Skullcrushers to besiege the, then calmly waited for the next wave of attacks to arrive.


However, they proved to be too far away to aid the Oldblood on his Carnosaur, who was finally brought crashing to the ground by the Skullreapers.


Battle Round Three

Seeing the Bastiladon swamped by lesser daemons of all Chaos powers, the Skink Starpriest threw a Mystic Shield over it, confident the great beast could now weather anything that was thrown at it.


Meanwhile, the Skinks started to move towards the Realmgate, causing no little consternation for the Daemonettes pursuing them – if the Skinks were allowed to reach the Realmgate, they could escape and survive the carnage taking place across the battlefield.


Now the de facto leader of the Seraphon, the Starpriest carefully observed the ebb and flow of the battle. While the Seraphon had taken punishing losses, so had the forces of Chaos, and there was a small but growing chance that they could hold their ground. With a quick gesture, the Starpriest ordered the Saurus Knights to flee from battle, bringing them back to defend the Numinous Occulum that had become a fortress for the Seraphon.


Agony then consumed the Starpriest, as the celestial blood flowing through his veins ignited boiling him from within. The Starpriest managed to shake off the attack, but he had been seriously wounded. A little further away, the Slaughterpriest grinned, glad to be back in the Blood God’s favour.


The Pink Horrors summoned more of their kin to aid them, again in an effort to trap the Skinks and stop them from reaching the Realmgate.


Once again, the Skinks slipped through the grasping claws of daemons to re-position themselves right at the foot of the Realmgate.


All around the Numinous Occulum, the forces of Chaos closed in, and the Saurus Guard set themselves to receive charges.The Slaughterpriest led the charge with the Skullreapers, along with Bloodcrushers and Bloodreavers.


Enjoying the protection of both the Numinous Occulum itself and the Eternal Starhost, the Saurus Guard proved near impossible to shift. Only two Saurus Guard fell to the axes and blades of Khorne, while the Slaughterpriest was left badly injured by one of their glaives. The greatest disaster for Khorne though was left to the Bloodreavers who had charged the Saurus Guard defending the rear of the Occulum.


Eight Bloodreavers fell immediately to the Saurus Guard, and another four ran as fast as their legs could carry them. Those who remained were now unsteady and ready to bolt at the first opportunity.

Further away, distant from the Numinous Occulum, the Scar-Veteran was still fighting valiantly, holding up Daemons of Nurgle as he had in so many battles before.


However, the combined might of nearly a score of Bloodletters finally brought the Bastiladon to its knees and they scrambled onto its back to slay the Skink crew before driving a Hellblade through its skull. With a final shudder, the Bastiladon finally lay still.


Battle Round Four

Time was beginning to run out for the forces of Chaos. While they had managed to destroy most of the Seraphon army, determined pockets still remained – and none were so staunch as the Starpriest and Saurus Guard within the Numinous Occulum.


Once again, the Slaughterpriest boiled the blood of the Starpriest, demonstrating the power of Khorne over mastery of the stars. Though now struggling to stand, the tiny Starpriest still managed to summon enough energy to unbind the Arcane Bolt that the Pink Horrors tried to hurl at him.


However, the Starpriest could do nothing to stop the magical fire the Pink Horrors drenched the Numinous Occulum with, and he returned to the Celestial Realm ravaged by flames.

The Scar-Veteran finally met his own end as the Plagueswords of Nurgle found their mark, the Cold One scratching and clawing at daemons even as they tore it apart.


The Stegadon too was surrounded by daemons of Nurgle and mortal followers of Khorne. Though it had held steady against waves of attackers throughout the battle, this last surge proved too much and it finally succumbed to its many wounds.


There were now all too few Seraphon left. The Skinks had failed to reach the Realmgate before the daemons could cut them off and now it was their turn to be slaughtered, on the steps of their escape.


All the remained now was a single retinue of Saurus Guard behind the Numinous Occulum. Dispatching the last Bloodreavers with ease, they then planted their feet, drew their shields together and leaned into the charge of a Bloodletter horde.

Hellblades flashed and Celestial glaives were thrust from behind shields on this last, desperate fight of the battle. If the forces of Chaos could smash this last pocket of resistance, victory would be theirs.


One Saurus Guard fell to the ground before bursting apart in starry light as it travelled back to the dreams of Slann Starmasters, but the others fought hard, driving the Bloodletters back and sending many back to their Blood God.

