Dark Heretics

Just saw this thread on RPG.net.

As I read it, something struck me – my group seems to have been playing this game differently from everyone else!

We never had a problem with the players being penniless.  I always assumed that inspite being ‘part’ of the Inquisition, the players were in fact, nobodies.  They had no authority whatsoever, and had been sent out into the universe to prove themselves.  They rarely mentioned the Inquisition to anyone, mainly because they could not back it up (they only once ever had possession of their Inquisitor’s rosette, and that was late into the campaign).

As for money, well, it turns out you can do a lot of damage with an autopistol or two!  The noble-born Sister Sororitas scrimped and saved for her very first Bolt Pistol – and we all laughed as she literally blew her monthly allowance whenever she went into combat.  As the acolytes went up in rank, they began to get a little more cash (the game has a decent mechnism for that, and months spent travelling soon add up to a decent amount of cash).  The Sister’s lot did not improve, though – liking the Bolt Pistol so much, she bought into a Heavy Bolter as soon as she was able, and can now burn through a huge amount of cash in seconds.

Always reminded me of the Team Fortress 2 Trailer with ‘Heavy Weapons Guy’ (the “Who touched Sascha?” one).  He goes on about how his big gun uses custom made round, and it costs $400,000 to fire the gun for 12 seconds.

Pretty much the same for the heavy bolter.

Anyway, we spent the tail end of last year playing through the mission in the main rulebook, followed by the Purge the Unclean adventures (my group loved the space hulk adventure, though during the briefing, the first thing they said was ‘well, they don’t expect us to go on board that, do they?’).

We wrapped up the campaign for now, with the intention of diving into the Haarlock’s Legacy trilogy, if FFG ever get round to releasing the third part (how annoying would it be to play through parts one and two, only to find out that three was not going to be released, eh?).  At the moment, we are diving into the Dawn of Defiance campaign for Star Wars – more news on that at a later date.


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