Battle Report: Dark Eldar vs. Orks

Had a battle last Friday, with a rather unusual force.

I had just finished off a couple of Deff Dreads for my Orks, and managed to figure out that the two of them, added to a Morkanaut, Stompa and three Killa Kanz, came to 1,500 points. Drop a Killa Kan, and I could have a Big Mek inside (and repairing) the Stompa, and a regular Mek inside the Morkanaut. A complete army of Ork Stompiness!

Now, this was an unbound army under the new rules, so I was also interested to see whether an army like this could be used in a ‘normal’ game and still be reasonable. So, as part of this experiment, I neglected to tell my opponent, the long-suffering Alan, what I was doing…

This is what my army looked like on the field;


To say Alan wet himself when he saw what he was facing would not be a huge stretch. Still, he had a lot of Dark Lances (as per usual), so I thought he would give a good show, even if he was less than optimistic himself…

Alan gave me the first turn (which I thought might be a mistake on his part), and there was no night fighting (which I think he was kinda hoping for…). When my first turn was complete and Alan started to move, the table looked like this;


If you look carefully, you can see a dead Raider behind the ruins (Alan is just getting his Wyches out from the wreckage) and, behind the jungle to the right, a dead Ravager. That, along with a scattering Supa-Rokkit that landed on his Warriors lurking within that ruin that also took out his Archon warlord, was the result of the Orks’ opening shots.

At this point, I felt a little guilty, I have to admit. Alan was already four Dark Lances down and it looked like the game was going to be a serious whitewash.


This, unfortunately, started to affect my playing and I began taking silly risks. Here, for example, I am running the two Deff dreads and the Morkanaut (already one Hull Point down, as you can tell by the cotton wool – that is what I use as damage markers) towards a Raider and Venom that I know have Wyches in them armed with Haywire Grenades. No need to do that at all.

Still, the Deff Dread armed with two Skorchas (Pansyburna, who you may remember from a previous post) did a real number on the Raider, torching all but two Wyches and the Haemonculus on board…


Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, the Stompa was lining up on the Reaper, a nightmare contraption from Forge World. It had been skulking round the large ruin and a vicious shot struck the Stompa for three Haywire hits, removing that many Hull Points. Clearly, it could not be allowed to live.

It survived the first round of firing, allowing a small unit of Wyches to fly up to the Stompa on their Venom (they got stomped into the ground, but managed to get another couple of Haywire hits in), but died under a hail of fire in the next turn.

However, the Stompa was covered in smoke (cotton wool) now as fires raged all through its hull, and neither the Big Mek nor Grot Riggers were doing anything.


The Wyches on the other side of the table were now close enough to get into close combat. While the Morkanaut fought its Dark Eldar off, it was left with just one Hull Point remaining. The two Deff Dreads eventually went down after three turns of fighting, stuck with Haywire Grenades.


This is the last stage of the game. The Morkanaut was finished off by the Razorwing that appeared on Turn Four, which then polished off the last Killa Kan (you can see the Mek from the Morkanaut next to it, trying to effect a repair).

As for the Stompa, covered in damage tokens, the Wyches that had been blown out of their Raider on Turn One led a suicidal charge from the ruins they had been sheltering behind to take out the Stompa by weight of numbers and Haywire weapons.

Victory to the Dark Eldar!

Now, I clearly did some silly things (absolutely no need to get that close to Wyches, at all), but I was quite pleased with this game as it demonstrated that a reasonable unbound army can work very well against a standard detachment army without any special considerations (like telling your opponent what you are going to be doing…). Yes, you can no doubt put together some vicious, cheese-laden unbound forces but I think you will know if you are doing that. If you can set yourself into ‘play nice’ mode, then unbound armies could be a key to a lot of fun and unusual forces.

As for Ork walkers? I like them a lot, but an army of them is not the way to go – just one or two big mobs of Boyz would have made all the difference in this battle. So, I like the idea of the Morkanaut and two Deff Dreads taking the centre point of my army, with perhaps a bunch of Killa Kanz strung out in front of them (and everyone taking advantage of the Morkanaut’s Kustom Force Field), but I want my wings filled with mobs of Boyz and Grots, with the whole lot steamrollering anythng in their path.

That will be the way to use them, I think…


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