Against such determined resistance, the will of the daemonic hordes, now completely leaderless, was broken. The grip of the Seraphon upon Orb Infernia was shattered but they had made the Daemons of Chaos pay heavily. While the daemons would now be free to aid Archaon in his quest for the first of the Godbeasts, they would not be present in the numbers the Everchosen had demanded.

The battle, though it had cost the life of a Slann Starmaster, was a victory for the Seraphon.



That was another close one, and no mistake! Chaos had to wipe out the Seraphon completely to gain victory and, in the end, only two Saurus Guard remained!

The Seraphon gave the first turn to Chaos, which proved to be something of an issue, as it allowed Lord Khul to kill both the Slann Starmaster and his Eternity Warden almost immediately (though it caused Lord Khul to be banished from the battlefield too). This deprived the Seraphon of most of their spell support and any chance of summoning reinforcements right from the start.

However, the Seraphon dug down and managed to stick it out. A single unit of Skinks tied up several units of daemons and effectively sucked up all the summoning the Chaos forces could bring to bear, all in an effort to try and trap them (Skinks are very good at that). However, the heroes of the tale have to be the Saurus Guard who, while taking enormous casualties (13 out of 15) managed to keep on fighting right until the end and land the Seraphon a victory.

With just two models left, it could so easily have gone the other way, but the Saurus Guard did the lizards proud!


The Story Continues…

With the Seraphon now driven from Orb Infernia and Skarbrand rampaging in the Ashlands of Asphyxia, the forces of Order have their work cut out for them. Next time, we will be engaging in a truly epic fight, so large it needs two Battleplans that are fought on two tables, simultaneously!

Battle Report – Against the Horde

Things are hotting up (ahem) in the Realm of Fire as the Stormcasts continue their war against Khorne, against the backdrop of Nurgle trying to muscle in on the Blood God’s territory and Archaon advancing his plan to enslave the Godbeasts to his will. However, there are more potential participants happy to muck things up for everyone, and now we turn to the strange world of Orb Infernia and the Daemon Princes who vie for control over it.


The Story So Far

High above Asphyxia, Orb Infernia became the focus of the war. It used to be a paradise world, a glittering sky kingdom of high culture. That changed during the Age of Chaos, when its inhabitants were slaughtered and its seas consumed by sorcerous beasts until its continents floated above an empty world, held together by great magicks. Orb Infernia was gifted to four Daemon Princes, whom Archaon convinced Orb Infernia belonged to each – ever since then, they have waged endless wars upon one another in an effort to attain final victory. This was to the advantage of the Seraphon, and Slann Starmaster Xen’phantica constantly probed and prodded, driving each Daemon Prince further into war against its rivals.

That was until an agent of Archaon revealed to the Daemon Princes exactly what the Seraphon were up to, and how they had been played. Coming together for the first time, the Daemon Princes planned a trap for the Starmaster. They would lead their combined armies to the Realmgate that lay in the centre of Orb Infernia as if they were about to invade the rest of the Realm of Fire, knowing the Seraphon would not tolerate this for an instant.

Slann Starmaster Xen’phantica dispatched his greatest general, the Oldblood Klaq-tor, but the combined forces of daemons immediately began to overwhelm them, each led personally by its Daemon Prince.


The Forces

The Seraphon have quite a large force in this battle – however, Chaos has four decent-sized forces, combined into a veritable horde of daemons! This battle is going to be on the epic side!

Daemons of Khorne
Daemon Prince (Skinskein)
Herald of Khorne
Bloodletters x 30 (three units of 10)
Bloodcrushers x 6
Flesh Hounds x 10

Daemons of Nurgle
Daemon Prince (Glurtos)
Herald of Nurgle
Plaguebearers x 30 (three units of 10)
Plague Drones x 6
Nurglings x 6

Daemons of Tzeentch
Daemon Prince (Zyrrak)
Herald of Tzeentch on Disc
Herald of Tzeentch
Pink Horrors x 30 (three units of 10)
Burning Chariot
Flamers x 5
Screamers x 10
Exalted Flamer

Daemons of Slaanesh
Daemon Prince (Synnistra)
Herald of Slaanesh
Daemonettes x 30 (three units of 10)
Seekers x 9
Seeker Chariots x 2
Fiends x 6

This is obviously an extremely powerful combined force, more than capable of taking on the Seraphon and winning. But, you know, I think we can be more… ambitious. The models we are using for the Daemon Princes of Nurgle and Khorne are very large and the normal Daemon Prince stat line does not really do them justice. So, to begin with, we are going to double their Wounds characteristic, as well as their ‘wounds brackets’.

