A Smidgin of Painting

Aside from the regular roleplaying (the D&D campaign returns next weekend!), my gaming-related time has been pretty miserable over the past couple of weeks or so, and projects are starting to mount up.  Blame work.

However, I have managed to get at least a little painting done over the past few days.

First up are my new Stormboyz.  I have always been a bit hazy with the ‘elite’ Orks in the army list.  After all, Orks are supposed to be a horde army, and the elite guys (Kommandos, Tank Bustas, Lootas, etc) are all very expensive, points-wise.  And that just does not seem right for models that are likely to be present in relatively small units (because of the expense) and given 6+ armour to boot!

However, the Stormboyz have, at least, the ability to race across the battlefield to dive behind cover or engage the enemy, limiting their exposure time.  Plus, the models are pretty funky.  And I figure they will do a nice number on Kat’s Sisters.

As you can see, I picked up the metal Nob for this unit as well (not going with the special character just yet, though he looks quite hard on paper).  My personal favourite, however, is the Stormboy with the Grot-controlled rocket, just to the right of the Nob (which has also reminded me that I really want to get hold of the Forge World Grot-Bomb Launcha at some point).  This is a very nice plastic kit overall, with lots of variations – buying two packs (five in a pack), the Stormboyz inevitably have common bodies in the unit, but you just don’t notice with all the variant heads and rockets.  There are far more variations than I have used here.

I have also pushed along my Judge Dredd collection.  This is a very slow burning project at the moment, with me just doing the odd model here and there in preparation for gaming at the bottom end of this year.  This is a new Judge on Lawmaster.

I thought I would also show you my new Juve Gang, something I prepared earlier.  They haven’t got names yet (or a block to defend) and, thus far, the only common feature of the gang is the colour red.

I have, however, given some thought as to the story behind the gang.  Basically, the dude with the red mohican is the leader, and the guy with the really strange red hair on his right is his best mate.  They have bullied the weirdo with psychic powers (to the left of the leader) into helping them with their robberies, mugging (called tapping in Mega-City One) and general gang rivalries.

The girl at the front is a rich kid who has basically joined the gang out of boredom. Ostensibly, she is the leader’s girlfriend, but she is more interested in getting her kicks terrorising other residents of the block.  However, she brings a certain style to the gang, along with two vicious robo-dogs that she treats as pets.

Just a small gang, but it already has some identity behind it.  Next, I’ll have to put together an older punk gang to rival them, or maybe the block’s Citi-Def unit.  Perhaps a vigilante or two, determined to protect citizens from the menace of the city’s youth.

Aside from all that, I have also managed to put together some of the new metal Tyranids, and I still have a couple of units of Britons to do for my Ancients army.  The latter have been sitting in their box staring at me since Christmas, so I really ought to do something about them…


2 Responses to “A Smidgin of Painting”

  1. David Dorward Says:

    A couple of big mobs of Boyz and a big mob of Grots and suddenly there isn’t any table space left to drive the vehicles through.

    It is all very well going horde, but Orks make it too easy to over do it 🙂

  2. Kat Says:

    I’m sorry…i still burst out laughing when you start talking about your Nobs…i can’t help it!

    My sisters will prevail!

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