And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

Okay, issues…

My first is that, in addition to Greeks and Vikings, another new army has come into view.  You see, I have more or less done everything I have wanted to do with my Bad Moonz Orks.  Maybe I’ll add another Meganob or two, perhaps I’ll get round to some Kommandos (can’t help feeling they just ain’t Orky).  Other than that, I’m happy to wait until some new models are released before I tackle the Bad Moonz in a serious way.

The trouble is, I am not finished with Orks.  Just the Bad Moonz.  So, I have actually been thinking about starting another clan.

Doing yet more Boyz might be a bit of a pain, but there is plenty to tweak and alter with the rest of the army to give it another feel that is distinctly non-Bad Moonz.  But which clan?

I knew I didn’t want to do Goffs or Evil Sunz – everyone does them.  I don’t like the blue used on Deathskullz, and I did Blood Axes when I was a kid.  That isn’t to say I couldn’t go back (I did with Dark Angels, after all), but Blood Axes just ain’t Orky either.  That left the Snakebitez.  I could kinda get into them, but I wasn’t passionate about them.

So, the idea was left to fester until something popped up.

That happened last week, when Imperial Armour 8 arrived.  At first I oohed and aahed over the new Orky bits and pieces – new flyers, liftadroppas are back, and so on.  Then I came across the Dread Mob army list, and something just clicked.

A freebooting Mek-led force of all sorts of weird contraptions, nd no clan fixation?  Count me in for that!

So, now I have a deep desire to do a Greek army, a Viking army and another Ork army.  While I am still adding to my Dark Angels, Britons, British and Tyranids.  Oh, and let us not forget the Flesh Tearers that have started arriving, week by week.

Which leads us to the next issue.

Work has seriously exploded of late, to the extent that I am seriously looking at a real crimping of my gaming time.I’ve had to cancel the Star Wars campaign this week, and we missed our monthly D&D game last weekend (still not sure why, but I was grateful for the chance to get some sleep…).

I’ll be making the effort to carry on with Star Wars, as we are so close to the end, and it seems I’ll have another painting day with the girls in a couple of weeks – maybe I’ll try to get the Fleshtearers done in one day (I did a similar thing with an entire Black Templars force a few years ago).

However, that doesn’t mean I’ll have nothing to write up here.  Fortunately, my Real Life work involves gaming too.

On the one hand, I have a lot on my plate at the moment doing all the normal boring business stuff that a company needs to keep going (you don’t want to read about that).  But, I also have to work on a number of miniatures games over the next few months.  The first of these is the new Judge Dredd miniatures game.

Now, there are no secrets to this game.  We’ve told everyone we are doing it, and that not only will the rulebook be given away for free, but that we’ll be doing an open playtest of it.  So, there is no reason for me not to talk about the game’s development here – why we choose to do certain things in the game, where the ideas come from, why things get rejected during development, and so forth.

Oh, and you’ll get a glimpse of the brand new miniatures that will be released alongside the game as well…


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