Deff From the Skies

Not a huge amount of painting done this weekend – instead, I got wrapped up in a major new project which I will tell you all about a little later this week (it is seriously cool!).

However, I did polish off this little chap…


My first Burna-Bommer!

I did it in Bad Moonz colours, as I figured they would be rich enough to field flyers first. That said, I do have a problem with this craft…

The whole point of me doing a Burna-Bommer was to take care of Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes, which Alan uses with some regularity, and he had been making noises about picking up more. He just has three at the moment and with their 36″ move, blat a unit, move ability, they are something of an annoyance. Against Orks, they can have little real effect against the big units of Boyz but they can do noticeable damage against small elite units such as Lootas and any loss with Grey Knights can be an issue. With their movement, they are difficult to catch and you don’t really want to dedicate a unit to hunting them down.

All well and good, but if they suddenly grow to a unit of 10, or if multiple units start appearing, they will need dealing with. I needed something that could get to any area of the board and deliver weapons that ignored cover (because of the Reavers’ 3+ Jink).

Enter the Burna-Bommer! It comes screaming on, unleashes four Skorcha missiles (killing Reavers on a 3+ while ignoring their Jink) of which only a couple need to get close to do the job, as they are Burst weapons. That down, the Burna-Bommer still has two missiles left plus two massive fire bombs to take care of any Warriors or Wyches lurking in cover (where else are they likely to be?).

However, the latest rumours from the new Dark Eldar Codex (due a little later this week) say the Reavers have lost their huge hit and run attacks and instead get enhanced Hammer of Wrath. Now, the rest of my Orks find that really funny (against a mob of 30 Boyz it will be like flying into a brick wall), but it means the whole reason for bringing the Burna-Bommer is somewhat redundant. Going to have to dedicate it to hunting skulking Archons now…

Anyway, just wanted to let all you Dark Eldar players know that the pain of your new Codex is not just being felt by you!



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