40k Training

Our lessons in the latest edition of 40k continue.

Last night, the girls came round and I promptly set them against one another, Kat’s Sisters versus Sand’s Space Wolves (I got to watch two girls fight each other which, however you look at it, is pretty cool).

It was Sand’s very first game, so the first couple of turns dragged but she soon got into the swing of things, helped by GW’s downloadable reference sheets.  Neither really knew what to expect, as they are somewhat unfamiliar with the Space Woofs, so both sent their armies crashing ahead.

The result wasn’t pretty.

Opening shots from a Sister’s squad sent the Sky Claws reeling, but they were soon back in the fray, throwing themselves into the same Sisters that drove them back earlier.  Though they were reduced to just two Woofs, they fought for most of the game in assault, finally whittling the girls down and destroying them.

Kat’s normal luck with the Exorcist continued, with the tank merely supplying one or two missiles per turn until the end when she got a whopping six aimed at a Grey Hunters unit – but it was too little too late. Two Grey Hunters squads ganged up on a single Sister’s unit, first shooting the Hell out of them and then sweeping them aside in an assault.  To add insult to injury, the Canonness fell to a stray Meltagun blast, just as she was about to take on the Wolf Lord in close combat.

After that, Kat and I had a rematch, her Sisters against my Orks.  This time around, I changed the composition of my Orks a little, taking;

1 Warboss (standard Black Reach guy with Klaw and Twin-linked Shoota), 10 Grots, 20 Grots, 30 Boyz, and 6 Bikerboyz.

The bikerz boosted axcross the table in a single turn, where they were intercepted by the Canonness, who stopped their march on the Exorcist.  She held them up for a couple of turns, finally slaying one, but was beaten down by the Nobz Klaw (oh, how the girls laughed when I told them Iwas bringing my Nob into play. . .).

The rest of my tactics were standard Ork – make a beeline across the table with the Grots shielding the hammer that is the Boyz mob.  Kat concentrated her shooting pretty well, destroying the Grots completely, but a well-timed Waaagh saw the Orks charge across the remaining ground and engage both her squads in assault.  She wisely capitulated in the fourth turn as one of her squads broke and ran, the other becoming seriously outnumbered by marauding Orks and the Exorcist stunned and missing its missile launcher by an attack from the now free bikerz.

Sandrine now has a 1,000 point force of Space Woofs, and I believe our next game (possibly next week?) will see her face a much larger force of Orks.

Both girls have vowed to build bigger armies to counter the Ork threat. . .


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