Not content with that, we are going to place the four Daemon Princes in the Infernal Tetrarchy battalion. This allows them to re-roll, well, just about everything so long as a number of them are alive, plus gives each the ability to cast one summoning spell every turn.

Take that, Frog-Face!

Oldblood on Carnosaur (Klaq-tor)
Skink Starseer
Skink Starpriest
Saurus Sunblood
Scar-Veteran on Cold One
Saurus Knights x 18 (three units of 6)
Saurus Warriors x 70 (three units of 20, on unit of 10)
Skinks x 30 (one unit of 20, one unit of 10)
Chameleon Skinks x 5
Kroxigors x 3
Stegadon x 2

While this is a strong force of Seraphon (with the Saurus Knights arranged into a Firelance Starhost and three of the Saurus Warrior units in a Sunclaw Starhost), they are desperately outnumbered by daemons. This battle will be about survival, plus the slim possibility that the Seraphon only need to kill four models to win (in theory).

Previous victories for the forces of Order meant that the Starseer had acquired the Breath of Elemental Fire as a Triumph.


The Battleplan

The Seraphon are painfully outnumbered in this battle, but there is a glimmer of hope – each of the Chaos forces is an army in its own right, and if they can kill a Daemon Prince, its army will disappear with it!

On top of this, the battlefield is infused with magical energies, making both casting and unbinding easier, a boon for both armies. In addition, the Seraphon have access to the Mystical Translocation spell, which allows them to move entire units straight across the battlefield (possibly allowing them to directly attack a Daemon Prince).

The battle lasts for five rounds with major victory going to the side that wipes out the other. However, if the Seraphon have any surviving models at all at the end of the battle, they gain a minor victory.

Orb Infernia has its own Time of War sheet that allows the Seraphon to receive the blessings of Dracothion (granting an array of bonuses to them every turn), features magical storms that heal both daemons and Seraphon, makes summoning easier, grants the Prismatic Firestorm spell to Chaos wizards, and makes it unwise for any daemon or Seraphon to cross terrain at speed. Phew!



The daemonic forces of Chaos arrived on the battlefield in force, though each Daemon Prince kept a tight rein on his own troops and did not let them mingle with those of his rivals.


The Seraphon were forced to be a little more strategic in their thinking. The Saurus Warriors and Knights were deployed int he centre with the aim of holding up the daemons of Nurgle and Slaanesh. A slightly stronger force of Saurus Warriors, Kroxigors and a Stegadon, led by the Starpriest and Sunblood were similarly deployed to stall the Khornate advance.

The main weight of the Seraphon, led by the Oldblood, would be on the far right flank and matched against the forces of Tzeentch. The plan here was to target the two weakest Daemon Princes as soon as possible (Tzeentch and Slaanesh), halving the total number of daemons and putting a stop to the main summoning force. This would, in theory, deliver a punch that would give the Seraphon enough room to at least survive.


Battle Round One

As soon as they sighted their enemies, the Seraphon surged forward across almost their entire line. In the centre, the Saurus Knights raced for the daemons of Nurgle, while the Oldblood led a full assault against Tzeentch.


Capering Pink Horrors were instantly annihilated by a single blast from the Bastiladon’s crystal, and holes began to open along the Tzeentch force, layers being peeled away to reveal the Daemon Prince Zyrrak.

Not far off, the Scar-Veteran led his Saurus Knights in a charge, levelling their Celestial Lances at the Plaguebearers who chuckled at the purple lizards loping towards them. With a loud crack and squelch, the Saurus Knights ploughed into their front line.


Several Plaguebearers met their end at the tip of a glowing lance, along with a few Daemonettes who had wandered too close. However, the Saurus Knights were quickly bogged down by the Plaguebearers as more started to pour out of the ruined temple. Then the Icon of Nurgle they carried flashed, and three Plaguebearers were returned to the fight.


