Growing Armies

I managed to complete everything I needed to do (work-wise) by Friday last week, so I allowed myself the luxury of a weekend’s worth of painting! As well as putting together a bunch of models for (hopefully) next weekend’s painting, I also managed to finish off a few models.

I started off with the remaining Killa Kanz from the Stormclaw box set.


I really like the poses I got out of these two chaps, as they not only look as if they are actually making their clanking way across the battlefield, but also that there is an eager Grot inside who cannot wait to beat up something! The only problem is…


The others look a bit static in comparison (can’t really be helped with the older metal ones). Anyway, I now have a full unit of six and, having already seen what four Kanz can do together, I am looking forward to getting these onto the table. Three of them have Rokkits which, with the Grot’s Ballistic Skill of 3 (they are positively snipers, compared to Orks!) should give cause for worry, certainly against Dark Eldar and even against the lighter Marine tanks. Two more have Skorcha’s, to keep Haywire-carrying Wyches away, and the last has a Big Shoota because, well, I didn’t want to completely cheese out!

I stopped short at giving them Grot Riggers because they are somewhat redundant on vehicles with just 2 Hull Points and this is meant to be a cheap unit.


These are more models from the Stormclaw set, but I really did not need more Nobz in either of my existing clans. So, I did them in Goff colours to suit the Warlord I painted up last week. I am not planning on actually doing a Goff army but if I ever come into possession of a whole bunch of spare Slugga Boyz (Shoota Boyz would be destined for my Bad Moonz), then the leadership is already there.

I just have the Grots left to do from the Stormclaw box set (I am obviously not going to touch the filthy Space Wolves!), and they are actually half done – will probably polish them off next week, in Bad Moonz colours (already got a full unit of 30 for my existing clan).



Purifiers for my Grey Knights!

You can pretty much ignore my initial review of the new Codex: Grey Knights as after several games with them now, I am officially designating them Not Bad At All. They are more fragile and risky to play than, say, Orks or Dark Angels but, as the man says, they have got it where it counts.

So, Purifiers. I was going to do a Purgation Squad, but unless you are planning a static defence (which does not work in most scenarios for Grey Knights), their weapon load outs are problematic. Yes, you can have four special weapons in the unit, but what will you choose? The Psycannon is nice enough, but it is only throwing out two dice as they advance, making the unit fairly static to get best effect (and with only 24″ range, they may not be firing at a great deal). The Psilencer? Six dice are nice, but the lack of AP, the static nature, and 24″ range again make them problematic. Could be terrifying against monstrous creatures though with the Force rule but for me that means the Talos, and the Grey Knights already have several interesting ways of dealing with them.

Four Incinerators in such a unit, riding around in a Rhino or Razorback does sound good. The trouble is, four Incinerators are just overkill on, well, pretty much anything.

So, I went for Purifiers. You can pop in two Incinerators with this unit which is a little bit of an overkill but will take care of anything that happens to survive the first blast of fire. I gave everyone else the Falchions to boost their Attacks which, combined with Soul Blaze, should give this unit a bit more of a punch than the average Strike Squad. What really swings the choice for Purifiers is they start out just 15 points more than a Strike Squad (before you add toys) but the whole unit counts as a Level 2 Psyker (more dice!) and they get the Cleansing Flame power as standard, which my regular Dark Eldar player hates.

Still, it seems he will be getting his new Codex, maybe towards the end of next week, so stand  by for a review!


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