Blood Angels

The new Blood Angels codex arrived yesterday.  I am not one to get into the ‘flavour of the month’ for GW releases, but having done some writing in the past for the Flesh Tearers chapter, I figured I might have a look at this.

So, last night I sat down and sketched out a possible 1,500 point army – you know, just to say I had a Flesh Tearers force, and possibly one that could be built upon at a later date (and trying to ignore the fact that, along with my Dark Angels, Crimson Fists and Red Scorpions, this would be the fourth Marine chapter I currently have…).

Codex in hand, I started to work out a Flesh Tearers force.

Starting with an HQ choice, I quickly decided not to mess around.  They went to the trouble of including a Flesh Tearers character, so I might as well start with him – Gabriel Seth, Master of the Chapter (a character that was my original creation!).  I don’t normally go for the high end special characters at all (and not even the middling ones, to be honest), but this seemed the right army to do so. This led me to thinking that the force should be Gabriel’s own personal honour guard (rather than me starting yet another complete company of Marines – I have the Dark Angels for that).

I also wanted a relatively small force, so lumped in another HQ choice to burn a few points – a Reclusiarch, a kind of high chaplain.  I already had it in mind that a chaplain of some sort should lead the inevitable Death Company (gotta love the re-rolls on hits and wounds), so I gave him a jump pack for mobility and an Infernus Pistol for a bit of anti-tank duty.  I have to say, for a weapon that is close to being considered a relic, they have spread Infernus Pistols through this codex like they were sweeties!

As this was Gabriel’s personal force, I figured an Honour Guard would be suitable.  From experience, I know you can burn far too many p[oints equipping an Honour Guard, so I kept things quite tame.  They got a Blood Champion, Plasma Pistol and, because they are Gabriel’s boys, the Chapter Banner.  Then I went nuts and bought them a Land Raider Redeemer (with Storm Bolter and Multi-melta).  I did this because a) Gabriel does not have a jump pack and so needs a suitably imposing chariot to ride into battle and b) I have never had a Redeemer, so this was a good chance.  Plus the AP3 flamers will make short work of Sand’s Space Woofs and Kat’s Sisters.

By now, I have spent 775 points – a little more than half the army, and I haven’t even started on Troops yet!

Flicking to the Troops section of the army list, I got diverted by the many, many Elites choices, and scribbled down a unit of Sanguinary Guard (the guys with the winged jump packs), plus Death Masks.  This rounded things up nicely to 1,000 points.  So, just 500 to spend on Troops then.  Started to get the feeling this army would not be heavy on Heavy Support…

A unit of Death Company went in first, and I opted for ten of them.  Seemed like a good number.  I also added jump packs and two power weapons – this made things really expensive, and the unit tops out at nearly 400 points.  Well over 500 when the Reclusiarch joins them, a third of the army wrapped up in 11 models.  Tactically, that makes me very wary (I would never do that for a Dark Angels force), but I decided to soldier on.

I now had just 120 points for the compulsary second Troops choice. I briefly considered trying to squeeze a Death Company Dreadnought into the mix (I claim to have come up with the original idea and rules for that too!), but that really wasn’t going to happen and I wanted at least some ‘normal’ troops in this force.  You know, to represent the common Marine, as it were.  A Tactical Squad did not seem right, so I instead went for a small five-man Assault Squad, giving the Sergeant a power weapon and melta-bombs.

That was 1,500 points spent.  Looking at the list, I frowned.  I did not seem to be 1,500 points.

2 Characters, 25 Troops, 1 Vehicle.  27 models in all.

I could paint that up in a weekend – could be a project for a forthcoming painting day with the girls, it occurs 🙂

The cost will rattle in at £150-odd (ouch), but I’ll ‘have’ to pick up the metal Flesh Tearers shoulder pads as well, due to my lack of insignia-painting skill.  That puts another £25 on top (bigger ouch).

So, will I get round to doing this army?  I really wasn’t looking to do another force, and had been planning on doing more Dark Angels (making a decent start on the Deathwing and Ravenwing, and completeing my Land Raider company).  On the other hand, I do have some ‘history’ with the Flesh Tearers and it just seems right that I have at least a small force.  We’ll see.

Anyway, that army list again in a slightly better format.  Comments welcome.

Chapter Master Gabriel Seth – 160 points

Reclusiarch (infernus pistol, jump pack) – 170 points

Honour Guard (blood champion, plasma pistol, chapter banner) – 180 points

Land Raider Redeemer (storm bolter, multi-melta) – 265 points

Sanguniary Guard (death masks) – 225 points

Death Company (10 models, jump packs, 2 power weapons) – 380 points

Assault Squad (power weapon, melta-bombs) – 120 points


One Response to “Blood Angels”

  1. David Dorward Says:

    I went into GW about a month ago and let them talk my ear off about the new Blood Angels (then I bought some glue and two pots of paint).

    They sound like they are made of more cheese than a dozen Necron monoliths, but the minis are undeniably gorgeous! GW has really mastered plastics over the last few years.

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