The Oldblood’s assault upon the Daemons of Tzeentch also bogged down quickly. While his Carnosaur tore apart and swallowed many Pink Horrors, the others held their ground, and the Oldblood snarled in frustration as his Sunstone Spear scraped harmlessly off the rubbery hide of an Exalted Flamer.


Dread chanting was heard from within the Tzeentch force as powerful magicks were unleashed. Pink Horrors and the Daemon Prince Zyrrak combined their energies to launch a succession of Arcane Bolts at the Oldblood, and the Carnosaur roared as they impacted into his scaled hide, while a large pack of Screamers swooped forward to slice the Stegadon.

In the centre, the charge of the Suarus Knights had opened a gap in the Seraphon line, and the Daemons of Slaanesh poured through, eager to get to grips with the Saurus Warriors.


The Daemons of Nurgle and Tzeentch were under the heaviest attack and both stalled their advance to consolidate their forces around the Seraphon who were attacking them. The Daemons of Khorne, however, were free to rush forward and, under the baleful gaze of Daemon Prince Skinskein, they did just that.


Sorcerous fire erupted from Flamers and Pink Horrors, bathing the Oldblood and Carnosaur in coruscating flames. When they finally dissipated, the Oldblood had vanished returned to Azyr to be dreamt of again by the Slann Starmasters.

As the Screamers continued to slice apart the Stegadon piece by piece, the Seekers of Slaanesh in the centre had charged into the Saurus Warriors of the Sunclaw Starhost – and met their match. They charged straight into the spears of the Seraphon, which crackled with celestial energy as they skewered the beasts. Daemonettes screamed, and one ran, as their retinue was reduced by two thirds in a split second.

On the far side of the battlefield, other Saurus Warriors of the Sunclaw Starhost prepared to face the charge of the Bloodcrushers.


The celestial energy was far weaker here though, and most of the Saurus Warriors were simply crushed underfoot or decapitated by Hellswords. Others ran from the assault, leaving only the Alpha Talon to hold the line. The Skink crew of the nearby Stegadon saw the danger, however, and the beast lumbered forward to gore a Juggernaut with a single swipe of its horns.

The Seraphon had seen their attacks on the Daemon Princes blunted already, and losses had been far higher than anticipated. With the Starseer now in command, the little Skink had to make a choice between pulling back and fighting on a purely defensive basis – or continuing with the plan to strike at the Daemon Princes directly in an effort to even the odds.


Battle Round Two

However, the Daemon Princes had no intention of giving the Starseer time to act, and they ordered their forces to close in for the final death blow against the Seraphon.


The Daemons of Tzeentch summoned more Pink Horrors into the fight before hurling Arcane Bolts at the Bastiladon, some of the blasts beginning to crack its thick shell. Pink Horrors and Flamers then scampered in to bathe the Bastiladon and Stegadon in magical fire, leaving both very badly wounded and barely able to keep fighting.

In the centre, the third wave of Saurus Knights were cut off from supporting those who had charged ahead into the Daemons of Nurgle, as the Fiends of Slaanesh charged into their assembled line. Not to be outdone, Flesh Hounds of Khorne raced into the fray as well, instinctively knowing that they could not be outdone by the vile Slaaneshi beasts.


Bloodletters swept around the Bloodcrushers, and spied a group of Skinks. Seeing an easy skill, they loped forward, Hellswords ready. However, as they approached, the Skinks simply melted away, leaving the Bloodletters to face the might of the Kroxigors.


The Kroxigors wasted no time when presented with Khornate Daemons, and their Moonhammer and Drakebite Mauls made short work of the entire retinue of Bloodletters.

The Daemons of Tzeentch and Slaanesh were also beginning to find things getting difficult as they advanced into the Seraphon army. While the Screamers were able to finally slay the Stegadon they faced, a Seeker Chariot was intercepted by more Saurus Warriors from the Sunclaw Starhost, and it was destroyed instantly, its Daemonettes screaming as Celestial Clubs battered them into nothingness.


As the Seraphon line shifted to face the greatest threats, the Starpriest leading the defence against the Daemons of Khorne saw an opportunity. The Daemon Prince Skinskein had advanced forward with his Bloodletters, and was now within striking distance. While the Seraphon plan had been to target the Daemon Prince Zyrrak first, this was a chance the Starpriest could not pass up.

With no Bloodletters nearby, the Skinks were able to return to the fray, and were joined by the Chameleon Skinks, as the Kroxigors and Sunblood advanced. Only a Bloodmaster Herald of Khorne stood between them and the Daemon Prince.


