First Peek at Codex: Galactic Empire

Well, my planned painting this weekend was completely shot. I had planned to polish off a Grot Mega-Tank, a Deathwing Knights squad and Belial, all of which are about half-done (some more half-done than others). However, the arrival of an XBox One and the trinity of Battlefield 4, Forza 5 and Destiny pretty much put paid to that. Efforts must be doubled and I’ll see if I can get through at least one of those units during the week…

However, not all is doom and gloom. Layout of the Star Wars Codexes has actually begun! A lot needs doing here but I am hoping to get them both finished this month. The background chapters have started to go into the final layout, and I am hoping the army list chapters will be done this week. Then it will just need the rest of the background, the ‘hobby’ section and final tweaks done. I already have a printers primed, so it looks like I may succeed in getting these done before Christmas!

Anyway, a quick peek inside Codex: Galactic Empire…



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