The Lord of the Rings

Last Christmas, I actually had some time off work and decided not to waste it – I would complete a large project that had been sitting in the wings for a while. All through the year, I had been doing bits and pieces to my army of Gondor but my Mordor orcs I had just been keeping in a shoe box, about 200 of them. So, I settled on painting a complete army for Lord of the Rings.

I have already showcased my Uruk-Hai army on this diary but, with the coming of Gondor and Mordor, I simply had no space in my display cases to keep everything – so, it kinda spilled out onto my gaming table (I do most of my gaming at work these days…).

You also get to see a picture of my gaming room!


Kinda looks like someone gave a 12 year old a credit card and told them to decorate, right?

Anyway, that is a 6 ft. by 4 ft. table in the middle, to be joined by a low coffee table that will sit in the bay window once I can get around to bringing it back from the office (a second table always useful to keep books and killed minis to one side). I also want to put another two shelves/display case combos on the wall the photo was taken from (just to your right, out of picture as you look at the photo), but there is time enough for that.

Here is a better photo of the armies of Good and Evil.


And a whistlestop tour of the forces of Gondor.


The Rangers and Knights hold the right flank…


… with big blocks of infantry in the centre.


The Army of the Dead are just coming onto the battlefield (need lots more of these guys).


While Denethor and his guard watch on (ably assisted by Grima Wormtongue!).


On the Orcs’ side, the Uruk-Hai hold their left flank, along with scouts and some large war machines.


While the Orcs of Mordor gather in their masses. The more astutue of you will realise that there are actually ten Ring Wraiths here, with the Witchking represented twice, once on foot and then in the air.


These Orcs were super-quick to paint. I was going to do them in a similar fashion to the Uruk-Hai (base colours, and then Goop), but elected instead to undercoat black and then drybrush pretty much everything. In this way I was able to rattle through about 50-odd Orcs every day, including basing, and they give the impression of a dark, implacable horde very nicely.

I also got some new bits and pieces done this weekend, along with more photos of other armies I have worked on in the past, so stay tuned this week!


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