I’m Back!

If the War Nerd can take some time off, well, then so can I!

Anyway, it may not be as regular as before, but I have at least an intention to get this blog back together, backed up with a decent camera that will allow me to take some better pictures of any models that pass over my desk.

Anyway, gaming of late…

Been trying to teach Sandrine how to play 40k (a long process), as she matches her Space Wolves against my Orks.

There are two Traveller campaigns (Beltstrike, and the original one covered here in older posts) that are prepped and ready to go (almost) but getting the players together is like herding cats.

I am half prepping a Strontium Dog campaign right now (also uses Traveller rules), going to spring that idea on the players and see if it is a goer.

Finished that Flesh Tearers army that I was talking about in older posts – will get some piccies up when I can.

Running the first A Call to Arms: Noble Armada tournament this weekend.  There are an odd number of players at the moment, so I may have to prep some ‘special mission’ scenario for the odd player in each round.  Got an idea that will involve the Crypt Spawn models from the old Lone Wolf range…

Oh, and on our painting days, trying to work through a battalion of Highlanders – curse their tartans!

Anyway, work-wise I need to finish a novel, revise a web site and construct a new accounts system from scratch.  I’ll try to get some gaming down in between…


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