Dark Sun Gets Darker

On Saturday, I managed to get a game of Talisman in with the girls.  Unusually for one of our Talisman sessions, we did not get through a massive amount of characters.  The grils died once each, and I finished with my original character (a Ghoul).  Didn’t win though…

On Monday, we carried on with Traveller.

In the last session, the players had had a bit of an argument and gone their seperate ways.  They had agreed between sessions to meet and make up, but on her way to the tavern (which they kept insisting calling a hotel), Kat ran into some trouble with a couple of Templars.  She drew a gun, which surprised the hell out of them, but after a valiant fight, she was brought down low by some weird psychic powers she insisted were not in the rules (straight out of Psion – she is rapidly finding out that psionics work a bit differently on Athas).

Sand and Andy, meanwhile, were also returning to the tavern, and witnessed a ‘sweep,’ basically where templars and giants block off a street and start scooping up people to become slaves.  This was just meant to be a precursor to what would happen later but now, of all the times, was when Andy suddenly developed a conscience and decided to intervene. Apparently, he wanted to ‘help the children…’

So, templars and giants in the street, slaves-to-be lined up against a wall, and Andy (with Sand in tow) on a rooftop, giggling every time I mentioned the templars were armed with swords as he shouldered his ACR.

A few rounds of automatic fire, and a templar is down, Sand is out for the count due to a psychic assault, and Andy is writhing with pain under one of the new psionic powers as a giant slowly mashes his face.

They wake up in the slave pens – and promptly decide to escape.  A few whippings later, and they realise this may not be easy.  So, they are put to work, mixing mud that will eventually become bricks to make the Tyrant’s ziggurat (yes, this is Freedom they were playing).

Not too many friends are made while they are in captivity, with their overseer constantly whipping the hell out of Andy, Kat spending a day stretched on a rack under the sun, and Sand doing her best to be invisible.  Four days they spend like this, watching their Endurance ebb away day by day.  Kat finally rallies enough Psi points to effect a teleporting escape, taking the others with her – back to their room in the tavern.  They have lost a lot of the equipment they brought with them, and are starving.

Most of all, they are hopping mad.  Plans are made immediatly.

After getting some proper clothes (Andy did not look good in a loincloth), they hire an Inix (a big lizard) with a howdah, and march out into the desert to locate their ship once more.  Here, they tool up, with new weapons, armour and a couple of doors ripped off the staterooms (the doors are metal, worth a fortune on Athas).  I then asdked them what they wanted to do, so I could prepare for the next session.

Frankly, it is not clear.  They are still mad and want some payback.  However, they keep switching targets (hit the slave pens and free the slaves, or just go for the big castle in the middle of the city?) as well as overall aims (just a spot of revenge, a slave revolt, or are they planning to own the entire city after their assault?).  They haven’t even decided whether they want to stay on Athas or see if there might be a way they can leave.

Needless to say, this campaign has not gone the way I had first intended, but it will be interesting to see where it leads…

In other news, our good friends at Warlord Games sent us a couple of copies of their new miniatures game, Hail Caesar, which will be just perfect for my Romans and Sand’s Gauls.  From a quick flick through, it seems a little rebasing from our WAB set up may be needed, but I am looking forward to getting some decent Ancients gaming in soon.


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