The Skinks threw Javelins at the Bloodmaster in an effort to drive him off, but the tiny projectiles only made the daemon angry. The Chameleon Skinks had more luck with their blowpipes, scoring several painful strikes against Skinskein, but the Bloodmaster stood his ground against the Kroxigors and the Sunblood was forced to halt his own assault to help deal with the much closer Bloodcrushers.


The Kroxigors crushed the Bloodmaster and the Sunblood’s presence began to swing the fight against the Bloodcrushers in favour of the Seraphon but the strike at Daemon Prince Skinskein was in tatters. The Starpriest knew he would have to move quickly if the Daemon Prince was to be brought down.

In the centre, the Seraphon forces were near collapse as the last of the Saurus Knights fell to the combined attacks of the Fiends and Flesh Hounds.


However, hope remained, as the Scar-Veteran was living up to both parts of his name, sustaining cuts and scratches while he held the line against the Daemons of Nurgle, now single-handed.


Try as they might, the Plaguebearers could not land a telling blow, and even swarms of Nurglings had little effect as the Scar-Veteran continued to lay about himself with his War Pick, his Cold One constantly snapping and tearing at Plaguebearers.

Across the battlefield, the Seraphon had suffered greatly, but they were still in fighting shape and still had chances to strike at the Daemon Princes.


Battle Round Three

As Pink Horrors hammered the Saurus Warriors of the Sunclaw Starhost with Arcane Bolts, the Daemon Prince Zyrrak moved in to lend his own weight to the attack, as well as ensure he was foremost amongst his rivals in the battle.


The nearby Daemon Prince Synnistra could not tolerate this in the least, so it too moved into battle.


As the Plague Drones swept through the open centre of the battlefield, the Daemons of Tzeentch swept the ranks of the Seraphon with their magical fire, immolating scores of Saurus Warriors and Skinks.

Daemon Prince Skinskein was prepared to dive into the Seraphon before him as well, but something about the Stegadon’s long horns managed to penetrate his rage-fuelled madness and for a critical moment, the Daemon Prince hesitated in his attack.


The Flesh Hounds rushed the Stegadon in Skinskein’s place but their fangs did little against the Stegadon’s tough hide, and its horns proved just as lethal against them as they had against the Bloodcrushers. As the Sunblood dispatched the last of the Bloodcrushers, the last Kroxigor swept clear of the Bloodletters that had been holding it back.


All of a sudden, it looked as though it was the Daemons of Khorne who were vulnerable, and the Starpriest allowed himself a tight smile. If he could just rally enough forces to strike at Daemon Prince Skinskein, the entire flank would suddenly belong to the Seraphon and a great deal of pressure would be taken off them…

Things were less cheerful for the Seraphon in the centre, as Daemon Prince Synnistra led Daemonettes and Fiends in an attack that wiped out the Saurus Warriors who, up to now, had thrown back everything Slaanesh could muster.


The Seraphon centre was now critically weak and their right flank had been completely turned, but the possibility of destroying Skinskein and taking the left flank remained.


As the Starseer used his spells of Translocation to join the resistance against the Khornate daemons, the Starpriest hurled a Arcane Bolt at the Daemon Prince Skinskein, an attack that was quickly followed by the bolts and javelins of Skinks. Skinskein howled in pain and fury as the celestial missiles found their marks.


The Stegadon was finally brought down to the ground by the persistent Flesh Hounds, but not before it and the Sunblood claimed another four of their number, while Skinks hurled themselves at Daemon Prince Skinskein in a brave but ultimately futile gesture.


Battle Round Four

Seeing the Seraphon all but broken, the Daemon Princes suddenly became a lot more bold, and they flew, strode and shambled forward to lead their daemonic troops.


In translocating across the battlefield, the Starseer had been forced to leave a retinue of Skinks behind, and these were quickly swallowed up by combined waves of Tzeentch and Slaaneshi daemons. This left the last hold out of Seraphon facing the fury of Khorne – just a few Skinks, a Sunblood, and the Starpriest, all led by the Starseer.


Daemon Prince Skinskein barked dead commands, and a retinue of Bloodletters dutifully took their place on the battlefield, blocking off any idea of retreat or manouevre the Seraphon might have had.


