Dread Mob!

I mentioned before that I had picked up a new Ork Dread on eBay a week or two ago.  It wasn’t a large job repainting the little fella, but the jungle terrain kinda interferred with my painting time this week.  Anyway, yesterday, I finally got to finish him.

I think you can see why I was tempted by him!  I don’t know the chap you did the conversion, but I could not resist.  The basis was an old 2nd edition Ork Dreadnought, but he has added bits from a second edition Predator, the hard top from a metal Sentinel and a few other bits and pieces.

I now have a genuine Dread Mob and, best of all, they all look as though they are one-off Mek creations which, as I have mentioned before, is the whole point I am trying to get across with vehicles in my Ork army.

I have one more Dreadnought to add to this group – the all-new, all-singing and dancing plastic version GW have just released. This one will be a little delayed in getting to the field, as I am planning on giving him a Kustom Field Generator, probably basing it on the generator carried by the current Big Mek. We’ll have to see.

Next projects up… well, I still have some more sodding jungle terrain to finish (now good for Goblin Green paint, but ran out of static grass this time) and a unit of ten Stormboyz who have barely had a single basecoat between them.  The next large-ish project will be another unit of ancient Britons for my growing horde and the start of some chariots for them.


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