Noble Armada

This weekend, I painted up a coule of fleets for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada.  Those of you who know me may wonder why I haven’t done this up to now.  Well, first, if I wanted a game of Noble Armada, I could just grab the (very nicely) painted models in our display cabinet and, in any case, I did four quite large fleets for the first open day, though they were hastily done.

However, there is nothing like owning your very own fleet, so I grabbed some blisters on Friday and set to work!  My current favourite fleet is House Hazat, so they were the first choice.  Nice colour scheme, and the fleet is about as subtle as a punch in the face, so what is not to like?

House Hazat

These models were painted with a black undercoat, and then the red parts layered with Malachite Red (from GW’s Foundation range).  Red Gore went over the top, with the Magic Goop going on next – in fact, this fleet is painted in pretty much the same way as my Flesh Tearers!  Black was added for detail, and Bolt Gun Metal used on engines and weapons.  Finally, some ships had white dots added to create windows.

Adonais Dreadnought

Trafalgar Carrier and Fighters

Manticore Destroyers

Xerses Galliots

Scorpion Frigates

Stalker Explorers

Next up was a Li Halan fleet.  I must admit to a soft spot for these guys, as I love the ‘born again’ fanatical nature of them.  I also know what is coming up in the release schedule for this fleet, and know they will be born again hard!  Finally, I also wanted to try a variant paint scheme for these ships.

House Li Halan

The traditional paint job on these ships is to have a white base with purple detailing.  However, I saw a painting of some of their nobles, and wanted to paint a fleet that reflected their clothing – white base with Blood Red (with Magic Goop on top) and Chaos Black detailing.  This is the result.

Maru Cruisers


Iskati Frigates

Cardano Galliots

Dragon Destroyers

Ijiri Light Carriers

I did have another Light Carrier and a veritable horde of fighters to do, but they wouldn’t fit on the priming board with the rest of the ships, so got left to one side.  Maybe a job for next weekend!


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