The Bloodmaster Herald of Khorne screeched a challenge, and was answered by the Sunblood. The two daemonic champions, one for Khorne, the other for the Celestial Realm, faced one another in a duel to the death.


The Herald managed to slash the Sunblood across the chest, but was quickly knocked to the ground by the Sunblood’s maul. The Sumblood roared as it stood astride its fallen enemy, smashing its skull to pulp with the edge of his shield.

However, the Bloodletters and surviving Flesh Hounds had managed to slip past the Sunblood as it destroyed the Bloodmaster, and rushed the Chameleon Skinks. Caught out in the open, they stood no chance, and the Bloodletters cackled as they vengefully wiped out the snipers.


The Starpriest tried to hurl another Arcane Bolt at Skinskein, but the spell unravelled in the presence of the Flesh Hounds and their Collars of Khorne.

With the forces of Chaos so close now, there were few choices left to the Seraphon other than fleeing in an attempt to survive. In the centre, still holding up the forces of Nurgle, the Scar Veteran decided discretion was indeed the better part of valour, and he finally withdrew from the combined attacks of Daemon Prince Glurtos and his Plaguebearers.


The Starseer had a similar idea and tried to draw Khorne daemons away from the other Seraphon by floating up one flank.


Battle Round Five

With his path finally clear, the Sunblood fearlessly charged Skinskein, his roar promising the Khorne Daemon Prince and painful death.


Skinskein could not believe it as he was rocked back by the impact of the Sunblood’s charge. The Sunblood’s maul cracked bones and blunted muscles in an attack that almost finished the Daemon Prince off. However, it was an assault that could not be sustained and, once Skinskein recovered from the initial shock, he tore the Sunblood in two with a single swipe of his sword.

By now, there were only three Seraphon left on the battlefield, and the forces of Chaos closed in on them.

In the centre, the Scar Veteran was preparing to launch a last, desperate charge against Nurgle Daemon Prince Glurtos but was blasted apart by an Arcane Bolt hurled at is back by a cowardly Herald of Tzeentch.

Skinskein limped over to the fleeing Starseer, who tried to finish the Daemon Prince off with the charged energy of his staff. Skinskein contemptuously knocked the staff from the Starseer’s hands, and then crushed the Seraphon with his own massive paw.


The Starpriest was the last Seraphon to keep fighting, but was all too quickly surrounded by Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds.

The combined forces of the Daemon Prince Tetrarchy had claimed a major victory against their ages-old enemy, the Seraphon.



The Seraphon got well and truly smacked in that battle – however, outnumbered two-to-one, we always knew they were going to be. The aim for the Seraphon was not to destroy the daemonic army they faced, merely to survive it.

And they came so very close to being able to do that.

The Khorne Daemon Prince Skinskein was very badly wounded by the last round, having just a single wound left as he strode into combat. If the Starseer had just managed to land a single solid blow, Skinskein would have been removed from battle – along with every Khorne daemon! With no other daemons close by, the Seraphon would have won the battle by virtue of the Starseer (and, it has to be said, the Starseer alone) surviving!

Alas, ’twas not to be, but this is another great example of an Age of Sigmar game coming right down to the wire in the final turn!


The Story Continues…

The Seraphon have taken a hammering – and now the Starmaster himself is caught between a force of vengeful daemons and Lord Khul…

Review (and Battle Report) – Gorechosen

I finally managed to get my hands on Gorechosen, the latest board game/spin-off from Games Workshop (should have arrived on Friday, but deliveries have been quite shaky of late…).

So, is it any good?


The Box Set

Well, it is a decent price. In these days where boardgames can easily (and greatly) exceed £50, Gorechosen’s £35 price tag feels reasonable. Add to that the four character models you get inside, each normally weighing in at £17-18 on their own, and this is going to be a must-buy for any Bloodbound player who does not have the full spread of leaders in his force.


The set itself is not overloaded with components, but those present are all of good quality, both in terms of materials and presentation. The insert tray to keep everything in its right place is a nice touch – all very standard, but it has been a while since GW has done that (though, it has to be said, they normally pile in too many miniatures to have such an insert!).


The gameboard itself is double-sided, giving you at least a little variety beyond the characters fighting upon it. And speaking of which…


These are the four characters you get in the set; a Slaughterpriest, Skullgrinder, Aspiring Deathbringer, and Exalted Deathbringer.

