More Star Wars

We have another session of Dawn of Defiance on tonight – should be finishing the first part (a raid on an Imperial prison facility on Felucia), and then moving on to the second (messing around with Hutts on Cato Nemoidia). Got all the miniatures standing by (Star Wars is the only game that I actually like using miniatures for roleplaying), and after last week the players are really starting to get into things.

This Sunday sees the start of a brand new D&D (3.5) campaign, and I have some Big Plans for that one .  I’ll fill in the details on that a little closer to the time.

In other news, I have divided posts here between Miniatures and Roleplaying categories, found some interesting 15mm miniatures in the office that I had forgotten all about, and had a delivery from GW that included a Carnifex and my first Stormboy unit.


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