Attack! in Devizes

This weekend was spent at Attack!, taking place in Devizes, a small town in rural Wiltshire. It is a two day event and I have been attending this show for a few years now, as it is just down the road from me in Swindon.

The weather on the Saturday started bad – a typical English summer’s day, as you can see here;


And then the heavens opened, thunder, lightning… and the car park you see here turned into a lake by the middle of the afternoon…

Still, with the show taking place across four halls, there was plenty to see and do while staying dry.

wwi wwi2

This is two sides of the same table, a 28mm World War I game. Easy to tell, as you can see the lines of soldiers marching calmly and slowly towards the enemy dug into trenches…


I didn’t see the rules being used on this table, but they were inviting all-comers. Looked to be a World War II based bomber defence game.


Wings of War, a permanent fixure at this show.


A Saga game, but one using 54mm miniatures (I believe, was gauging them by eye).


And speaking of over-sized miniatures, these ones were even larger. The Romans are marching against the barbarians in this game – didn’t get a tape measure out, but they are possibly 70mm plus.


This one looked fun – the Martians have landed and are attacking a city. The red weed you can see on the right was a nice touch. Not sure about the models but, from what I could see, they are a commercially available plastic kit.


The Flames of War tournament is another permanent fixture at Attack! and this year it seemed as popular as ever.


And this was, I believe, an American Civil War game I passed by.

There were plenty of traders there too, large and small – these are just quick snaps of Mongoose and Warlord.

mongoosestand warlordstand

Overall (and in spite of the weather and random fire alarm), this was a good show, as always. Would recommend anyone gives it a try at least once. Motorways make it easy to get to and, once on the country roads, nice scenery will be flashing past your window.


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