Bank Holiday Painting

For once, I managed to get my full quota of painting done this past bank holiday weekend (a three day weekend for those of you outside the UK).  So, with no more ado…

First up, the Dark Angels!

Now, whichever way you look at it, I don’t really need any more Dark Angels models. They are currently hovering around 18,000-odd points, but I just don;t seem to be able to stop adding to them!


I don’t actually have a Support Squadron for my Ravenwing, so I have had half an eye on doing that for them. The trouble is, I don’t want to pay retail for Speeders, and those on eBay commonly have the front probes snapped off (very vulnerable to breakage and almost impossible to fix when broke). However, I have had a handful of ‘speeder wrecks’ lying around with various bits and pieces missing and, every now and again, I find the right part – I recently managed to locate the engine sections for two wrecks and so was able to put together two more Land Speeders. These, added to a lone Land Speeder Tornado that has been looking for friends for a while means I am well on my way to finishing my first Support Squadron.

Ack. Just can’t help myself. First Support Squadron, indeed…

The Dark Angels Armoury also got a boost with these Techmarines.


Brings the total up to seven Techmarines. And no, there is no good reason why someone needs seven. As you can see, I have started to use Rogue Trader-era ‘classic’ models in my Dark Angels army. While they don’t have the Servo-Arm the army list says they should have, I think it creates a nice look to use older models in Space Marine armies – gives the impression that equipment hundreds or thousands of years old is still in use.

Okay, enough messing around with Dark Angels, time to start on models that will be used in anger – and that means Orks!


Two more Killa Kanz have been added, one older metal one (older models also work for Orks, as no two vehicles will ever be the same) and one from the Stormclaw set, making a total of four done and dusted. Once the last two from Stormclaw are built and painted I will have a full unit of these guys.


Just a spare metal Nob I had lying around, intended to lead some Shoota Boyz but, being a Bad Moon, he is nicely upgraded with expensive toys such as the Power Klaw and Combi-Rokkit.

bmwarboss retinue

This is a model I have been after for a long while now – a Warboss in Mega-Armour to lead my Bad Moonz. Trouble is, being as tight as I am, I have refused to pay more than £4 for this model on eBay, so it took me quite some time to find the right auction. A couple of weeks ago, the stars aligned, and I now have one. As you can see, he looks the part leading the Mega-Nobz into battle. Now, that is a unit you don’t want in your face!

IMG_0287 IMG_0286 IMG_0285

I have posted pictures of a couple of battlefortresses I picked up cheap on eBay in the past. However (naturally), I did not stop there and continued grabbing similar models as they appeared. These are smaller than the fortresses (about one and a half to two times the size of a Battlewagon), but still have some scale to them, as you can see from the Orks I placed nearby. I haven’t done stats for them yet, and the kustom battlewagons/fortresses in the Codex and Imperial Armour books do not really fit well – if they were plastered with guns, I could have made it work but the standard rules do not cover big vehicles with one or two big guns very well.

As you can see, going left to right, the Bad Moonz have managed to get into the big vehicle game now (hmm, could it be a certain Mek has defected? See the narrative of our Corribra campaign for details) with a very fast looking wagon. When the Bad Moonz do Formula Waa, they take it very seriously. Figure this one will be Fast, with twin-linked Kilkannon.

The next is very reminiscent of the old Gobsmasha, but is somewhat larger. Going to need some new rules for that gun, it deserves a really big template (maybe the largest, but with low Strength or AP, representing some sort of frag round?). Finally, a wagon with a single big gun (Kannon, maybe?). Crying out for a crewman in that hatch though.

With all these wagons and fortresses, I am really going to have to sort out a big Apocalypse game soon…

Anyway, I haven’t touched the Orks for a while in our games, as a new Codex has come along and my Grey Knights were just begging for some reinforcements.


First up, a Librarian. If you are doing Grey Knights, you want one of these guys. Very cheap for a Terminator-equipped psyker, this guy is probably, point-for-point, the best HQ choice in 40k. There are not many level 3 psykers around at the moment, so he can dominate most games.

stormraven sravencockpit

A lot of complaints about the Grey Knights comes from their lack of anti-tank capability. However, I think the answer is this chap, the Stormraven Gunship. He is a Fast Attack choice, leaving your Heavy Support clear, and free upgrades to Lascannon and Multi-Meltas (fitted here) make it an ideal tank-hunter. I could not help but add the Hurricane Bolters as well – with that many dice, you are not just chewing up hordes but can finish a tank off if you can get into short range of its rear armour.

I am not too keen on doing another one of these, as the cokcpits mean you have to leave the two canopies off until painted – not a huge hassle, but it is an extra step I found a little irritating. Then again, the rest of the model was very quick to paint (did the whole thing in an evening).

Speaking of the Techmarine pilot, I had a thought – Techmarines are split in their loyalty, between their Primarch and the indoctrination they get when training on Mars (the whole Cult of the Machine God thing). This is the reason they are never, ever let within a mile of the Inner Circle within the Dark Angels. Even the Master of the Forge does not really know what is going on.

So how come they are allowed anywhere near the actual fighting structure of the Grey Knights, the most secretive of all chapters?


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