Flesh Tearin’

So, in my weekly game of 40k against Sand, I decided I could do with a change.  Once, just once, I would use my Flesh Tearers army against her Space Woofs. I have posted my army list in an earlier post, but it is basically a 1,500 point force meant to represent Commander Seth and his personal bodyguard.

Now, I am not completely ignorant of the rules in the latest edition of 40k (though 3rd edition was my hey day, as it were) so, reading through the army list, I knew there were some interesting things I could do.  On the other hand, I only had 24 models on the table and none could capture objectives.  We did not roll up a kill point mission, so I had to go for the total wipe out…

Turn One

I kicked off on turn one, marching the Land Raider Redeemer carrying Seth and his Honour Guard forward, keeping in cover to avoid Sand’s own Land Raider and its lascannon.  It cracked a multimelta shot off at its counterpart but to no effect.  The Death Company and their Dreadnought ploughed up the centre, again keeping to cover, while the Sanguinary Guard stayed in reserve.

Sand refused a flank, and aimed her heavy weapons at my Land Raider.  The cover it had adopted served well, until a lucky shot from her Long Fang’s lascannon immobilised it.  That annoyed Seth – now he would have to walk.  The rest of her army, including a drop-podding unit of Grey Hunters that landed behind my force, plinked at the Death Company.  At first the combination of power armour and Feel No Pain just meant shots bounced off but eventually some of the balck-armoured guys started falling.  By the end of the turn, the number of Death Company had been halved, and I began to see the downside of my force, as I had already lost a fifth of my army.

As it would turn out though, it was the only downside.

Turn Two

This is where things started to get nasty.  The Sanguinary Guard landed, out in the open but out of charge range of Sand’s Wolf Guard Terminators.  Seth and his Honour Guard leapt out of the Redeemer and ran forward into cover to prep their assault in the next turn.

Then the Death Company Dreadnought woke up.  Sand’s Drop Pod had scattered just a few inches when it landed, but I had already seen it was too close to the Dreadnought.  It turned round and charged, and started the process of wiping the Grey Hunters and their Wolf Priest out.  A few ones for wounds on my part would keep them in the game for a couple of turns but they could only respond with Krak grenades and, in the end, they only ever managed a stun which the Dreadnought ignores.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield, the Death Company made contact with her other Grey Hunters squad, this one led by a Wolf Guard Terminator with Cyclone Missile Launcher and Power Fist.  Not wanting the Power Fist to be hanging around, the Reclusiarch concentrated all his attacks on the Wolf Guard (which was a complete overkill). Then my two Death Company who carried Power Weapons ploughed in.  Charging, they were at Initiative 5, so the Grey Hunters are just standing around waiting for the attacks.  WS5, so they are hitting on threes.  S5, so they are wounding and killing on threes.  And, of course, the Reclusiarch means they are re-rolling both.  With four attacks a piece, they managed to get a perfect record and 8 Grey Hunters went down immediatly.  The other three Death Company roundley finished off the last two with chainswords.

Both Sand and I were fairly stunned with that.  Against a big ork mob, Grey Hunters can normally hold their ground for at least a couple of turns and will fairly butcher the orks in return.  But against the Death Company?  Complete wipe out with no losses in return.

In her turn, Sand found herself bogged down in combat with the Dreadnought, and the Wolf Guard out of charge range of anything.  They used Storm Bolters against the Death Company, but to no effect, while the Long Fangs ran (ran!) to try to get out of range of the Death Company.  Her Sky Claws arrived as reserves, dropping right in front of the Sanguinary Guard but their bolt pistols just bounced off armour.

Turn Three

The Death Company Dreadnought finished wiping out the Drop-podded Grey Hunters, while the Death Company itself caught the Long Fangs and chewed them up. The Reclusiarch left their squad briefly to put an Infernus Pistol shot on her Land Raider but missed.  Muppet.

The Sanguinary Guard completely bypassed the Sky Claws in front of them and charged the Wolf Guard, backed up by Seth and his Honour Guard. I need not have bothered sending both units in.

I had always thoght Seth an interesting but fairly poor character model, as he lacked a power weapon.  However, I had failed to see just how good a Strength 8 Rending weapon could be.  He charged Sand’s Wolf Lord, who was armed with a Power Fist.  Seth therefore went first and dished out 6 attacks (he is accompanied with the Chapter Banner), two of which triggered the Rending rule.  It was at that point I twigged how cool it was – the Wolf Lord only had invulnerable saves to stop the blows and failing just one meant Instant Death.

Yeah, he failed.

The Sanguinary Guard then make short work of Terminators who, even with Lightning Claws, were labouring with Initiative 4.  Just two of the Sanguinary Guard were enough to wipe them all out with their master-crafted glaives.

Sand did not have a great deal to do after that.  Her Land Raider minced about trying to shoot Death Company while her Sky Claws decided the immobilised Redeemer would make a batter target than the angry Honour Guard.  However, both failed to do any damage.

Turn Four

Seth charges the Land Raider and gets four (four!) Rending hits on it.  The Land Raider implodes.  Meanwhile the Sky Claws had inadvertently wandered into the fire arc of one of the Redeemer’s Flamestorm cannon.  Between that and a charging Death Company Dreadnought, they were finished too.

At that point, Sand quit.  Which was very sensible.

So, both of us highly impressed with what the Flesh Tearers can do and they have since been banned from use (!) as Sand has decided she much prefers fighting orks!  So, the Bad Moonz will be back next week, but I am still adding models to my Mek Boy army, and that will make an appearence in the near future.

I have set aside this weekend for writing (it so needs to get done…), so likely no time for painting, but I do need to relate what is happening in our current Traveller campaign.  Everything has been turned upside down…


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