First to Strike

Time to catch up with our regular weekly Star Wars RPG campaign, WotC’s own Dawn of Defiance.

We are fairly rocketing thorugh this campaign now, and the past two weeks have seen us start and complete another scenario – First to Strike.

The players were detailed by Master Denia to travel to a far off world called Nizon, where they were to find out more about the Sarlacc Project, and offer any assistance to the Nazreen, the alien race that had been subjected to Imperial slavery for at least a while – all reports indicated that the Empire was in the process of leaving the world.

Umm, not so much, as the players discovered when they jumped in system.  They were greeted by a Venator-class Star Destroyer and a squadron of V-Wing fighters.  Taking the helm of the Starstrider, the players’ recently upgraded transport (give me big engines, Kat had told the rest, just convert the cargo bay into massive engines!) was Nick (playing Teebo, a Duros Scoundrel).  Nick had just selected the Ace Pilot prestige class, and as they were pursued by V-Wings through a dust/meteor belt around the planet, his pilot sklls were frankly awesome, diving through the cloud and outwitting the Imperial pilots.  Upon breaking into the atmosphere, he promptly found a cave a few miles from the main city, and parked.

All was going well until Andy (Joshua, Human Elite Soldier) decided to plant a few explosives around the mouth of the cave and detonated them, trying to hide the ship further.  Unfortunately, he overcooked it a little, and the ship was nearly buried.  Deciding to deal with that later, the players rode into town on their swoops.

They quickly saw the Imperial presence was very heavy in the city, and quickly determined that the leader of a possible resistance was being held in an Imperial facility. One attack later, they broken into the compound, dealt with the Stormtroopers (armed with heavy repeating blasters and rocket launchers), and freed the prisoners.  The resistance leader made himself known and led them to a ‘safehouse.’

Here, he asked them to help overthrow the Empire on his world, offering to start a citywide riot with his people.  The riot started first thing the next morning, and the players dove in wholeheartedly (though Andy was moaning that he had left his mini-proton torpedo launcher in the ship).

Throughout the evening, they fought (and then requisitioned) a squad of AT-RTs, rescued Nazreen children from a burning building while under fire from a Stormtrooper squad, stopped a slave ship from taking off and assaulted the main Imperial control facility on the world – this involved taking on an AT-ST singlehanded. This took place in an enclosed plaza.  Upon seeing the AT-ST, both guys(Nick and Andy) promptly fled the scene, leaving the two girls (Sand and Kat) to deal with the menace for several rounds.  By the time Andy returned to help blast the thing, Kat had pretty much knackered it with her Force powers.  By the time Nick returned (from a wide flanking move, apparently), the battle was over!

That done, they had control of all communications on the planet, and switched off the navigation systems the Empire had been using to navigate the dust cloud around the world.

The climax took place at a new facility the Empire had nearly completed, a combined shield generator/anti-ship battery.  They ran into a bounty hunter who had been in pursuit of them, who tried to use information on the Sarlacc Project to pull them in, the confrontation taking place at the top of the construction site, far above the ground. Charging in, Andy and Sand tried to end the fight quickly, only to find out the bounty hunter was actually quite good, and probably capable of taking the entire group down!

Nearly ending Andy’s and Sand’s adventures there and then (after throwing a thermal detonator at the others!), the bounty hunter was finally overcome by Kat finally managing to hold him in a Force Grip while Andy used a Destiny Point to score an automatic critical hit – a good use of the point.  The bounty hunter’s accomplish tried to blast away (after suitably threatening the players) in his Cloakshape fighter, but Kat used the Force to hold the craft in place while Andy clamboured onto its exterior.

Fixing a demo charge on the fighter’s cockpit, he waved cheerfully at the pilot, who was straining the engines in an effort to get away.  Kat’s Force powers finally failed, and the craft rocketed into the sky – where, after a few seconds, it detonated, pieces slowly falling back to the planet’s surface.

Retrieving a scorched datacard, the players discovered a new lead for the Sarlacc Project – all important personnel involved are currently working on Coruscant, Imperial Centre.

Perchance this is where they will be headed this coming week?  Will they (finally) discover just what the Sarlacc Project is all about?


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