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Getting precious little time for painting of late, but managed to squeeze in a few simople projects over the past week or so.  Please forgive the photos, as they were taken in rather a rush before I headed to work this morning…

First up are a few small additions to my growing Dark Angels force – a new Land Raider, a Techmarine and a new member for the Inner Circle, a Librarian in Terminator armour.

The Techmarine is long overdue, given how the Armoury is beginning to sprawl, and I have always liked that Terminator Librarian miniature – it is the second time I have painted one, the first being with my Red Scorpions.  Why another Land Raider?  Well, I have a plan…

This is how my Land Raiders stand right now – two vanilla, one Helios and a Terminus Ultra.  The plan, naturally, is to do an entire Land Raider company! Well, I have already done the Dark Angels’ 3rd Company, and am giving serious thought to doing the whole Ravenwing and Deathwing, so why not a Land Raider company too?

I figured the first Land Raider in the company, Tank Number One, would be the leader and so should be a Prometheus (back in the day, I had a Black Templars army with a Prometheus – I used to call it an Ork Mower).  The first squadron, tanks 2-4, would be vanilla Raiders, while the second squadron would be a Helios, the Ultra and probably another  vanilla.  The last squadron would be a mix of Crusaders and Redeemers, forming a kind of assault wing.

So far, this project has been quite cheap.  One Land Raider came with the Space Marine mega-deal (whatever that was called), and the Terminus Ultra I got for Christmas.  The other two appeared on eBay.  The Helios is actually a repainted Space Wolf tank (heresy!) that I picked up for around £25 – not bad for a tank with Forge World bits. The latest addition was even better value, an ex-Howling Griffons tank for £12. If that continues, I may actually complete this company!

Orks next, just a little project for them – but one I have been wanting to get round to completing for some time now.

Nothing unusual about ten Boyz, of course, but I have been wanting to do a small unit for some time, because a) I wanted a unit that could ride on Truks and the like without breaking up my big mobs and b) I now have a round 100 Ork boyz, meaning I could field Da Green Tide in an Apocalypse game!  One notable model in this unit;

A converted Ork Nob, basically mixing Black Reach bits with Biker parts, and giving him a whopping great Choppa!  Yes, a Power Klaw would be more effective, but I already have a handful of Nobz so armed, and this just looks good.  Gets the message across.

Finally, I have added some more gribblies to my slowly growing bug force.

These are the important models, the Tyrant Guard, as I could not really say I had a ‘proper’ fighting Tyranid army without these chaps protecting my leader (I really need more Carnifexes before I can say I have a ‘proper’ army, but that is another issue all together). I also splashed out on two of the newer models, the Pyrovore and Venomthrope.

So, not a huge amount of work done recently but, frankly, heroic efforts given what is happening at work right now.

Next on the painting table are 120-odd 10mm fantasy Orcs for a D&D project, and a warband of 20 more Britons.  Oh, and the first two Fleshtearers arrived yesterday, but I haven’t had a chance to put them together.

However, another miniatures-related ‘issue’ has recently revealed itself which is going to cause much head-scratching and soul-searching – and I’ll cover that in the next post…


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