Da Deff Dreads

Just a quickie today, as we are really busy at work…

Put together last weekend, I finished these three brutes last night, and the Dread Mob is really beginning to take shape.

These are super quick to paint, now I have figured the best way to do them – spray black as an undercoat, drybrush the whole thing Bolt Gun Metal, Dark Flesh on the armour panels, and then do the details – glyphs, wires, etc. Then Magic Goop on the whole model. Finish off by touching up the black bits and ‘shiny’ areas (such as the ‘targeter’ eyes.


This is the first Dread, which my Orks have called Pansyburna (on account of all the Dark Eldar they face). Fitted with twin Skorchas, this chap goes up front to intercept all the nasty Wyches who carry Haywire Grenades. Should be able to see a Venom’s worth off with its Wall of Death before they even get close.


He is joined by Pansycutta, a real monster with four close combat weapons, giving him a base 6 attacks in close combat with Strength 10 weapons – this guy could cave in the side of a Land Raider, never mind the paper-thin floaty things the Dark Eldar use.


Finally added one more Killa Kan, this one armed with Rokkits – the perfect weapon for Grot-based machines, due to their higher Ballistic Skill. That makes for a total of two Kanz painted, but the three more from the Stormclaw box set will be arriving in the next week or two…

Not going to get much done this weekend, as I am at Attack in Devizes, but I’ll see if I can get a few snaps of the show!


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