Star Wars-40k: Heavy Weapons Playtesting

Playtesting continues (in fact, it is continuing next door right now)!

One of my big concerns when putting together the Codexes was that the Rebels were distinctly light in the heavy weapons department, and that they would not really come into their own unless mass Jedi enclaves turned up to fight. So, we have been upping our games to 750 points, and it looks like this:


The AT-STs are advancing as you can see, but they have both already taken a fair amount of damage, courtesy of Rebel Commandos armed with missile launchers (who are in turn protected by cover and Stealth). This battle is currently hanging in the balance, and (off-camera) the Imperial Commander, with his elite Stormtrooper bodyguard) is going to be fending off some outflanking Ewoks!


Can’t wait until we start upping the points again and AT-ATs, Snowspeeders and Jedi start appearing!



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