Best Laid Plans

This weekend, I was planning to have a Grand Painting Session. All the models were lined up and undercoated, several box sets had been selected on Netflix, munchies were on stand by – I was ready. Come Saturday morning…

Sick as a dog.

Missed a whole day’s worth of painting, but I was able to recover some lost time on the Sunday. So, I should have been presenting all sorts of goodies today, from more Dark Angels to new Ork Battlewagons, all of which will have to wait now. However, I did manage to get some models done…


The easy batch first – some more Orks for the ever-growing horde. A couple of Slugga Boyz will be added to a mob that is currently numbering just 20. These two were part of an eBay batch and, as I am not exactly lacking in the Boyz department at the moment, I am content to pick them up here and there cheaply. Also got hold of an old style Pain Boy (on the left) and a Mek Boy (in the middle). Both of these are now more important for Orks in the new Codex, and I like the variation the old models give (I also have some old Runt Herdz). The Mek is a good model to have inside a Gorkanaut with some Burna Boyz (say), repairing the vehicle as it strides towards the enemy, while the Pain Boy is a relatively cheap way to give an entire mob the Feel No Pain rule – used to only keep Pain Boyz with high value units like Nobz, but they are far more effective if they go with the general rabble.

Speaking of Nobz…


Finally got the Meganobz done! These guys are Hard with a capital H. Standard Nobz can be all but unstoppable if you can get them into the right place. Meganobz are more like a force of nature.

I kept these guys fairly simple. Almost all have Shoota/Skorcha combi-weapons to deter any would-be chargers. As these are likely to be Dark Eldar Wyches (given my usual opponent, Alan), 4D3 Strength 5 hits on the Wall of Death is going to be just plain rude. Should finish off a unit of 5 disembarking from a Venom before they get anywhere near this unit and willseriously cripple a unit of 10.

I added a combi-Rokkit just to keep any nearby vehicles honest, and a Nob with two Killsaws – partly for variety, partly to keep their number of close combat attacks up (25 Strength 9 attacks on the charge is nothing to sniff at).

Finally, I did these guys…


The start of a new Boyz mob. You may have noticed, neither these chaps nor the Meganobz are in my standard Orky colours (see first picture). That is because I have decided to start a brand new Ork army 🙂

To explain, I a) wanted a change and b) we have an ongoing narrative for the games we play (which I will post here later this week), and my current Orks are about to have a serious challenge for supremacy – and it ain’t coming from the Dark Eldar!

Yes, the Bad Moonz cometh…

Aside from the colour differences, I am making a few more changes with the Bad Moonz to reflect their relative wealth. Meganobz instead of regular Nobz is one obvous choice to make. However, with the Boyz, I am going to be making them all Shootas, not Sluggas. This is not only to demonstrate the richness of the Bad Moonz, but it brings in some cunnin’ Orky tactics.

As an Ork player, you immediately think close combat and yes, a hundred fist-throwing Orks running across the table is a tough proposition for most armies. However, Shoota Boyz should not be ignored – there is a good reason they cost a point more per model. Let’s consider their usual enemy, a squad of ten Dark Eldar Warriors (we won’t say Wyches, as it just gets sick). The Dark Eldar have a range of 24″ against the Shoota Boyz 18″. However, the two units have to get down to 12″ for the Dark Eldar to get their Rapid Fire kicking in, while the Shootas are rolling two dice a piece at anything within range (and can still assault afterwards, but that is largely irrelevant).

So, 10 Dark Eldar fire their Splinter Rifles (likely to be 9, as Alan tends to give his squad leaders the pistol and CCW option). Let’s say 7 hit (with a bit of judicial rounding), 4 wound (we are being generous), the Orks have no armour save against that. In their turn, they move into range and let loose with the remaining 26 Shoota Boyz – or 52 dice. Even with an Ork’s shooting ability, that is 17 hits, of which 11-odd will wound – and Shootas go straight through Dark Eldar armour.

Yes, the Dark Eldar can add a Splinter Cannon, but then the Orks can add Big Shootas and/or Rokkits. In fact, add in the odd Rokkit, and this mob can havde a good chance of bringing a Talos down in one turn.

As for Snap Firing… No unit in its right mind is going to be charging a Shoota Boyz unit that is largely intact. An Ork really won’t care about BS 1 with this much firepower available.

Now imagine three units of 30 Shoota Boyz. Advance, find some decent cover for them (or add a Pain Boy), and I have a feeling they could be fairly unstoppable. Or maybe mix and match, have a 2-1 ratio of Shootas to Sluggas (or the other way round), the Shootas decimating targets at range while the Sluggas desperately rush forward, hoping to catch an intact enemy unit before the Shootas wipe them all out.

Now that the Bad Moonz have arrived, things are going to be changing in the Ork camp…


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