Core of Corruption

Okay, due to work c0mmitements, gaming has really not been doing too well of late – I have a bad case of Real Life interfering with what is important.  Which needs fixing, obviously.

I have managed to get a little painting done, and I have a 40k game or two scheduled for tomorrow, so I’ll get some photos and do an update on all of that in the next day or so.  I also made a recent order to GW for some general ‘supplies’ and might have accidentally picked up a couple of units for a possible Fleshtearers army (yes, I am that weak – obviously having three chapters on the trot is not enough marines).

As the end of the Star Wars campaign begins to hove into view (maybe 8 sessions/weeks, give or take), we are starting to look around for the next Big Thing for the gaming table.  The current front runner is a return to our Spinward Marches Traveller campaign (came to a halt before I started this blog, just before we ran through Dark Heresy), especially as I am due to get my hands on the all new Secrets of the Ancients campaign, which should fit into our group superbly.  There is even talk of Richard rejoining our group (he dropped out just before we started Dark Heresy), reprising his role as the Aslan Black Claw.

Anyway, all that is for the future.  The past couple of weeks has seen us continuing Star Wars, with the start of the Core of Corruption adventure.

Our intrepid heroes were dispatched to Imperial Centre (Coruscant) in order to locate files and personnel involved with the Sarlacc Project.  They were armed with a contact and a handful of leads.

Once they managed to navigate the busy space lanes of Coruscant (not an easy task, and they saw a very familiar Star Destroyer jump in just after they arrived, fraying nerves), they landed and found themselves hotel rooms.  In different hotels, natch, as the humans were not prepared to slum it, and aliens are not welcome in the higher class joints.

It actually took them some time to remember to try to reach their contact – who promptly told them he would help if they got into trouble but was not going to do their investigating for them.

By asking a few questions and engaging in some rudimentary computer searches, Kat (playing Elethial, a human noble/Jedi – actually, recently made Jedi Knight) managed to locate an Imperial ISB agent who was known to have at least some connection to the Sarlacc Project, finding out he would be engaged in his own investigation at a night club that evening.  Meanwhile Nick (playing Teebo, a Duros scoundrel/ace pilot) started asking after a Sullustan with a shady background amongst other aliens – dodging a COMPNOR anti-alien group with a superb piece of bluffing along the way (cornered in a dark alley, he was facing a beating, but convinced his would-be attackers that he was about to through a grenade to take them all out – they ran…).

They decided to follow Nick’s lead first, giving him another chance to show off his expert flying skills as they descended in a hired airspeeder into a labyrinthine and long-disused factory district.  At the heart of this place, they found the Sullustan’s hideout, just as he was being cornered by bounty hunters.  The latter were taken care of quickly (the players used stealth and achieved complete surprise), and managed to talk the Sullustan out of his armoured strong room.  After a quick bribe to give him enough money to get off world (he had irritated the Empire), the players learned the location of the Sarlacc Project, a tower under construction known as the Imeici Spire, and that they would need high level access to gain entry, of the sort an ISB agent would carry.

Some background checks on the ISB agent had already revealed that he often used a double on operations.  So armed, the players went to the Outlander Club to track him (the same place the Jedi chase Zam to in Episode II).  They duly found what they thought was the double but were abruptly brought up short.  In a real Gostbusters’ moment, they asked ‘okay, so what do we do now?’

Kat tried chatting the guy up, with little success.  Andy (playing Joshua, a human elite soldier) then waded in, demanding why they guy was ‘chatting to his girl’. Threats were made, and they ended up ‘taking it outside.’

The agent and his colleagues followed the double, Kat and Andy into a nearby alleyway, and the other players followed them.  Before any nastiness started, Kat sneaked up on the real agent and put a lightsabre to his throat, ordering them all to stand down.  The agent, being high level and no stranger to danger, ordered his men to open fire, and then shoved an elbow into Kat to break free.

Andy quickly rapid-fired the other agents to death, while Kat sliced off the agent’s hand, incapacitating him.  The brief fight alerted an Imperial patrol, and the players ran to their airspeeder, agent in tow, while trading fire with the patrol. Jumping into their airspeeder, the players thought they had gained a clean getaway – until they noticed a small surveillance droid chasing them.  Which was quickly joined by two more.  Who then vectored two patrol speeders on to the players.

Andy and Sand leaned out of the speeder’s windows to fire at the droids, scoring early hits. Kat used the Force to crush another droid, but the agent took the distraction as an opportunity to try to put a vibroblade between her ribs. Andy was on the ball though, and stunned the agent senseless before he could attack (after persuading Kat that drawing a lightsabre in a crowded speeder was not a good idea…).

Meanwhile, Nick was engaging in tight evasive moves, plummeting vertically through busy skylanes as the patrol speeders gave chase.  After breaking line of sight and reversing direction in the skies of Coruscant, he finlly managed to evade them.

After a brief rest, the players did a little more investigating, concentrating on finding out more on Imeici Spire.  They discovered the location of the construction company and, after discarding the ‘direct approach’ to the Spire, decided to try to gain entry by deception, posing as a work crew.

So, we ended the last session with them on board a construction speeder heading towards the Spire. They know the Inquisitorius is located somewhere in this structure, as well as the Sarlacc Project, and are spoiling for a real fight after all that ‘sneaking around.’

Maybe, next week, they will discover what the Sarlacc Project is all about?


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