The Dwarfs are (almost) Here!

Work is very busy at the moment, but I have managed to slip some gaming time in. Our D&D 5e campaign had a half-session this week and the rules continue to work very well, while my secret army had a set back – I completely changed my mind on the colour scheme which meant stopping and re-undercoating from white to black. More on that at a later date.

Meanwhile, I have managed to get something notable accomplished – about a year ago I started a fantasy Dwarf army and, adding bits and pieces here and there it is almost in fighting shape for a 2,000 point game.


All I am missing now are the big guns – I am going to be going for two Cannon and two Organ Guns. Should be sufficient to keep the nasty Skaven and Undead away!


When the Dwarf army book came out, I picked it up but really paid it no mind. Then one day (in the bath of all places) I started doing a little thought experiment, paging through the book and building an army in my head. It was there that my eye settled on the Longbeards, the tough, older, veteran units – and I realised they were now Core choices. I could build an army composed almost solely of them. Quite expensive, points-wise, but I would have a small force that was Stubborn, had decent Strength and was immune to psychology. Interesting…

So, the story behind this force is that a bunch of veterans have been stuck in a remote outpost for years, quite forgotten by the rest of Dwarf society. One day, these Longbeards realise they have not heard from their main stronghold for quite some time and leave their outpost to find out why – it has been completely wiped out by enemies unknown (but we can be sure it was either the Skaven or Undead…). So, with a suitable grudge, they go looking for vengeance.

These are down-to-earth Dwarfs who have seen it all before, and they do not like the newfangled inventions like the Gyrocopter. The Organ Gun is about their limit, and they are not too keen on that.


There are three Longbeard units in this force, with just twenty men in each. One unit (above) is armed with Great Weapons, the other two with Shields. So, between them they can both dish it out and take it.


I have also painted up the characters leading the force, starting with this Battle Standard Bearer – with all the different runes, you can get some quite interesting effects from this banner, but I have yet to seriously start playing with that.


This guy is my least favourite. He is not really part of the army and may never actually see action – I really did just paint him up because he was lying around. I think he came from one of the plastic starter sets and, compared to my main leader, is not all that impressive.


This is another model that is not really part of the force – at least on the battlefield. I am sure with that keg she is popular enough after a fight! This is not a GW model and, for the life of me, I cannot remember the company that made it. It is one of the smaller companies in the UK, and they also do a very nice looking female Troll Slayer.


This is my Warlord for the force and, of all the models GW has ever done, it is one of my favourites. There is just something about the pose and the all-encasing armour that I like a great deal, and this model alone is one of the reasons I did a Dwarf army in the first place (in fact this is the second time I have painted this model – the first time, in almost exactly the same colours, was 15-20 years ago, for my first Dwarf army).

With runes up to his neck, this Warlord is going to be a tough little sod in the battle line, ready to accept any challenges any enemy leader is silly enough to make!

That is the line up so far. As soon as I get those Big Guns, I’ll post my piccies and let you know how the first battle goes!


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