Eyes Bigger Than Belly

Ever started something only for it to dawn on you soon after that the project is much larger than you thought?

This weekend I have been working on the jungle terrain table I mentioned a while ago.  Thought I was being so smart, I really did.  Had a little ‘cheat’ method of getting good looking terrain up and running quickly.  Unfortunately, I failed to take into account several things.

I’ll give a full run-down of the jungle board in perhaps a week or so when it is finally complete.  However, these are the tribulations I have hit so far;

  • MDF sucks up Goblin Green like it is going out of fashion.  Drained all my reserves and am now waiting for a delivery from GW.
  • I thought two small pieces of terrain and one medium would be about right for a 2′ x 2′ square.  So, 12 small pieces and 6 medium for a 6′ x 4′ table, right?  I had failed to take into account that I have several (in some cases very) large ‘centre pieces’.  So, I either have a very crowded board, or I am doing way more terrain pieces than I actually need (actually, this is not a huge issue – it will scare the average 40k gamer, but for other games will lead to some pretty intense jungle fighting).
  • PVA on Goblin green that has been painted onto MDF can get very patchy, leading to small bare areas dotted around the terrain piece.  Had to modify my gluing technique for this and re-glue the patches on earlier pieces.

Anyway, the end is in sight.  I have about five terrain pieces left to finish, which should be wrapped up next weekend.  I’ll get some photos done, and show you how I made this table, step-by-step.  Despite my complaints above, it is a very easy project that looks good due to the use of one non-gaming set of items.  Total cost is likely to be around £150, but if you take a more reasonable approach than me and don’t do quite as many terrain pieces, you could easily shave £50 off that and complete the whole project in one lazy Sunday.

I managed to get six more Tyranid Warriors done this weekend, a requirement forced by the new Codex which made me reorganise my existing units and add some more warriors.  Photos coming.  I also started work on a really cool Ork Deff Dread conversion I picked up on eBay.  With the new Dread out recently and the 2e version I picked up, i wasn’t going to add any more Dreads to my Orks, but once you see this chap, you’ll understand why I went ahead.  The new plastic Dread is being sidelined for now until I can get hold of something that will work as a Power Field Generator, allowing me to field a genuine Armageddon Dread Mob.

So, the plan now is to finish off the Dread this week, along with the rest of the jungle terrain.  I have also made some progress with choosing miniatures for the 10mm fantasy armies I mentioned in an earlier post (under the Roleplaying category).  Again, I’ll get some photos of what I have chosen and why.  I can just see that this is another project that I thought would be over quickly, but may actually take much longer to do. . .


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