Praetorian Guard Hack

Just a quickie today, on another slow-burner project.

Lately, I have been working on a British Colonial Army, Zulu-War era. I managed to score a bunch of models from Warlord Games, along with the Rorke’s Drift set – I have a few spare boards and (one day) plan to do a proper Rorke’s Drift set up.

Anyway, working away at these models, I recalled the Praetorian Imperial Guard GW released a long while back as a limited edition run. Basically, they were Mordian Iron Guard with head swaps, but painted to look like British Colonial soldiers. I sidelined four models, grabbed some spare Imperial Guard lasguns, and came up with this;


Being the Lazy Gamer that I am, I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible. So, these are standard Warlord Games’ plastics with the original rifle hacked away (takes a bit of work on the right arm where the stock is part of the arm itself), with the lasgun simply slotted in afterwards. Generous amounts of glue and paint hide the hacking.

Overall, the lasguns are a bit large, but that works for 40k models where they are never shy about a big gun. If I continue building these guys up into a proper army (already got some great Napoleonic era banners that will work well as platoon standards and vehicle flags), there will be some issues with making officers and gun crews. However, it will also make for a very cheap Imperial Guard army (Warlord do the plastic set for £20 for 24 models), so a platoon is going to be an easy job if there is a good supply of lasguns and other weapons.

For the paint job, I went with a simple Blood Red jacket, Regal Blue trousers and Bleached Bone helmet (as I mentioned in the last post, Bleached Bone is no longer available, but I think the Coat D’Arms Linen may be a good replacement – will be trying it this week).

Will I do more of these guys? I think I will certainly finish off the squad and then see how I feel about them. Could be a fun and characterful army but, as may have become apparent, I don’t like to do small armies and I am not sure I want to do that many conversions.

Time will tell!


One Response to “Praetorian Guard Hack”

  1. Reiss Says:

    Excellent plan! It will look fantastic when a whole army is assembled!

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