Back with the Roleplaying

Floated the idea of a Strontium Dog campaign with the girls, and they were up for it, so we rolled up characters this weekend.  Would have gone smoothly but Kat insisted on rolling new characters until she got a set of mutations she regarded as cool. Fifty-odd characters later (I ain’t making it up), she finally finished…

This will be an ad hoc camapign, playing whenever we get a chance rather than on a regular basis (which Strontium Dog is great for, given its mission-based play).

Tonight, I have a rather different animal to run.

Due to a break caused by player absence, we have decided to go back to our ‘original’ Traveller campaign that we started some time ago.  We stopped because the campaign had reached that sort of juncture – a major cliff hanger (caused by the players themselves), which left me pondering what to do.  This is the ‘story so far;’

While waiting for their Scout ship to be repaired on Wardn, our intrepid Travellers took a mission on Steel, helping to colonise the world.  During their time there, they quickly ran afoul of the law, started a feud with a prospecting family, aided Sword World rebels hiding in the wilderness, and destroyed one of the main settlements, blaming it on raiders.  They then detonated a nuclear weapon in an effort to destroy an alien life form.

Leaving Wardn, they took a liner, the Duchess Salene, which had the misfortune to misjump.  Adrift, its engines disabled, the liner was left plummeting towards a gas giant and certain destruction.  Our heroic Travellers made several attempts to calm the crew and passengers and fix the ship, before giving up altogether, convincing everyone that everything would be okay, then stealing the lifeboat (which must have felt decidedly empty, with those extra, spare seats).  

Finding themselves in the other end of the Spinward Marches, our noble Travellers tried to plot a way back to Wardn, but ran into difficulties in steering a path that avoided everyone they had managed to honk off in their lives.  While on Vanejen, they took pity on an alien called Chirper, and broke into a restricted Imperial Research Station to help his friends.

On their way back to Wardn, our stellar Travellers engaged in a bit of medical tourism when they found a planet with a high Tech Level but low Law Level, picking up every upgrade they could get grafted into their bodies.  Then, they stopped off briefly at Sting to start a nuclear holocaust between two rival continents, managing to save themselves during the four minute warning.  They left behind 600 million dead.

Finally, they reached Wardn and picked up their Scout ship, now ready for space travel.  During their first trip, they were engaged by pirates, fought them off, then fired upon an Imperial Scout ship that had been sent to assist them.  They jumped to subsector capital Glisten, built in an asteroid belt but were very jittery.  Their stay there ended when, upon trying to leave, an Imperial Navy destroyer asked them to change course and enter a holding pattern.  Fearing the worst, they hit the thrusters and tried to escape, before realising that the destroyer and its attending fighters were far faster than they were.  

Apparently not wanting to add space traffic violations to their growing list of crimes, they made the jump into hyperspace while still perilously close to Glisten’s gravity well.  Almost immediately, they realised something had gone terribly wrong…

Anyway, I decided a while ago that, as players, they must be punished, for all the crimes their characters committed and would likely never get caught for.  Prison Planet was too good for them (in fact, I wanted them to start begging to be taken to a prison planet).

A month or so ago, I came up with the perfect idea of how to go about it. The perfect foil. Something that would strip away all hope and pride.  Break them down so they could be remade into a better image.

And that will be the subject of my next post, as I know my players read this blog!


2 Responses to “Back with the Roleplaying”

  1. Velvet Says:

    Lies I tell you! All lies!

  2. altsain Says:

    You resemble that comment.

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