Old Orks, New Orks

Promised I would get some piccies done – finally got round to it, so you can look forward to a good catch up of projects over the next few days.

First up, what I managed to get done last weekend (tomorrow or the next day I’ll get on to what this weekend’s projects).

I began with a couple of ‘odd jobs’ for my Bad Moonz Orks, with some minis I managed to get in a recent trade.  All my Boyz Mobz are armed with Big Shootas which, as any serious Ork player will tell you, is not the way to do it – if you can stick three big guns in a unit, make it Rokkits, and give some tanks a scare.  So, I have slowly been collecting three guys with Rokkits through trades and cheap eBay deals, and I finally finished them off last weekend, allowing me to retire three Orks with Big Shootas and replace them with these guys.

Rokkit Boyz

The one downside of Rokkits is range – 24″ is not very far and once you start to get a mob that close, you normally have other things to worry about (like finding a suitable target to mug). There is also some argument that mobs should not have any heavy weapons anyway, as they should probably spend most of their time running but, at the end of the day, Orks iz Orks, and Rokkits are dead shooty.  Also makes sense for the army as, being Bad Moonz, they should have every upgrade going anyway.

Next up was a Grot artillery piece, a Lobba.  Been wanting a handful of these for ages but, I am sorry to say, I ain’t gonna pay £15 for each one.  Nor are many other people, going by the way I keep getting outbid for these pieces on eBay.  However, a chance trade allowed me to get my grubby mits on this one – just have to look out for some others now.


Those were the two little jobs out of the way.  After that, I had to start the big one.

For quite a while now, I have been itching to do another Ork army.  I had thought about continuing my Bad Moonz but, to be honest, once you can field an Apocalypse Green Tide, what is the point? Surely it would be much more fun to say that warband is done, and do another.  But, which clan to pick?

I didn’t want to do Goffs, because everyone does Goffs (and, I suspect, they secretly wear dresses), and Evil Sunz follow a similar pattern, as tempted by their tons of vehicles as I may be.  I did Blood Axes long, long ago, so didn;t want to retread old ground, and anyway, always found them a trifle boring.  I hate blue Orks, so Death Skullz were out.  So, that left the Snake Bitez.  Well, okay, I guess I could sort of get into them.  Bunch of Squiggoths, loads of grots…  Hmm, maybe.

Then Forge World released their latest (not any more) Imperial Armour book, covering marines and Orks.  As well as some cool new toys for Orks (check out the Grot Mega Tank…), this book also featured the Dread Mob Army List – basically, it is a Mek Boy army list by any other name.  The idea is that instead of a ‘normal’ Warboss getting strong enough to start running his own warband, a Mek Boy (Big Mek) does as well.  The Dread Mob part comes from having Deff Dreads as Troops choices but you don’t have to play it that way.  These are all the Orks a Mek has managed to attract to his banner, and they usually spend their time finding scrap and building stuff – when the time comes to fight, they down their tools (well, some of them) and fight like proper Orks.

I was sold.  A freebooting, clan-independant Mek Boy and his mates?  Count me in.

So, I spent a few months collecting odds and sods, bits and pieces that would go together to make the army – whenever I saw some (really) cheap Ork stuff lying around, I would have a poke about and see if there was anything I could use.  Even after I managed to get a few things together, I procrastinated, as I could not settle on a paint scheme.  I did not want them affiliated to any clan, so that took out red, black, yellow and blue.  I toyed with the idea of having no colour, as you sometimes see Ork armies do, but that was no good for the vehicles, of which I would no doubt have many in the future.

In the end, I settled for Dark Flesh as the main colour.  Just red enough to suggest faster vehicles but, when combined with the Magic Goop, just dirty enough to suggest these Orks work for a living.  For the Bad Moonz, I had made a conscious effort to ensure every vehicle looked different – here, I intended to reverse things and have very similar vehicles. After all, specifics aside, they were all built by the same Mek, so a common thread through them made sense.

There are lots of little differences with this army when compared to the ‘average’ Ork force, which I will go through as I do each new unit.  First up were the Grots.  These guys are usually tasked with scampering over a battlefield when everything has gone quiet, to pilfer any interesting looking scrap.

Grots Mob

If you look closely, you will see I have used a big variety of Grots, not all of which are from the current range – some date back to Rogue Trader days, and at least two are from Fantasy Battle.  This came about from picking through random Ork bitz over several months, but I don’t think an Ork army suffers from variety.  Take particular note of the bag pipe blower at the front…

Another Grot of interest is the standard bearer.  I had one of these (Makari, I think his name is, an old model from the original Goff range) for my Bad Moonz, replacing the Goff symbol on his pole with a Bad Moon from the fantasy Goblin range.  However, I managed to scoop up a spare spanner for this chap and used it instead – perfect for a Mek Boy warband.

The Runtherdz are all Rogue Trader era models.  I choose these because a) they were free and b) I had enough trouble trying to get three different looking Runtherdz for my Bad Moonz.  I could either repeat the same trick (using one current Runtherd, one from the previous range to that, and one converted Boy), or use these chaps.  One of them having a wooden leg sold it for me, as it suggests that the Pain Boy is very active in this force, which he would be if there are plenty of Dreads about.


Speaking of the Pain Boy, I used another Rogue Trader model (the current one already in my Bad Moonz force, and I did not want to use the special character model), with a Grot Orderly from the current range.

Pain Boss

Then it was on to the units.  I kicked off with some Burna Boyz.  Not enough, as it turns out, but these were all I had savvied up to this point, and it was enough to make a half-decent unit.  Need to add three more in the future.

I had avoided Burna Boyz for my Bad Moonz, as I could never really see they were worth the points cost versus how easy it would likely be for an enemy to destroy them before they reached close combat.  However, in a Mek Boy force, these are the Orks that actually cut huge bits of metal off tanks and titans to be used in the Mek’s latest project – with something so characterful, I had to include them!

Burna Boyz

I rounded off the start of the Mek Boy force with two units of Spanna Boyz.  These are the guys who actually do all the hammering and wot-not when the Big Mek decides he wants to build something new.  Another delay to starting this force involved me looking for some spare hammers and spanners I could replace their close combat weapons with, to enhance the feel.  However, the only tools I found were by Black Cat Bases, and they were too small for Orks.

Instead, I teamed them up with Rogue Trader era Mek Boyz, which is what these guys get instead of Nobz.  That got the right feel across, I thought.  That said, I am a bit suspicious of not having Nobz in units, as that greatly decreases their hitting power. I guess that is why Dreads are Troops choices in this army…

Spanna Boyz Mob 1

Spanna Boyz Mob 2

Well, that completes my first wave of Orks for the Mek Boyz warband.  Still plenty to do, as it is still not a legal army until I get hold of a Mek Boss (thinking he needs to ride a Meka-Dread).  Next up will be some Trukks for my Boyz, and then I plan to fill the force out with some Shoota Boyz, Dreads and lots of vehicles.  Might even get hold of a Stompa…



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