The Big Guys

I promised I would get round to some decent piccies of what I have been up to.  This weekend I had the big D&D campaign to kick off, but I managed to get some ‘big guys’ (Dreadnoughts, or Dreadnought-equivalents) done for three of my armies.

In the last miniatures-related post, I showed a (rather horrible) photo of an Ork Dreadnought I had been working on.  Here he is, all finished, and next to a friend.

The one at the back is the ‘current’ (for about two weeks, as there is a new model on the way) metal dreadnought for Orks.  The one in front is from 2nd edition 40k days.

I went with the 2nd edition Dreadnought because I have this thing that every vehicle in my Ork army should look different.  Meks don’t run things off an assembly line, and so every vehicle will be unique – there should not even be many common parts, hence my delaying adding more than one dreadnought to the army.

As a further example of this, here are the two buggies I have (the squadron is finished off with a trakked Scorcher).

The practised eye knows they are from the same kit, but one has been really built up, the other completely stripped down.  While the wheelbase and chassis is the same, the visual effect is different enough.

With the Battlewagons, I cheated a bit, as the main kit is too cool not to use twice.  However, a differenty paint job and the ‘bitz’ sprue is enough to seperate them.  One is fat and stocky (and well-armed), the other low down and streamlined (with a bloody great big roller at the front adding to the length and illusion).  The third Battlewagon is something I picked up unpainted on eBay.

Anyway, on with last weekend’s projects.  Next up was a Carnifex for my small-but-growing bug horde.

To paint, this is just about the quickest army I have at the moment (and that is saying something).  Inspired by the colour scheme in Imperial Armour IV, there are just four colours on most of my Tyranid models.  They get a base coat of Bleached Bone, then all the armour plates have a splash (literally!) of Camo Green.  If there are any really fleshy parts (tongues, tubes going into weapons, the brain mass of a Zoanthrope), then they get a coat of Dwarf Flesh. The whole lot then gets washed down with the ‘magic liquid’.

This is a mix of 2 parts water to 1 part Ronseal Walnut Quick dry Wood Varnish – a variation of the dipping method and, for this paint scheme, it works a treat, shading the bone, green and pink nicely (you’ll see me use this mix time and again on many models).  I finish up with pure white on the ‘blades’ of these creatures.  Ignoring drying time, you are looking at perhaps 10-15 miniutes work for each Tyranid model, pretty much regardless of size. The base takes longer to do (PVA glue sand to the base, cover with Scorched Brown, drybrush with Bubonic Brown and add patches of static grass – the base edge is rimmed with two coats of Bestial Brown)!

Finally, a new Dreadnought for my beloved (but Codex-starved) Dark Angels.

This chap is actually part of a  much larger project.  With some days off at Christmas (for once!), I set about something I have always wanted to do – the entire Third Company of Dark Angels.  All the squads, characters and their vehicles have been done, and I am in the process of adding Dreadnoughts.  I figure, as it is one of the main fighting companies, that I’ll have six of these overall (this one is the first).  That will also give me a decent variation for weaponry, Ironclads, Venerables and maybe a Siege Dreadnought. Once I have done all six, I’ll post some piccies of the entire company together.

Of course, then I might just start thinking that the Deathwing and Ravenwing would be quite easy to do as complete companies (I am already a third of the way to having an entire company of Land Raiders!).  And then maybe the Fourth company will need a look. . .

I digress – that is a topic for another time!

Oh, and as a last note, I posted some piccies of my Roman army at Warlord Games.


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