A Busy Weekend

The big event this weekend was the monthly D&D campaign.  The players managed to finish off the Sunless Citadel, just squeaking through to 3rd level in the process.  We spent a fair bit more time on this than I had expected (there were some ‘arguments’ over how exactly one should open a door. . .), and we did not get on to the Forge of Fury – that will be coming next.

All of this did not leave much time for miniatures, as I also had to start prepping the next installment of the Dawn of Defiance Star Wars game for the coming week.  However, I did manage to polish off a few small items.  First up were two new Dreadnoughts for the Dark Angel’s 3rd Company.

This makes three Dreadnoughts for the company now (I’ll probably stop at around 4-6, and call the company complete – I’ll do pictures of the whole motley crew then).  Also, my first Ironclad.  I quite like how this model ‘bulks’ out.  The missile launchers and arms really give it some mass without going over the top.

The Dreadnoughts were easy to paint but candidates for the easiest models in the world to paint have to be these chaps, some models I managed to purloin from certain well-connected people.

Spray black, light drybrush of grey (blue might be an idea to try, of course), then cover with varnish for that authentic Aliens look!  I only had satin varnish lying around, but it seems to work quite well.  Gloss might be a bit too much.

Of course, these chaps need someone to fight and, as I said in a previous post, these models are perfect for the new jungle table.

The light skin/web tone on Predators was made for Bleached Bone and the Ronseal-Magic-Glop mix (though better painters might disagree!). I did spend some time trying to work out how to handle the armour of this guy, but in the end settled for Blot gun Metal on the plates and Chainmail on the blades and mask – then covering them both with the magic glop.  Works pretty well and the model paints up pretty quickly – could see myself doing an army of these.  Speaking of which…

This guy has a very nicely sculpted maskless face, and I left the plasmacaster off his shoulder as well for a bt of variety.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am off to the jungle to begin a new Hunt!


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