Warlord Games Open Day

Very busy at the moment, as about 47 different writing projects all landed on my desk at the same time! So, not much gaming or painting has been going on over the past week, but I did get to go to Warlord Games‘ Open Day in Nottingham at the weekend.


This is a relatively small event, in terms of space (it is in one hall) but lots of people turn up as it is a fun event to go to!

The over-riding factor to begin with was the heat – heavy, oppressive, soul-sapping heat. However, the Warlord chaps wheeled in some huge fans and made the place habitable. I also had the foresight to bring lots of drink with me.

One stunning feature of this show is the catering facilities. Lots of shows have these, opening just before the show for breakfast but this is The North (I come from Swindon, everything above Birmingham is the North), and they know how to do portions up here. For £2 you usually get a sad little burger with a thin slice of bacon. Up here in Nottingham, you get a big double-handed butty filled with bacon and sauasges for the same price.

These things are important.

Anyway, on with the show.

IMG_0147 IMG_0146

This is the Mongoose stand, running demo games of Judge Dredd all day – the scenario was Just a Cheap Punk from the main rulebook, with Judge Dredd taking on lots of ambushing gangers in an effort to nail Gestapo Bob Harris who is, well, just a cheap punk.

IMG_0148 IMG_0151 IMG_0159 IMG_0160

Black Powder games featured heavily, covering Napoleonics and the American Civial War.

IMG_0149 IMG_0150 IMG_0155

And Bolt Action was popular too, in a variety of different guises.


Mantic Games were there, with their new Mars Attacks game. Did not get a look at the game system, but the models look fun.IMG_0156

And, speaking of Martians, these guys popped up again, the same plastic kit I saw at Attack. Must find out who does this model…


Here is something we don’t see enough of in wargames – verticality! From what I could see, this was WWII (Canadians?) mounting an attack on a cliff-top fort.


And there was a preview of Warlord’s new Gates of Antares game, complete with flashing LEDs on the terrain!


Finally, a piccie of the hosts, Warlord Games, whose stand was predictably busy all day!

Anyway, looks like there will be another Open Day next year and, if you can get there, I encourage you to attend!


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