Orks and Bugs

This weekend was spent tinkering away with a couple of armies – no ‘grand’ projects, just a couple of small additions.

First up was an Ork Deff Dread I have been putting together.  My aim for my Ork army is to make every vehicle radically different.  There is no point, for example, in me getting six Battlewagons if they all look more or less the same, just with different weaponry.  So, I have two GW battlewagons, one seriously tricked out with roof, ram and big turret, the other a ‘stripped out’ version with roller and flatbed – with different paint schemes, they look very dissimilar enough, but that is about as close as I like to get.  The third battlewagon in my Bad Moons force is a scratch-build I picked up on eBay. The idea is that jkust about everything Orks produce should be unique.

Dreadnoughts, however, have been a problem.  I have wanted a Dread Mob for some time, but the current model does not allow for much variation.  I have been chasing after one of the ‘Rogue Trader’ era Ork Dreadnoughts for some time on eBay, but they tend to go for more than I am willing to pay.  However, I did happen upon a 2nd Edition Ork Dreadnought – I must admit, I had forgotten all about this model, and that it was different from the current one.

I began by putting it together as per spec (which is actually a pain in the rear end, as legs and all four arms should be mounted in the clamshell body at the same time – I gave up, snipped off the end of the ‘plugs’ of the arms, and glued them in after the body was put together).  Then I remembered that I had some spare close combat arms, that I had actually taken off the aforementioned scratch-built battlewagon.

That gave me a four close combat weapon Dreadnought and, better than that, all four arms would be different, as the ones from the Battlewagon were from the current Dreadnought. All was well, except the close combat attachment on the end of one of the new arms had been removed by the battlewagon-builder in order to fit a flamer.  No matter!  Rooting around the bitz box, I located a spare tail from a Forge World Squiggoth (you get a choice to two).  I simply glued that on the end, and ended up with a unique Dreadnought, as you can see.

As it turns out, the iPhone is particularly bad at taking piccies of miniatures – I’ll sort that out for the next miniatures posting.

To complete my growing Dread Mob, I can still look out for a Rogue Trader era model, but GW itself has also come to my aid.  This model looks absolutely great and, again, will give a good impression of Ork uniqueness when matched with the others.

I also worked on some Tyranids this weekend – just a Hive tyrant and ten Ymgarl Genestealers.  The pictures of those turned out to be absolutely dreadful, but I’ll get some decent snaps done soon and talk you through the way they are painted.  They look good and are perfect for the lazy gamer!


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