Space Woofs vs. Orkses

Last night, we tried our largest game yet of 40k using the latest rules, a round 1,000 points.  I had hoped to get photos of this battle, but I managed to walk out of the office on Friday with the camera, but minus its memory card.  As soon as I correct that tiny ommission, I’ll get some photos up of the latest painting projects.

Anyway, my Orks against Sand’s Space Wolves.  We rolled everything for the mission randomly, which in itself added some new rules to those we had already learned – we would be fighting over objectives in a Dawn of War mission, so nightfighting and reserves rules were in play too.

My Orks looked something like this;

  • Warboss on Bike
  • 3 Nobz on Bikes
  • Battlewagon carrying a 10 Boy Mob, Nob has a Power Klaw
  • 30 strong Boyz Mob with 3 big shootas
  • Deff Dread
  • Weirdboy
  • 10 Grots
  • 20 Grots

The 10 strong Grots were around for no reason than, if we played for objectives, they could simply sit on one without draining points from the rest of the army.  The larger group could do the same, or screen my Boyz, depending on the scenario (both our army lists were drawn up some time ago).

Sandrine’s Space Wolves looked something like this;

  • Wolf Lord with Power Fist and some trinkets
  • Ulrik the Slayer
  • 5 Sky Claws
  • 2 lots of Grey Hunters with Meltagun, Plasma Pistol and Flamer
  • Long Fangs with mix of weapons

I grabbed the first turn, and set up with my small Grots unit on an objective near my baseline (which they never moved from the whole game), and my Boyz deployed far forward, ready to swarm over an objective in Sand’s deployment area.  My Warboss was on the far right flank, ready to cause mischief.

In response, Sand lumped her Wolf Lord in with one of the Grey Hunters, and set both opposite my Boyz, ready to scrap over the objective.

Turn One: Warboss turbo-boosted across the table, diving behind a building in preparation of leaping out and hitting a Grey Hunters unit. The Boyz surged forward, making a lot of noise with their sluggas, but not having much effect on the Grey Hunters they advanced towards.

Sand ran one Grey Hunters unit forward and they opened up with their weapons, taking down the front row of Boyz (and thus denying the Space Wolves a chance to assault).  The second Grey Hunters unit, with the Wolf Lord, threw some more firepower on the boyz, dropping some more.

Turn Two:  Things heat up – the Orks receive all their reinforcements, bar the Weirdboy and Deff Dread.  The Nobz Bikerz advance up the centre, while the Battlewagon, carrying more Boyz, advances on the left flank behind the larger unit of Boyz, supporting them with a Lobba shot (which missed wildly).

The large unit of Boyz surged forward, utterly annihilating the closest Grey Hunters squad in assault, and threatening the second.

Sandrine, for her part, receives only the Long Fangs for reinforcements, who have to march onto the table (thus meaning they cannot fire their heavy weapons this turn).  Seeing one Grey Hunters unit destroyed easily by the Boyz, she sends her other unit in the opposite direction, catching the Warboss in the open – one round of shooting and an assault later, and the Warboss is toast (my bad, I forgot bikes cannot run – obvious, when you think about it…).

Turn Three:  The Deff Dread appears, and starts making the slow walk across the battlefield, while the Battlewagon guns its engines and starts trundling towards the centre where it might have more of an effect (that is a slow vehicle, it seems, but maybe that is just me). The Boyz consolidate round their stolen objective, not pursuing the Grey Hunters.  Instead, they start trading fire with the Long Fangs at range. The large unit of Grots, deployed on the far right, grab another objective in the jungle.

The Sky Claws appear with Ulrik, who immediatly ambush the Nobz Bikers in the jungle, who had been trying to flank the Long Fangs.  They kill all but two Sky Claws, but once Ulrik hits them, it is all over.

Turn Four: The Battlewagon finally reaches the centre of the table, ably assisted by the Deff Dread, but slows down, becoming wary of the Grey Hunters who have a Meltagun and a Wolf Lord with Power Fist. The Weirdboy at last makes an apperence, and starts his long march to the action.

Turn Five: The Grey Hunters reverse their direction to start attacking the Boyz holding an objective and to clear line of sight for the Long Fangs who expect the Battlewagon to come steaming round the corner towards them.  Instead, they nail the Weirdboy, who had attempted to unleash his psychic powers but instead attracted a rogue warp entity.

The Sky Claws hit their jump packs and start making their way to the large Grots mob in the jungle, also holding an objective.

Turn Six: The Battlewagon steams round the factory in the middle of the table and unloads its Boyz.  The Long Fangs respond, targeting both Battlewagon and Deff Dread, but their shos bounce off thick armour.  The Sky Clawsreach the Grots to contest the objective, but their are too many of the little guys for them to shift.

Finally, the Grey Hunters, led by the Wolf Lord, begin to prepare their assault on the large Boyz mob, but the game ends before they can get started properly.

Final result – a 2-0 victory for the Orks.  The Boyz and small Grots mob still held their objectives, as they had from very early in the game, but the two surviving Sky Claws contested the objective the large unit of Grots held in the jungle. A final objective, in the jungle in Sand’s deployment area, was left untouched by both sides.

A fun game, and Sand is beginning to pick up the rules.  She is now looking to add more Blood Claws to her force, as well as another Wolf Priest (with Jump Pack, to keep up with the Sky Claws), and maybe a Rhino or two for her Grey Hunters.

For my part, I want to give my new Stormboyz a try out, and I think I might go back to my Mega-armoured Warboss, perhaps with similarly equiped Nobz.  Ot I might giv Sand a real scare, and just load up on 90-odd Boyz in a green tide that sweeps across the table…  I swear, the girls fear those big mobs of Boyz more than anything else in the army.

Oh, and we were using D20s as objective markers – that just feels wrong.  I’ll have to work on something better for that.


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