Back to Star Wars

Work has been unbeliveably busy this week, and gmaing-related activities have had to take something of a back seat.

We still got our weekly Star Wars game, the Dawn of Defiance campaign in though.  There had been a six month break in the campaign (game time), with everyone off doing their own thing. What that boiled down to was us spending the first part of the evening levelling up, and then watching the players decide (argue) how to spend their half million credits won from the Sabacc tournament last week.

In the end, Andy (playing Joshua, a human soldier) inevitably bought himself some ‘kick-ass armour’ while the rest ploughed their funds into a brand new transport (they were going to go second hand until Nick told them that a brand new one would give me less excuses to make their lives difficult – I ask you. . .).

Then it was straight into Episode IV, Echoes of the Jedi.  The players were briefed by Master Denia to find a holocron on a devastated world that used to behome to a Jedi Academy.  They managed to bluff their way past some orbiting pirates (by name-dropping an old adversary, Darga the Hutt) and then, on landing, found themselves in a comedy scene where two inept groups of alien scavengers are arguing over a droid.

The players managed to negotiate this one as well (while fending off attacks from Dark Side lizards), but not before the aliens managed to fleece them for 5,000 credits for a ‘holy holocron’ that turned out to be nothing of the sort.  We left the evening just as the players had entered the Jedi academy and had moved into the first sub-level.  I am expecting to finish this adventure next week, and it is going to turn out to be quite a hot one!

I have another ‘painting day’ scheduled this weekend with ‘the girls’, but I fear work may pull me over to the computer while they paint.  Which will be a shame.  However, I’ll bring my paints along and maybe I’ll get a chance to finish off a Terminator Librarian I have barely started for the Dark Angels.  And then, of course, are the ten Stormboyz who have been staring at me for a few weeks now. . .


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