Imperial Knights, an Elf, and an Ork

Been way busy lately. As well as having a veritable stack of books to write (most of them due before the end of the year), I decided to complicate my life and start the degree course I have always told myself I would do. So, certain life style changes have been taking place, which has not left a whole bunch of time for gaming or painting – but, dedicated gamer that I am, I have managed to squeeze some things in.

I got hold of the Nemesis expansion for the Relic board game (the 40k version of Talisman), and was going to do a review of it – I may come back to that later but, in a nutshell, we have had two games with it, and it works very well.

I also managed to squeeze out a single High Elf the weekend before last, a mounted Battle Standard Bearer.


I have a couple of problems with this chap. First off, I messed up the actual standard – never been good at painting this sort of thing and it is not the type of painting the Magic Goop can simply cover. Quite happy with the elf himself though.

The other issue is whether he is actually going to get used or not. In a typical 2,000 point game, I am already seriously pushing up my Hero allowance with Mages and have difficulty squeezing in a decent Noble as it is. Add to that, the logical unit to put this guy in is my Dragon Knights. However, they are already sky high in points, are already devastating, and are already carrying the Banner of the World Dragon, which is difficult to top even with a Battle Standard Bearer.


Next up is the Warboss from the Stormclaw set. Now, I already have two Warbosses, one for each of the clans I am currently working on, so I pakinted this one up as a Goff, as per Stormclaw. Maybe, some day, I will do a third clan, and this guy will be waiting for some friends. The Nobs from Stormclaw are already on my painting table and, given the other two clans have Nobs in abundance, I think they will be Goff as well. The Goffs will be waiting for a while for Boyz though, as both of the other clans have first dibs on any that come my way.


However, now comes the real point of this post – I got another Imperial Knight done, finally bringing a Thermal Cannon to the arsenal. I have dubbed him Sir Humpalot, but have to think of a better name…


I am not treating the Imperial Knights as a serious army, just adding to them now and again – and Humpalot brings me up to a grand total of two, both from House Cadmus (picked strictly because I knew the paint scheme would be easy!).

They were given a whirl earlier this week, in two 750 point games against Dark Eldar, using the Relic mission both times. In the first game, Alan was only semi-prepared for them, and the Dark Eldar were gunned down in 15-20 minutes. In the second, he prepped an army specifically built to take them down and, predictably, they both fell after four turns.

Lessons learned;

1. I have used the Battle Cannon knight several times as an ally to Grey Knights, and watched both knights work together against the Dark Eldar. And you know… I have a suspicion they are a little over-pointed. Sure, they have a nasty ranged weapon each, but only one. Sure, they have a Destroyer close combat weapon. They are also Super Heavy, have 6 Hull Points and the Ion Shield. But as allys, the knight never really seemed to earn his points back…

2. I like the Thermal Cannon. May only be 36″ range, but that is all you need against Ravagers, and you only need to roll a 4+ to pop them with a penetrating hit (AP 1 and Open-Topped). They will also cause havoc against any tank.

3. The knights have range  – so don’t move them in close! That said, I will probably ignore that advice when going up against Guard. Those Thermal Cannons and Reaper Chainswords will put paid to any tank, and knights can certainly go one-on-one with any non-Super Heavy  armoured vehicle the Guard have.

4. Going by the FAQ, once you have three knights, the Warlord becomes a Seneschal with a 3+ invulnerable save on his Ion Shield. That will be something worth seeing, especially if he gets the trait that awards him the It Will Not Die rule.

Anyway, it will probably be another 6 months or so before another knight gets added, but they are building up slowly.


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