I could say that I painted up all four really quickly… but that would be a complete lie. These are four I did earlier…



The gameplay is a nice blend of simplicity and player choice. At its core, you will be choosing cards to make actions, and you get a number of ‘goes’ every turn according to how angry you are (the Wrath Counter). Everything is very characterful (you will know if you are trying for a sneaky backstab or going all out in a berserk fury) and, frankly, you will know everything you need to play after just cycling through a single turn.

So, how did we get on?


Who Will be the Gorechosen?

I rallied up four players to try things out, volunteering to keep notes and take photos for the rest of you. The players (and their characters) were:

James: Redarg Bloodfane, the Exalted Deathbringer
Andy: Heldrax Goretouched, the Slaughterpriest
Ed: Vexnar the Reaper, the Aspiring Deathbringer
Amy: Kore Hammerskull, the Skullgrinder

The models were all set up by the players, cards were dealt, and then we leapt into the first turn.


Turn One

Amy was the first to act, springing into the fight before anyone else could move. She swung her flaming anvil with all her strength, battering James’ armour. Meanwhile, Ed taunted Andy, calling him out for some imagined cowardice. Enraged, Andy sprinted for the Aspiring Deathbringer, promising retribution.

Emboldened, Amy swung again at James, but he was ready this time and she received a painful jab from the Skullgouger in the face for her trouble, before James followed up with a crippling blow.

Ed launched into a berserk attack against Andy, who calmly dodged it before trying a cautious attack himself. Ed parried this feeble effort with contempt, then kicked out to drive Andy hard into a wall. Finally beginning to feel Khorne’s anger swell within him, Andy called upon his god to boil the blood in Ed’s veins.


Turn Two

Ed swung a crippling blow at Andy, dazing him. Through a pain-filled fug, Andy surged with anger and tried to boil Ed’s blood once more, though its effect was much less than before.

Trying to create enough space to swing her anvil properly, Amy pushed James backward and then howled at the crowd feeling the power of the Blood God flow through her. Taking advantage of her momentary distraction, James closed range once more with Amy, charging her and delivering a mighty strike that sent her spinning away. Staggered by the ferocity of James’ attack, she did not realise her back was wide open to a crippling attack until it was too late.


On the other side of the Arena, Ed and Andy traded blows, but it was Ed who was very much getting the better of the clash,.


Turn Three

Seeking to claim back her initial advantage, Amy circled James warily but did not see Andy duck under one of Ed’s blows as he rushed across the arena to backstab her. He delivered a heavy wound and Amy was stunned by the force of the strike.

Feeling surrounded, Amy lunged at James but missed and, once more, felt his Skullgouger tear into her face before James followed up with a powerful swing of his axe.

Not wanting to let his first foe escape, Ed charged Andy from behind, but a single blow was all he could land before Andy ducked under his guard, effectively swapping places.

The melee was beginning to get very tight and confusing now, and Amy was distracted just a fraction of a second too long. James’ massive axe swung once more and sent the Skullgrinder’s head spinning into the roaring crowd, much to their bloodthirsty joy.

The arena had seen the blood of its first victim!

Amy was not destined to be one of the Gorechosen.


Turn Four

With one combatant fallen, the others felt their chances for victory increase. Andy concentrated on Ed, but the Aspiring Deathbringer managed to fend off a succession of blows, blocking, parrying and then blocking each one, much to the frustration of the Slaughterpriest.

One of the crowd, a supporter of Amy’s could not contain himself and hurled an axe down into the arena at James. The pain of the axe biting into his back fuelled James’ fury and he howled back at the crowd, feeling the warmth of Khorne’s anger flow into him.

As James dashed towards Ed, Ed began circling Andy. Behind them all, no one noticed Amy lurch to her feet to stagger across the arena floor, eyes intent on James’ back. She hoisted her anvil up once more, but the effort proved too great and she crashed back into the blood and dust, never to rise again…


Turn Five

Seeing Andy as a mere obstacle between him and becoming an Exalted Deathbringer, Ed threw a mighty strike but was thwarted by a parry. Incandescent with rage now, Ed made a strong attack, and this one hit home, his axe slicing through the thick neck of the Slaughterpriest. As Andy’s horned head sailed through the air, the crowd all but deafened the two Deathbringers with their howls of joy.

