Weekend’s Painting

Managed to do a spot of painting last weekend, but only just got round to taking some snaps!

Bit of a mix, as I was clearing my painting table of odds and ends.
First up, a War Buggy I picked up on eBay for tuppence.  Nicely converted from a Trukk, it has twin-linked rokkits (look for ’em!) and, more importantly, fills my criteria that every vehicle should look different in my Bad Moonz army.

War Buggy

A trickly blighter to paint, as everything was glued down, and a very thin-handled brush was needed to get into all the nooks and crannies in the crew compartment.

Next up was a ‘proper’ Trukk, this time for my growing Mek Boy army.  Every Trukk in this army loses Fast but gains a Grabbin’ Klaw and Extra Armour.  I thought the Trukk with the closed crew compartment from Forge World would serve well in that regard, without any messy conversions for more armour plating.  This model was supposed to be joined by a Half-Trak Trukk, also from Forge World, but I have had experience putting their resin tracks together in the past and just did not fancy doing it at the time!  A model for later.

Mek Boy Trukk

Quite like the front end of that model, with the grill and enclosed engine.

Finally, a bit of a departure.  Long, long ago, I played Firefight from Alternative Armies, and even painted up quite a few models as I was working part-time at Spot On Models (this was a very long time ago!).  Anyway, I quite enjoyed the game play (even though the game’s original creator, Paul Cockburn, later told me that he did not like it much himself!), as it involved diving between burnt out vehicles on the street, assaulting buildings – it had a real room-to-room fight feel about it, if you know what I mean.  Back then, you had fights between power armoured Crusaders and the alien Shia Khan.

So, when I heard Alternative Armies had released Firefight 2.0, I grabbed the deluxe set that included 16 miniatures with it.  Finally, I got round to painting them!

The models are divided into two camps, Errant Knights and Muster Troops, with the idea (at the moment) that there is a civil war and the troops belonging to different barons fight one another.  Don’t believe they do models of the Shia Khan right now.

Anyway, these are the two squads of Errant Knights;

Errant Knights

Errant Knights

And these are the Muster Troops;

Muster Troops

Muster Troops

Will I ever get round to playing this game?  Probably not, as I know no one else who even knows about it!  However, the models were quick and easy to paint, and they look quite pretty.  The new rulebook says a second ‘set’ with miniatures is supposed to be coming out and, if it appears, I’ll probably pick that one up too.


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