Nemesis Dreadknights

The other thing I managed to complete this last weekend was something I had been promising myself for a while – a brand new Nemesis Dreadknight for my Grey Knights.


I wanted a ‘cheapie’ one this time, as my first Dreadknight has two ranged weapons and, with the Personal Teleporter, was all but untakeable in the last edition of the codex. It was simply too expensive to risk. The new codex has changed that somewhat, but I still needed a Dreadknight that could do the damage but at a lower cost.

To that end, this one just has the Incinerator – this is a weapon that is simply too good not to take against Dark Eldar (and most other armies, for that matter!), as it can cane an open-topped skimmer just about anywhere on the table in the first turn.

I hummed and harred about that Daemon Hammer. I wanted to not take it and just rely on the Power Fists, but a friend convinced me it was worth the piddly extra points. Still not convinced, but that is one weapon that won’t break the bank.

So, I now have these two among my Grey Knights…


They are going to form the spearhead of my first turn attack (and Grey Knights can be all about the first turn), teleport shunting (without error- nice) to support the Deepstriking Paladins, Librarian and maybe a Terminator squad. If my Dark Eldar player does what he did in our last game against my Orks, I have a serious chance of tabling him in the first turn – all he had were three Reaver Jetbikes, some Mandrakes, a Cronos and Talos. The latter two are the more difficult proposition with no assault in the first turn, but with the right psychic powers and judicious use of the Gatling Psilencer it could be very doable. The Mandrakes and Reavers are just so much Incinerator bait and between the Dreadknights, Paladins and Terminators, I will be carrying enough of those in.

So, what next for the Grey Knights? Well, I don’t have anything on my painting table at the moment for them so my choices are open.

Now that the Paladin Apothecary has come down in points, it is now viable and will seriously pump up an already hard unit. Could use a banner as well, along with a few Nemesis weapon changes/options, so a Paladin box set could be fun.

A Land Raider would be nice but, to be honest, that would be just out of a sense of completeness and the first Land Raider I get lay my hands on now will be going to the Dark Angels and their Deathwing.

Another Stormraven could be good, but even I might think that overkill. Still, one without Hurricane Bolters could be fun, to provide a ‘cheap’ option when putting army lists together.

I have yet to try out my Purifiers in battle but I suspect they are going to prove worthwhile, meaning bumping them up to a squad of 10. Much the same argument applies to the Interceptors – a unit of 5 is very fragile when AP 3 weaponry is flying about!

And then… Well, I hate to say an army is ever done but I cannot see the Grey Knights getting much larger. I certainly don’t want to get into the trap I have fallen into with my Dark Angels.


With regards to the Dark Eldar and their new Codex, we have had a game and they look a bit stronger now.  However, paging through a few other Codexes, I have to say that if there was ever an army that was designed to take Dark Eldar down, it has to be the Tau. All that supporting fire and Interceptor upgrades…

On a completely unrelated note, I have been thinking about starting a new army soon, what with my Grey Knights veering toward ‘complete’. I think, umm, yes, I believe the Tau could be a good choice…


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