Blasters and Chaos

Just a quick post for now, as I am just waiting for the players to arrive to kick off our mega-D&D campaign today (more on that later, along with the bits andpieces I got round to painting yesterday).

They did indeed manage to break into the Imperial prison facility to rescue the treacherous Imperial admiral, but at one point (fairly early on) one of the players started complaining – ‘are you sure this encounter is meant for 2nd level characters?’

Heh 🙂

Now, what had actually happened was that they had spotted a Stormtrooper patrol, and decided to head towartds the opposite side of the base.  One player then opened a door to discover the main communicaitons centre.  Now, that would have been fine – but then, in the same round, another player opens the door to the medical facility (where the Empire is conducting all sorts of mutation experiments on Felucians).  The ensuing blaster duels attract the first patrol they had spotted.

So, they were now actively engaged in three seperate encounters, all at once.

Sometimes, they really do make life hard for themselves.

They managed to fight their way through, eventually, though they took a real pasting doing it. Matters were not helped when their cheif medic was the first to go down, leaving only characters who barely knew what end of a syringe to use left to administer first aid.

Anyway, mission complete, and before we wrapped up, we quickly went through the briefing for the next part of the campaign.  This time they will be off to Cato Nemoidia to make nice to Darga the Hutt, who apparently has some interesting information for them.

I’ll also cover this ‘grand’ D&D campaign soon.  Been planning it for a while, and it is a good ‘un…


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