Another of Amy’s supporters hurled an axe at James’ back in retribution for his slaying of their hero, but he barely noticed the cut it made. He quickly sidestepped behind Ed and then delivered a vicious blow that left Ed stunned.


Turn Six

Ed tried to get some distance between himself and James before charging back into the fray, but James calmly stepped aside, avoiding the worst of the Aspiring Deathbringer’s rage. The he proved why he deserved to be the Exalted Deathbringer.

One swipe of his axe left Ed staggering under the blow, before James then raised a heavy boot and kicked the Aspiring Deathbringer into a nearby pillar, leaving him winded. Yet another of Amy’s supporters hurled an axe at James, and this time he noticed – he turned to roar back at the crowd, promising death for each and every one of them when he was done putting Ed into the ground.


Turn Seven

As Ed staggered back towards James, the Exalted Deathbringer feinted in one direction and then sprinted past Ed to take position behind the pillar. Ed was having none of this and quickly pursued, thinking he had his archenemy on the run. However, James had been planning for this.

As Ed skidded to a stop behind the pillar, he realised the mistake he had made as the hulking shape of the Exalted Deathbringer emerged from the shadows. A series of punishing blows drove Ed to his knees, and the crowd roared with bloodlust as James raised his huge axe high. Ed looked up at his enemy just in time to see the axe fall with all of James’ strength behind it, burying itself in Ed’s chest.

James had retained his position as Exalted Deathbringer and proved to the entire Bloodbound tribe that he was destined to be among the Gorechosen!



It has to be said, this is a fun game! There is no deep strategy here, and you won’t be playing it week in, week out. However, it has just the right balance of simplicity versus the ability of players to really screw each other over! Right from the first turn, there were plenty of rivalries going on that developed (simmered?) nicely throughout the game.

If you are looking for variation and extended play, there are three game variants suggested in the rulebook, which you probably won’t use, and rules for four more Bloodblound characters (the Bloodsecrator, the Bloodstoker, and the other Exalted Deathbringer and Slaughterpriest) which you will, plus the recent White Dwarf has rules for introducing Skarr Bloodwrath and Valkia the Bloody into the arena!

So, should you buy Gorechosen?

If you are a Bloodbound player who does not have all the characters yet, there really is no reason for you not to. On the other hand, if you are looking for a quick knockabout game to be played in between bouts of Age of Sigmar or 40k, you can certainly do a lot worse for £35.

Sylvaneth & Flesh-Eaters Complete (sort of)

This weekend marked a landmark of sorts – I finished (that should be ‘finished’) both my Sylvaneth army and the Flesh-Eater Court.


Given everything that has come before, the Sylvaneth were fairly easy – a single unit of Spite-Revenants. These were done in exactly the same way as the Tree-Revenants I had done earlier, except the humanoid bodies were done in the same way as the other Spites in my force (Celestra Grey, Guilliman Blue, light dusting of Ulthuan Grey).

Now, it is true that I only have one unit of these and when Drycha gets really annoyed I will probably need more, but I have no plans to revisit them just yet. They have not popped up in force in the campaign yet, and I won’t do more until they do (the same applies to the Tree-Revenants as well, actually, I only have one unit of them at the moment).

The massive elephant in the room, of course, is Alarielle. She got put together this weekend, but I want to do some other bits and pieces before I tackle her. That is one model that deserves a greater degree of attention.


The Flesh-Eater Court is on far more solid ground. The final models were more Crypt Flayers/Horrors, the larger Courtiers, and another unit of Crypt Ghouls.


For the Courtiers, I went with Vargheist heads, and a lot more blood than normal to make picking them out on the tabletop easier.

That leaves my Flesh-Eater Court with:

Ghoul King on Terrorgheist
Ghoul King x 2
Varghulf Courtier
Crypt Horror/Flayer Courtiers x 3
Crypt Ghoul Packs x 3
Crypt Flayer Packs x 4
Crypt Horror Packs x 4

Now, in theory, I could use a Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon, plus at least one Zombie Dragon on its own… but I am in no rush to do those. This little force is nicely representative and will suit me for most of the campaign battles ahead.

So, what is next on the painting table? Well, aside from Alareille (and I have Nagash gazing down at me as well, so maybe a Weekend of the Gods is worth considering…), it is going to be all about the Ironjawz. Still haven’t quite settled on a colour scheme yet, but I have already put most of the force together!