Star Wars-40k: AT-AT vs. Snowspeeder

There are a lot of epic confrontations in Star Wars, many (if not most) of which need to be accurately replicated on the table. And in The Empire Strikes Back, this has to be the AT-AT against the Snowspeeder, as seen during the Battle of Hoth.

These are two important units. For the Rebels, it is the only real decent vehicle they will be getting (until i start moving outside of the WotC range, at least. For the Empire, the AT-AT is going to be simply the most powerful unit in the game. So, what did I do with them?


The AT-AT turned out to be quite simple, once you realise it has to be a Lord of War Super-heavy unit.


All-Terrain Armoured Transport

 Lord of War slot, 450 points


WS BS S F S R I A HP Unit Type Unit Composition
AT-AT 3 3 10 14 14 12 3 1 10 Vehicle (Super-heavy Walker) 1 AT-AT


  • Two heavy laser cannons
  • Two blaster cannons


  • Fear
  • Hammer of Wrath
  • Invincible Behemoth
  • Move Through Cover
  • Relentless
  • Smash
  • Strikedown

Steady Advance: The AT-AT may only move up to 6” in the Movement phase.


Transport Capacity: Forty models.

Fire Points: None.

Access Points: The AT-AT has one Access Point on each side of the hull.


It needed slowing down a tad, to get that methodical stomp-stomp across the table. However, Armour, weapons and transport were all fairly logical, and Hull Points were based on the model’s size.

The Heavy Laser Cannon have the same stats as Lascannon in 40k, while the Medium Blaster Cannon are Range 36″, S7 AP4 (vehicles tend to be underpowered in Star Wars, compared to their 40k equivalents – what you are paying for with the AT-AT is staying power).


The Snowspeeder was a bit more tricky, primarily because of that damn tow cable.



Heavy Support slot, 90 points



BS F S R HP Unit Type Unit Composition
Snowspeeder 3 11 10 10 2 Vehicle (Flyer, Hover) 1 Snowspeeder


  • Two laser cannons
  • Harpoon and tow cable


  • Strafing Run


  • May include up to two additional Snowspeeders. These function as independent units but only take up one Heavy Support slot                                                                         90 pts/model


It is Heavy Support rather than Fast Attack because, for the Rebels, this is heavy weaponry. The armour is fairly logical (shied away from making it 10 on the front, because this is the Rebel’s ‘heavy’ hitter), and the Laser Cannon are S8, Range 36″ – a little lighter than those on the AT-AT. I was going to make them twin-linked, but felt that emasculated the Snowspeeder somewhat (again, it is supposed to be a heavy hitter of sorts). The additional Snowspeeders that can be purchased allow Rebels to load up if they need to and, well, I have quite a few of these models!

Because the Snowspeeder has a dedicated weapons specialist in the back, I was going to make it BS4, but realised Strafing Run handled that far better.

However, that left the Harpoon and Tow Cable, and I hummed and harred about this for a while, before coming up with this;

The harpoon and tow cable may only be used against an AT-AT, and only when the snowspeeder firing it is in Hover mode. If the weapon successfully hits an AT-AT, the snowspeeder must remain within 6” of the AT-AT and in Hover mode during its subsequent turn as it constantly circles the AT-AT, binding the walker’s legs with the tow cable. If the snowspeeder is not destroyed by the end of this turn, the AT-AT is automatically destroyed as it stumbles over the cable and crashes to the ground.


Range S AP Type
Harpoon and tow cable 6” One Shot Only

So, it can indeed take down an AT-AT, but it has to hang around for a turn to do so – there will be a high mortality rate for Snowspeeders trying that, but that should encourage Rebel players to think tactically rather than believe they can simply take down any AT-AT that comes near them.


I have to make some modifications to the Snowspeeder models to put them on flying bases, but I am looking forward to some playtesting on this!


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