Flesh Tearers

Last of the Games Workshop armies today (sort of).  Now we come to my small Flesh Tearers force.

When the new Codex: Blood Angels came out, a lot of people went dippy over the new rules and sheer killing ability of this army.  I had another interest.


You see, all modesty aside, I was the chap who created the background to the Flesh Tearers in an article in White Dwarf (and then subsequently republished in the first Index Astartes book). However, while I had done a Flesh Tearers army in the past, I did not have one when the Codex was released.  When I saw that they had not only done rules for, but created a miniature for Chapter Commander Seth (one of my creations), I felt I just kinda had to do an army.  I am not usually keen on using special characters during games, but I thought this was an unusual case, so decided to paint up Seth and give him 1,500 points of ‘honour guard,’ basically the units he would take with him into battle.

The Flesh Tearers

I started with a simple Assault Squad, just 5 men to keep the points down and, incidentally, the only marines in chapter colours aside from Seth himself.  They get a power weapon and are very nice as a Troops choice, but probably woefully vulnerable to shooting.  Their only real defence is that there are far juicier targets in this force!

Assault Squad

Had to have a Death Company of course and, as I was thinking of a very mobile force, they had to have jump packs.  This makes them hellishly expensive, so no power fists in here, just a couple of power weapons.  A quick word here – the new Death Company models are very nice but take a chuffing long time to paint.  There is just so much detailing, the idea of doing another ten does not sit well with me…

The Death Company

The next logical choice to add, was a unit I had created in that White Dwarf article, a Death Company Dreadnought.

Death Company Dreadnought

As this was going to be Seth’s own personal force, it made sense to load up on Elite choices, and the Sanguinary Guard were, again, the obvious choice.  Normally they are portrayed as all very angelic, but the Flesh Tearers are a doomed chapter, rotten to the core due to their faulty gene-seed (I always imagined they had another five or six hundred years left in them, no more than that, before they finally petered out).  So, I used the Magic Goop to really dirty up the wings that everyone else leaves so pristine.

Sanguinary Guard

The next choice was also obvious – if Seth was going into battle, he would need a command squad.  I loaded uop on options for these guys, including a Sanguinary Priest, a Champion and Chapter Banner Bearer, all the things you would expect Seth to want nearby in a fight.

Command Squad

And you cannot expect a Chapter Commander to walk, oh no.  I gave Seth and the Command Squad a Land Raider.  When I picked this army up, the Redeemer had only just come out, so I opted for one of those, knowing their over-sized flamers would tear through Sand’s Space Wolves like a blow torch on butter.  When I last painted a Flesh Tearers army, I had dark red vehicles with black detailing but that always looked rather odd I felt.  So, this time I reversed the colour scheme, and the tank looks much better.  I polished it off with some of the newly released Flesh Tearer icons from Forge World.

Land Raider Redeemer

Finally, the two characters leading this army.  A Reclusiarch travels with the Death Company (of course), and then there is Seth himself, clearly going mad with his massive chainsword.

Reclusiarch and Seth

And that rounds up 1,500 points!  I have been debating about whether to add another 500 or 1,000 points to this force, making it a bit larger and giving me various options for smaller games, but the Dark Angels seem to be snapping up every spare space marine mdoel I get my hands on (seriously, I had originally intended the Terminators in the last post to be used for the Flesh Tearers).

If I do go ahead and build the force up, I am thinking about an Assault Terminator Squad, a Storm Raven (has to be done), a Librarian, a Tactical Squad in a Rhino, and bumping the Assault Squad up to ten men.  Perhaps also adding a Vindicator and a Baal Predator or two.  But that is for the future, plenty to be getting on with for now!

Next army to be showcased – Vikings!


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