Here Comes the Inquisitor…

This is something I have been meaning to get round to doing for a long, long time – using our Judge Dredd range of miniatures to put together a unique Inquisitor and his retinue for 40k.

First off, the Inquisitor himself. Lots of choices here in the range, but I wanted something suitably evil-looking. The Vatican City Judge proved to be just the ticket, no conversion needed.


As I fight Dark Eldar a great deal, I figure him for an Ordos Xenos Inquisitor, possibly psychic with a Needle Pistol as standard. Those belt pouches are likely to contain Psychotroke Grenades…


This one was another easy choice, as I have seen dozens of people pick up this model for 40k – the Zombie Mistress, to be used as a Psyker. I used the muted yellow of her cloak to tie in with the padded armour on the Inquisitor himself, but went for light blue hair to make her ‘otherworldly’ and because, well, girls with blue hair are hot.


Another model that has been used by 40kers before me, the Orangutan Sniper, to be used as a Jokaero Weaponsmith. I thought the orange a bit bright at first, but it works well with the skin tone which, incidentally, links back to the Psyker’s robe and Inquisitor’s armour. Washed gold makes the weapon look suitably archaic.


These two (from the Demonic Cabal) I had pegged as Redemptionists for a long time. Just add a Chainsword each and they are ready to go. However, when I finally got round to reading the new Codex: Inquisition (which was an hour or so after I had finished painting these guys), I noticed Redemptionists are no longer part of an Inquisitor’s retinue. I think they will have to be rather fiery Ministorum Priests instead. The red links in with the Inquisitor once more but, overall, these are the models I am least happy with. The angle of one of the Chainswords is a bit wrong, and I could have paid more attention to their faces.


And this is the band together, ready to fight the deadly alien threat! Before they see action though, I think I will add a few Acolytes (using various Citi-Def and Rogue Trooper Norts & Southers) and maybe a Crusader or two (Riot Judge).

Then they will need something to move around in, as this unit is quite vulnerable to enemy fire when in the open. I will probably have to see what comes my way over the next while, but a Chimera would be interesting, a Land Raider probably overkill (and any ‘spare’ Land Raider I find will likely go to the Deathwing or Grey Knights). That said, I see Valkyries are now dedicated transports too – some fun tactics could be had there.

On the other hand, I could just wait for one of the Judge Dredd Pat Wagons to become available and make it a Rhino, Razorback or Chimera proxy to continue the theme…



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