If you page back through my (much earlier) posts, you will see I had an Ork army in the past (well, two of them – Bad Moonz and a Mek Boy Dread Mob). Predictably, both of these were sold, but I could not get Orks out of my system.

So, I painted up a whole new Ork army!

I have used the same paint scheme as I did with my old Dread Mob (basically GW’s Dark Flesh, though I am beginning to run out of that), angling them as either a dirty set of Evil Sunz or possibly making them a Dread Mob later on.

Anyway, this Ork army is somewhat war machine heavy, as the Mek Boyz have been busy…


This was the first vehicle I did, a tasty little wagon I picked up at a Bring and Buy for just £5. With a quick new paint scheme, it was ready to go!

With the old Codex, I was using this as a Looted Wagon armed with a Boom Gun, but with the new Codex, I think I will be trying it out as a (albeit a little small) Battlewagon. Yes, I know the Looted Wagon stats are in White Dwarf but Armour 11 never really sat well with me considering all the obvious armour on this model.


Next up, had to be done, was a Stompa. I actually undercoated this model white and started painting all the metal bitz individually before I had a sanity check and went over it with black undercoat, and just drybrushed the metal. Much quicker, and I now do this with all my Orks, infantry included. Once the metal is done, the Dark Flesh and other details are added, and the Goop goes on over everything. I may go over any pure black areas again, just to stop them looking shiny.

This Stompa has served me well in the two or three battles it has made an appearence, and the Supa-Gatler never seems to run out in my hands!


When the Gorkanaut model came out, I knew I had to grab one. I went for the Morkanaut variant in the end, as my main enemies are Dark Eldar and those Kustom Mega weapons are just right for knocking down Raiders. Range is an issue, but this chap is always going to be up front in the battle line. The Kustom Force Field is a good addition too, and it means some of my Grots might actually survive the battle as they cluster round this big model.

I had originally been putting five Burna Boyz inside the Morkanaut, with the idea that if it were ever threatened by a bunch of Wyches armed with Haywire grenades, the Burna Boyz could be deployed in a line before it – Wall of Death with five burnas is a nasty thing to get through if you are an unarmoured Dark Eldar.

It has never quite worked out that way. My best result was the Morkanaut reaching the Dark Eldar back line, with the Burna Boyz jumping out and flaming to death a Dark Eldar Warrior squad lurking in a fortress – but five burnas are just a waste for that kind of duty when one or two will do the job. However, with the new Codex, there is something nastier that can be done…

The Morkanaut now retains its Kustom Force Field, has Grot Riggers, and inside is a Big Mek equipped with Da Fixer Upperz, along with a Grot Oiler or two. So, this 5 Hull Point monstrosity now has a 5+ Cover save against all ranged attacks, repairs a Hull point on a re-rollable 3+ every Shooting Phase and, through It Will Not Die, gets another Hull Point back on a 5+ at the end of the turn.

This thing is unkillable!


This is a Battle Fortress. A big one. And I picked it up on eBay for 99p! I haven’t named it yet or worked out the stats (Forge World’s Kustom Battlefortress rules are not going to cut it), but it is ready for an Apocalypse game…


This is the latest model I have done for the Orks, completed just this last weekend. It came from the same guy on eBay as the Battlefortress did, though I was bidded up to a whole £1.24…

I call it Skyblasta, and it acts as a Flakfortress. This one has been statted up – at 850 Points, it is armed with a Twin-Linked Supa-Gatler that has been given the Skyfire and Interceptor rules, three Supa-Rokkits, two Kannon, and two Twin-Linked Supa-Shootas, all on a chassis with 14 Hull Points (it is somewhat larger than the Stompa).

Frankly, I cannot wait to try this puppy out, and it might just have to appear in a ‘normal’ game of 40k as a Lord of War…


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