Wheelz for Orkz

I have always been a bit lacking in vehicles for my Orks (well, aside from my clanking walkers section, which is fairly impressive) which is a bit odd as at least one of my clans is supposed to be a variant of the Evil Sunz. So, last weekend I resolved to fix that!


These were painted up using my patented Quick Ork Vehicle scheme – undercoat black, drybrush the whole thing Gun Metal, and then apply clan colours and details. Magic Goop over the whole thing. This is very, very fast and I reckon I could do a veritable fleet over a single weekend. The only real pain in the bum is the wheels they put on Ork vehicles – those metal plates that you have to paint round with black ‘rubber’ are an irritant. A small and simple one, but it is the only slow part of the process.

I wanted to keep them cheap, so the only real upgrade are boarding planks, though I fitted a reinforced ram onto one because, well, they are orks.

This now gives me four Trukks, three for the ‘Evil Sunz’ and one for the Shoota Boyz among my Bad Moonz.


Speaking of the Bad Moonz, they were not going to be out done and added their own wheels in typical Bad Moon affluent style – they got a Battlewagon. Didn’t want to go silly with the upgrades on this, so it was fairly decked with Big Shootas, and I added an ‘Ard case and Zzap Gun for some possible high Strength fun.

I have already tried the Trukk/Battlewagon combo in battle against the Dark Eldar this week, but I completely fluffed it up. I tried to engage across the whole battle line at once but with Armour 10 Trukks, that just don’t work. What I should have done was massed all the vehicles on my right flank, while anchoring the centre with my Morkanaut and Killa Kanz. It would have completely wrong-footed the Talos/Cronos lurking in the woods around one objective, and overwhelmed the Dark Eldar around another. I could then have dealt with Deep Striking Raider Gunships as they appeared and swung round to claim the objective in the centre with little opposition – and that would have been the game. Even if I ran out of time to go for the left-most objective held by the Talos and his mates, two objectives would have been enough to win.

It was exactly what I had done (to a lesser extent) in the battle previous to this one, and I am not sure why I did not do the same thing again. Probably just to eager to put my foot down and get some serious speed out of my new toys!


Also added this chap, a Mega-Dread because, well, I simply don’t have enough walkers. He needs a base (the same one as the Morkanaut uses will work) and I suspect it is a little too expensive for what it does (better Armour than a Deff Dread, but no more Hull Points, no better in close combat and the value of the Kilkannon is debatable). I’ll see if I can get a photo of all the Ork walkers at some point – they will make for an impressive formation in an Apocalypse game if nothing else.

Could always use another Stompa or two though…

I also got round to putting together a Grot Mega-Tank (love that model, though I need the Grot Tank Mob before I can use it in a game) as well as a squad of Deathwing Knights (finally!). I’ll be seeing if I can get those painted up this coming weekend…


2 Responses to “Wheelz for Orkz”

  1. jeff Says:

    hi. i also put a zzap gun on my battlewagon but i am unable to understand how t ‘resolve’ the failure of the zzap gun. the description of the gun in the codex says that failures cause damage to the crew. how does this affect the wagon? has this happened to you ? (of course, right?) how do you play it?

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