My Problem

I mentioned in the last post that I had a new issue when it comes to miniatures.  It goes like this…

A while ago, a new UK-based miniatures company, Warlord Games, hove onto the horizon.  Run by ex-GW veterans John Stallard and Paul Sawyer (he of White Dwarf editor fame), they did some pretty spiffy plastics of Romans and Celts.

The Big Thing about these were that they were a) damn near GW-quality in their multi-part, multi-pose goodness, and b) cheap – £17 for 30 models is good in anyone’s book.  I had always wanted to do a Roman army, but had always been put off by the almost impenetrable mess of manufacturers, metals, differing 28mm scales, low quality and so on.  Here was a company doing somethingsomeone familiar with GW models could understand!  I quickly built up a veritable legion of these guys (adding metal models that Warlord Games do as well), while Sand started doing an army of Gauls, using Warlord’s Celts as a base.

So far, so good.  My Roman army stretches to nearly 400 painted models now and, until Warlord release some more unusual designs, I can safely say they are ‘done’.

This weekend, I was browsing the Internet for something completely unreleated to historical miniatures, when I fell upon this;

These are plastic Vikings from Gripping Beast.  £18 buys you 44 models so, again, you really don’t need to splash out to create a really big horde. Almost then and there, I decided I must have a Viking army – after all, who doesn’t want a Viking army, a literal boatload of fist-throwing Danes?

Then I came across this;

These are plastic Greeks from Immortal Miniatures, currently running at £16 for 34 miniatures.  Needless to say, I have always wanted to do a Greek army.  I had thought I would be saying ‘This is SPARTA!’ a lot but, the more I think about it, I believe that Athens might be the cooler city.

Incidentally, on Immortal’s web site, it says, and I quote;

“The term ‘Spartan’ should only be used to donate the hoplites from the principal city of Sparta; the hoplites employed from other territories on the Peloponnese were ‘Lakedaimonian’.”

Now, I was given to understand (and please remember that, up to now, Ancient Greece has never really been my era) that the city itself was not called Sparta but Lacodaemon (hence the Lambda on the shields).  So I am not sure that quote makes sense.  Can anyone educate me on what the proper terms should be and, importantly (to me), why?

Leaving aside the painting time (cost really isn’t a factor with these armies), I currently have three very nice, custom-made (and boy, did they cost!) display cases.  Each has three levels big enough to display a decent sized army. At the moment, I have;

Case One: Tyranids on the bottom level, Uruk-Hai above them, with the top shared by Ogre Kingdoms and my British Peninsular army (using mostly Victrix miniatures, really should get some photos of them done.

Cases Two and Three:  These cases are butted up right next to each other, allowing my Dark Angels to sprawl across the top level of both, the Orks to spread across the middle level of both, with the Romans doing the same at the bottom (with some room to spare for my growing force of allies from Briton).

I have already packed away my Red Scorpions, Crimson Fists and Flames of War Russians. Painful, but justifiable.

Where am I going to find room for Vikings and/or Greeks (can’t believe I am seriously considering doing both!)?  I could pack away my Ogres, but not my British – that gives me half a level.  I could probably lose my Tyranids (I really only did them in the first place to challenge my Red Scorpions, and because I thought the paint scheme was pretty funky – I am by no means passionate about them).  That gives me a full level – enough for, say, Vikings.  So what about the Greeks?  Half a level is not enough…

The one option I am trying very hard to avoid is that my gaming room does, in fact, have room for two more shelving units, which could fit two more display cases.  But that would really be a costly option (I still haven’t got round to putting a coffee table in the bay window of the room, which would serve as a decent resting place for books and miniatures during play…).  That would make the new armies very expensive.

Then again, I would have to do it sooner or later.  Ahhhh!

Beginning to think that this miniatures-lark (and gaming in general) might be some sort of disease.

Anyway, if you (like me) are rather tempted by the idea of high quality plastic Vikings and Greeks, do pop along to Warlord Games‘ web site to pick them up. They are decent chaps who offer a stunning mail order service and, if you are after a true horde, have several deals for complete armies (132 Vikings for less than £50!).


One Response to “My Problem”

  1. Agamemnon Says:

    The lambda on the shield does represent Lakedaimon, the city of Sparta, Sparta was the main inhabited area around the Eurotas river, with Lakedaimon being the main city, with Sparta falling into the greater region of Lakonia, I believe. So, yeah, that notice makes no sense.

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