Getting back into the painting, having finally started my Mek Boy Dread Mob army – hopefully I’ll have some piccies after the weekend of the first units, some Spanna Boyz, Burna Boyz, the Pain Boy and some Grots.  Also working on a converted buggy for my Bad Moonz and a Lobba artillery piece.

Anyway, had a game of 40k last night, 1,500 points capturing objectives, my Bad Moonz versus Sand’s Space Wolves. The set up was jungle ruins, with objectives in the three main ruin terrain pieces strung along the centre of the table, within striking distance of both our forces.

As I recall, Sand’s Space Woofs had something like the following;

  • 2 Grey Hunters units (10 men a piece) on foot
  • Grey Hunters led by Wolf Priest in Drop Pod
  • Land Raider
  • Dreadnought
  • Sky Claws (10 men)
  • Wolf Lord with Runic Armour and a Power Fist
  • Long Fangs (5 men, mix of heavy weaponry)
  • Land Speeder with Multi-Melta

Meanwhile, my Bad Moonz Orks had;

  • Big Mek with Shook Attack Gun, leading 10 ablative Grots
  • Weirdboy Warphead, leading a unit of boyz from the back of a Squiggoth
  • 10 tooled up Nobs in a Trukk
  • 4 Meganobs in a Trukk
  • 3 Deff Dreads (fitted with 4 x CCW, 2 x Kustom Blastas, and 2 x Rokkits)
  • 5 Warbikers led by a Nob
  • 20 Grots

Turn One

Sand set up first and grabbed the first turn, while my forces basically hid in bushes and behind buildings.  Only my Big Mek and his Grots were exposed, not being covered quite enough by the other big Grot mob, and the Land Raider punished them by tearing up 5 Grots with lascannon and heavy bolter.  Thanks to the Big Mek’s Bosspole, they did not break immediatly and run off the table…

The rest of Sand’s forces minced forward (only way to put it), being very cautious – Sand has seen what a big block of orks can do.

In my first turn, the Orks steamed forward.  The Meganobz went as far as they could in their trukk, diving across the table to confront the Sky Claws lurking in jungle terrain (I figured they could destroy the Trukk but would be out of position to engage the Meganobz in her turn), followed up by the bikers. The grots surged forward to the central objective, backed up by the Dread carrying four close combat weapons, while the Nobs ducked and dived in their trukk, trying to avoid line of sight with the Land Raider while getting a bead on the Land Speeder.  They missed and pretty much everything else was out of range, so ran forward.

Turn Two

One of the Grey Hunters units ran for the central objectives which was beginning to be swarmed by Grots, while her Sky Claws destroyed the Meganobz trukk – however, the Meganobz were out of range for her to assault them (just – careful positioning there…).  The Long Fangs and Dreadnought lay down withering fire on the Squiggoth and other two Dreads, but cover managed to stave off the worst of their attacks, the Squiggoth merely suffering a wound.

In their turn, the Orks unleashed their Waa and surged forward.  The Dread with four close combat weapons legged it round the side of the central objective and surprised the hell out of the Grey Hunters coming in the other direction.  The Weirdboy leapt out of the Squiggoth with his mob, taking cover in the right hand objective, while the Meganobz assaulted the Sky Claws and wiped them out in a single turn.  On the other side of the battlefield, the other Nobz gunned their trukk and leapt out to assault another Grey Hunters unit.  Protected by ‘Eavy Armour and a Pain Boy, and equipped with a Waa Banner (WS 5!), they unleashed a truly sick amount of attacks and left just one Grey Hunter alive, who promptly legged it.  The Nobz consolidated back into their Trukk.

So, by this time, Sand has lost both flanks, her central unit is engaged with something they cannot hurt (no Power Fists!), and the Ork losses total 5 Grots and 3 Boyz whose heads exploded when the Weirdboy got a bit excited…

Turns Three and Four

Sand finally remembered her Drop Pod, which came crashing down to unleash a Grey Hunters unit led by a Wolf Priest.  However, they landed too close to one of the Dreads and, again, found themselves in battle with something they could not hurt – only this time, the Wolf Priest ensured they were Fearless and so could not run away!  It took almost the rest of the game for the Dread to munch through the Grey Hunters and then their Drop Pod, but he did it.

The Long Fangs and Dreadnought were engaged in a rapidly closing-range firefight with another Deff Dread, the Warbikers and the Weirdboy’s Mob holed up in one of the ruins.  The Long Fangs were proving disconcertingly durable but a lucky shot from the Weirdboy’s zap power managed to fry the Dreadnought’s power fist.  That was all I needed – the Meganobz charged in from the side (no longer having to fear instant crushing death) and in two turns had pummeled the Dreadnought to the ground.  The Squiggoth fell to the Long Fangs as the Wolf Lord joined them to shore up the defences, but a combined assault by Warbikers, a Dread and the Meganobz managed to wipe them out.  The one high point for the Space Woofs was an amazing close combat round from the Wolf Lord, who tore apart all four Meganobz.  Unfortunately, they had power fists too and struck back at the same time, killing the Lord.

On the other side of the table, the Grey Hunters engaged with the four close combat weapon Dread managed to run away and hid inside the Land Raider, which promptly blew the Dread off the battlefield.  The Nobz, back in their trukk, surged forward, running over the Grey Hunter who managed to survive their earlier attack, and they crashed into the Land Raider – two turns later, they had caved in its side with a power klaw, and charged into Grey Hunters who were skulking inside.  Aided by the Warbikers who, by this time, had finished with the Long Fangs, they wiped the last Space Woof unit out.

Turns Five to Seven

By this time, it was an obvious Ork victory.  The Space Woofs had a Drop Pod (soon to be destroyed by a Deff Dread) and a Land Speeder buzzing about.  Despite being chased by a Trukk and having every spare gun opointed at it, the Speeder managed to survive to the end of the game.

Final result: Ork win.

Space Woof losses were almost total (just the Land Speeder left), while total Ork losses ran to something like one Deff Dread, one Squiggoth, a handful of orks and grots, and four Meganobz (the biggest loss of the game).

Sand has vowed revenge…


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