The Orks of Corribra – a Narrative

We wanted something a bit… more for our games. Fighting Dark Eldar is good for any Ork (frankly, they don’t need much else) but, as players, we wanted to hang a narrative on our games so the battles would actually mean something. So, I penned this little description for my force and what they were up to – very much subject to change as developments (and new models!) appear.


Though it happened nearly a two hundred years ago, the after effects of Waaagh! Gazbag are still felt across the Eldar paradise worlds that fell to them. Many invasions by the Eldar shattered the Orkish grip on these worlds and surrounding systems. However, once Orks take a world, they can be almost impossible to shift, dispersing to the mountains, forests and jungles as scattered tribes where they will spend years rebuilding their strength before erupting once more as a lethal green tide.

On one such paradise world, Corribra, the Orks are indeed rebuilding their strength, and many among them feel the touch of destiny calling, the possibility of an immense Waaagh! that could roll over every world in this sector and beyond.

But who would lead such an army?


The Orks of the Jagged Teef are a small tribe that has traditionally hidden from superior Eldar forces in the southern polar regions of Corribra. However, they are growing and neighbouring Ork tribes are beginning to take an interest in them. Currently, three Orks are vying for control of the tribe, each hoping to build it into something far larger and more powerful. Naturally, all three have very different plans on how to go about this.


Warboss Morbad


Ostensibly the leader of the Jagged Teef, Morbad is beginning to feel his control slipping. He has gathered his toughest Nobz about him and is anxious to find an enemy, any enemy, to throw his boyz at – if he can keep his boyz occupied with fighting, the tribe will remain under his control.


Big Mek Grimskab


Grimskab’s vision is of the might of Mork striding across worlds, crushing all lesser creatures into the ground with his massive feet. To this end, he has built the Stompa Ded Stompy, the incarnation of Mork himself on Corribra. His plan is to build more Stompas, Morkanauts, and Deff Dreads, creating an unstoppable army of walking machines, naturally led by himself.


Big Mek Uzskab


Whereas Grimskab is focussed on Stompas of all sizes, Uzskab is more… creative and his mek knowledge covers all kinds of technologies, from force fields to tellyportas. The creation of Grimskab’s Ded Stompy has upped the stakes in the competition between the two Meks, and Uzskab has started building a series of wheeled and tracked vehicles, including the massive Flakfortress, Skyblasta. A dedicated follower of Gork, Uzskab is convinced his weapons of war should be at the forefront of any major push by the tribe but has so far been shouted down by Morbad and Grimskab who both fear his rise to prominence.


The Dark Eldar

Corribra was visited several months ago by a Dark Eldar Archon and his personal guard (Alan’s current army), with the intention of removing a vital artefact from the ruins of the ancient Eldar civilisation that once covered this world. This was done easily but, as they retreated out of the ruins, a contingent of the Jagged Teef led by Warboss Morbad fell upon them and routed the Dark Eldar.

The Archon presumes the Orks now have the artefact, and this is very possible. Likely as not, it lies in a junk pile of one of the Big Meks, waiting to be used in one of their nightmarish constructions. This perversion of Eldar antiquity is something the Archon cannot permit to happen if he is to return to Commorragh without fatal loss of face and position.


The Future…

A nice little starting point for our games, I think, fit for any new arrivals. Alan is planning both Craftworld Eldar and Imperial Guard armies, while we have a newcomer, James, who may get round to painting his Ultramarines one day…

For my part, the Bad Moonz have arrived on Morbad’s turf, and I fear it will not go well for him. And while Grimskab currently has the lead with his walkers, Uzskab has a series of fully constructed battlewagons and battlefortresses that are in the paint shop right now, just waiting their turn before they can be unleashed on the battlefield.

For now though, I have contented myself with putting some stats together for the Flakfortress Skyblasta (the Forge World Kustom Battlefortress options really did not do this thing justice).



Flakfortress Skyblasta                                                 850 Points

BS F S R HP Unit Type Unit Composition
Skyblasta 2 14 13 11 14 Vehicle (Super-heavy Tank, Transport) 1 Skyblasta


Twin-linked Supa-gatler
Two Kannon
Three Supa-rokkits
Two Twin-linked Supa-Shootas
Reinforced Ram

Special Rules
The Twin-linked Supa-gatler and three Supa-rokkits are mounted on a fast-tracking anti-aircraft mount. They use the Interceptor and Skyfire rules.

Transport Capacity:
Twenty models.
Fire Points: Seven; four on its turret, three on the right.
Access Points: The Skyblasta has one Access Point at the rear.

Options: May take grot riggers for 30 points.


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