Slowly catching up on the ‘diary’ aspect of this blog – this is what I was doing last weekend…


Finally got round to adding shield transfers to the Ancient Greeks. These are the Spartans with the traditional (though possibly not historical) Lambda device.


For Athens, I am going with individual shield devices, based on either the bearer’s family or his accomplishments/skills. This way leaves me clear to do the Club of Herakles for Thebes hoplites, making all three city states easy to spot on the table.


Finally, got these chaps, unarmoured hoplites. Either poorer guys who cannot afford armour (will work for any city state – even Sparta used the Perioikoi, hoplites who were not true Spartans) or mercenaries.

Over the weekend, I also put together two new Deff Dreads, a Killa Kan and 6 Meganobz for my Orks. The Meganobz will likely be waiting a week to be finished (my weekend is out as I am attending Attack in Devizes), but before leaving for work today, I did the sand on the bases of the Dreads and Kan, and they will hopefully be finished tonight. Photos will follow!