Star Wars Catch Up

The ongoing Dawn of Defiance campaign continues apace.

Over the past two weeks, the players finished the second episode, A Wretched Hive, where they infiltrated a Hutt’s court in the hope of finding out more information about a secret Imperial project (Project Sarlacc).  This went moderately well, with the Hutt fleeing to Bespin after the players released one of his prisoners – a Jedi Master from the Clone Wars days.

Kat, playing Elethial, a human noble with the Force Sensitivity, went dippy upon discovering Master Denia, as she could now properly train as a Jedi (I had banned anyone from taking levels in that class unless they could find a teacher – Kat had been convinced she never would…).

Starting Episiode Three, Queen of Air and Darkness, the players mooched over to Bespin, only to find that there is a huge Sabacc tournament taking place (over 500,000 credits up for grabs!).  They also know that there are some Imperials within the tournament (or nearby) that may be involved in the Sarlacc Project.

They beat up some Ugnaughts, but just did not seem to be engaging in the game this week – missing leads, being reluctant to take part in the tournament (how cool is taking part going to be?), and so on.  The scenario is actually quite a cool one with a good mixture of intrigue and fast-paced action, so rather than labour on I called an early end to the game.

We’ll pick it up again this coming week, where Kat (Elethial) will be taking part in the tournament, Nick (a Duros named Teebo) is her ‘plus one’ guest in the crowd, and the other two have managed to get hired by the casino’s security.

This adventure has an explosive end, so it will be interesting to see what happens next!


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